Susan Okpe, a United Kingdom-based woman, who visited Benue State in March for a burial ceremony, has accused the state government of ‘detaining’ her at an isolation centre for 43 days by claiming she had Coronavirus.

Okpe said she had visited a clinic on March 24 to complain of body pains due to jet lag and was about to be discharged after being treated when she found out that the state governor, Samuel Ortom, had announced her name as the first Coronavirus patient in the state.

In a trending video, the UK returnee said that she hasn't taken any medication for the 43 days she's been kept in isolation and has developed no symptoms of the virus. 

She said that the COVID-19 test result presented to her by the Benue State Government was fake as the age and other personal information on it were not hers. Susan Okp

According to her, the date of admission written on the test was false because on the date they claimed they took her sample, she was still in England.

The woman expressed fear for her life going by her forceful detention at the isolation facility. 

#COVID-19: A Nigerian-Uk Woman Complains Of Being Traumatized For 43 Days In Isolation Center

Okpe also accused the Benue State governor of stigmatisation, adding that the way he had treated her will make Coronavirus patients reluctant to come forward.

She said that Governor Ortom owed her an apology and that he should also apologise to the entire people of Benue State and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control for making their work harder.

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