There is something I left out of my long piece on Gambari. Long after Prof Bolaji Akinyemi left office as Foreign Minister I asked him at dinner at the Metropolitan Club whether he had called for my files, including secret files, when he was Foreign Minister, and whether there were any queries issued to me when I was in the Ministry.

He said it was the first thing he did when he resumed duty in the Ministry and that he found nothing negative about me in the three files he looked out. I had asked him about this as I was still mystified by my retirement when I had done nothing wrong.

There were many other Yoruba and Southern officers retired who like me had done nothing wrong.

Now, the result of these capricious and vengeful retirements that took place under the watch of Gambari is that the fine Foreign Service we had, of which we were all proud, was wantonly destroyed.

Gambari played a leading role in this ugly episode. I don't expect anything better from him as COS. 

Dapo Fafowora

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