The Akwa Ibom chapter of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives has withdrawn its services from the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital over the harassment and assault of a nurse by a policeman.

Deputy General Secretary of the association, Daniel Shaibu, said the action was taken to protest the silence of the hospital’s management over the harassment.

Narrating the incident, Shaibu said a female patient whose husband was a police officer, was brought into the hospital in a state of coma but died four days after.

The husband, who was pained by the situation, descended on the nurse on duty, assaulted her and tore her uniform. 

Shaibu said, “There was this female patient brought for an admission by her husband who happens to be a policeman.

“The said patient was brought in a state of coma. She was said to have been referred from a private clinic following a Caesarean session performed on her.

“The nurses have been managing this patient in line with their professional ethics for four days until today when the patient died.

“On admission, the patient was suspected of having COVID-19 infection. Consequently, the nurses were managing her under the recommended use of safety precautions with the use of PPEs.

“The husband was with them while the treatment was being administered till the time his wife passed away.

“After the deceased had been transported to the mortuary, the husband began to make troubles with the nurse who managed his wife, requesting her to explain the circumstances surrounding her death.

“This was how the policeman began to harass, attempted to strangulate, batter, assault and tear her uniform until she was rescued from him.”

Shaibu lamented the deafening silence of the hospital’s management, urging them to put an end to unprofessional conduct within the facility.

The nurses association also called the police to compel its officers to desist from assaulting medical workers in the country.

“The management had not made any categorical statement on the ugly development.

“The state leadership at this point had to direct the nurses at UUTH to withdraw their services until the management satisfactorily resolves the issue.

“According to the report, this wasn't the first time this type of embarrassment to our members would happen in that facility and therefore the state leadership felt that it was high time such unprofessional conduct stopped.”


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