Delta State has recorded its first Coronavirus death. 

Governor of the state, Ifeanyi Okowa, on Thursday night announced the incident on Instagram.

He said, "I have just been informed of another case of COVID-19 in Delta State. 

"The individual in question had underlying health issues and had visited Lagos in the past two weeks.

"The patient presented himself late to one of our hospitals with severe symptoms including difficulty in breathing and was given the necessary attention by healthcare professionals. 

"Shortly after the specimen was taken, he passed away. However, his test results came back positive today.

"In order to mitigate against the spread of the virus, we are fast-tracking our contact-tracing to ensure that all those that came in contact with the deceased are properly isolated and tested immediately.

"Again, it is important that as we work to protect the citizens and residents of our state, families and friends of individuals that are exhibiting the primary symptoms of the COVID-19 virus do not keep it from the authorities. If you see something; say something. 

"I will continue to keep you all informed of any new developments."

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