President of Mongolia, Battulga Khaltmaa, has been quarantined after his return from China.

President Khaltmaa and his officials had visited China on a solidarity visit over the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The disease broke out in China in January 2020 and has recorded 2,867 deaths globally.

The official, who returned on Friday, would be quarantined for 14 days, according local media in the country.

The country, though China’s neighbour, has no case of Coronavirus at the moment.

Battulga is the first Head of State to visit China since the country began implementing special measures to curb the virus outbreak in January.

He arrived in Beijing with Foreign Minister, Tsogtbaatar Damdin, and other senior government officials on Thursday, and held a meeting with Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and Premier, Li Keqiang.

They were taken into quarantine as soon as they arrived Mongolia as a precautionary measure, Montsame said.

Chinese Xi Jinping praised Battulga as the first foreign Head of State to visit China since the outbreak.

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