The Tinubu/Ajimobi faction of APC said in a press release today that Buhari was "blackmailed into lending his weighty office to" the Victor Giadom faction of the party. "Blackmail"? Ha!

Blackmail is the threat to harm or expose reputationally injurious information about a person unless the person does what the blackmailer wants. 

In other words, according to the press release, the Giadom faction has damaging information about Buhari that Buhari doesn't want the world to know, and that it was the threat to expose this information that compelled Buhari to lend his symbolic stamp of approval to the faction.  

Blackmail of a sitting president is unprecedented! So what's the damaging information the Giado faction used to blackmail Buhari? Evidence of vast corrupt enrichment? Proof of the 2019 electoral heist that gave Buhari a fraudulent second term?

What spooky skeleton is Buhari hiding in his closet that a faction of his political party is allegedly using against him? Whatever it is, it's got to be truly earth-shattering! Let’s all watch the unfolding unraveling of Buhari and APC. Who knows if Tinubu and his proteges also have damaging information to blackmail Buhari into reversing himself?

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