The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation has said that the 15 Chinese nationals, who came into Nigeria and had been the subject of national controversy, are not treating patients but attending to "assigned mission" in the country. 

The CCECC in a statement on Twitter on Friday said the team were in the care of the construction firm and had always been.

The statement reads, “After a 14-day quarantine and necessary tests, the medical team has been carrying out its assigned mission. 

“The medical personnel are in Nigeria at the instance of CCECC Nigeria and they have been at all times under the care and accommodation of CCECC.

“During their stay in Nigeria, they have complied with all known immigration and health protocols.

“It is important to reiterate that the mandate of the team, as mutually agreed with all stakeholders, does not cover treatment of COVID-19 cases. The team is therefore not treating any COVID-19 cases. In dealing with both the CCECC and the Nigerian health officials, the team only play an advisory role.

“They would continue to engage with CCECC management and staff will always be willing to engage with Nigerian health officials and other stakeholders whenever and wherever it is necessary to do so.”

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