Idris Sule Shaye paraded by the Police in Ondo state on Thursday

A forty-five year-old suspected herbalist, Idris Sule Shaye, has been arrested by the police in Ondo State for allegedly dealing in human parts.=

Spokesperson for the police in the state, Tee-Leo Ikoro, who paraded the suspect alongside 14 others at the command headquarters in Akure, confirmed the incident to journalists.  

Ikoro said one Ahmed Odere known as teacher, discovered a foul smell in their building at the Owani area of Idoani and reported to the police. 

Ikoro said, "He (Odere) asked the tenants living in the compound and none of them could actually explain where the odour was coming from. 

"They complained to the landlord, Abu Abedo, and he had to search everyone's room. 

"During the search, nothing was found but they discovered later that Mr Shaye was not around and they had to go look for him. 

"When they found him, they led him into his apartment and eventually discovered that the smell was coming from there. 

"He brought out a sack bag containing burnt flesh, human head and two hands."

Ikoro revealed that the suspect told police investigators that he was contracted by the sons of one Mr Alhasan Ishaku for the human parts. 

In his confession, the suspect said he was lured into the trade by two brothers, Dipo Jimoh and Damaka Jimoh. 

He said, "It was Dipo and Damaka that contacted me to help them cut the head and hands of a dead man in Isua-Akoko area.

"They told me their father need human parts and promised me money if I am able to get it but the the police arrested me before I could take it to them." 

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