Three pastor on Sunday in Abuja hid their identities as clerics and also denied members of their different churches when officials of the Federal Capital

Territory Enforcement Team acting on a tip-off stormed a mountain top they were holding church services in contravention of an order by government to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The enforcement team upon arrival at the mountain in the Federal Housing area of Lugbe District made attempts to arrest the pastors but found it difficult after the clerics hid among worshippers. 

Luck however, ran out on one of them when some members pointed at him as their pastor and revealed his identity as  Vitalis Udeazi of Dominion Chapel.

The two other pastors of the remaining churches operating on the mountain were eventually identified and arrested.

Chairman of the enforcement team, Attah Ikharo confirmed the development.

The pastors were consequently arraigned before a mobile court where they were found guilty and fined N5,000 each in addition to three hours of community service.
File Photo: A church

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