Nurses who were employed last year into University of Medical Sciences Ondo State experienced a huge pay cut in their February salary. The nurses who had at least four months unpaid salary arrears got a month salary on 23rd March 2020. The salary was for the month of February as this was it narration. From my source, it was disclosed that thirty-three thousand naira (#33,000) was deducted from the salary of the single qualified nurses while two thousand naira (#2000)was deducted from the salary of the double qualified newly employed nurses. 

Another source made it known that the single qualified nurses had a pay cut because the management felt they were wrongly placed during the employment. However, the reason behind the pay cut has not yet been disclosed to all the nurses by the management. It was reported that the newly employed nurses are suffering due to their unpaid salaries and work overload as a result of shortage of staff. Right now, the nurses are frustrated and discouraged but can't voice out due to fear of being sacked. A nurse in the institution said he was shocked when he heard about the deduction because the arrears were not paid and the one that was paid was massively deducted. He also said it's so sad that what the management of the hospital can do at the present time of global crisis is to demoralise the young nurses who have decided to take a job in their country and not to join the multitude trooping out of the country but alas they were given more reasons why they should not stay in the country. 

The nursing association in the hospital is said to be working on various issues surrounding the nursing practices and welfarism in the hospital but it was given that the nursing head of the institution has made the maltreatment of the nurses under her watch to persist. With the information, the nursing head will be contacted to inform the entire nursing populace of the occurrences in the hospital under her watch and her interventions so far. Note: The salary arrears are yet to be paid and now a deduction in salary with indirectly means demotion to a lower cadre. Reported by Olabanji Joel.

Source: Anonymous and Edited by Anonymous.

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