The Peoples Democratic Party in Edo State has asked Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to investigate state-owned NEXIM Bank over its plan to give the ruling All Progressives Congress $500m to conduct elections in the state.

In a statement on Thursday, PDP spokesperson in the state, Chris Osa Nehikhare, said there are plans to convert the money into a loan, which will in the long term burden the Edo State people.

The PDP said, “In the desperation of Ali Baba and the forty thieves to win Edo State at all cost, as it is becoming increasingly clear that they won't, and increasingly difficult not just to market their candidate, but to raise funds for the elections, they have decided to "raid" a national institution called NEXIM Bank and bleed it to the outrageous tune of $500m. 

“This outrageous sum we are informed will be converted to a loan and the burden of repayment placed on Edo people.

“The APC federal government has not been able to establish "anything" in its 5 years in power but has been responsible for the decimation and crippling of many it inherited.

“It is indeed ironic that while the ruling party APC prides (pretends) itself as an anti-corruption government, it's a governor who was caught on video collecting gratification has been saddled with the responsibility of delivering another governor. A lizard cannot give birth to a crocodile no matter the size!

“Let us be clear on one thing, APC has only one goal, and that goal is not fighting corruption. It is advancing its cause!

“This is another reason Edo people must reject APC and not allow them near Edo State treasury!

“Investigations reveal that the APC National Campaign Council in collaboration with a director in NEXIM bank have perfected plans to deplete our common patrimony by drawing down $500m to prosecute the Edo election. This unholy arrangement is absurd, illegal and criminal and must be condemned by all.

“We advise the APC and its cohorts in NEXIM bank to perish this criminal thought and allow the bank to concentrate and have enough cash in its coffers to face its primary assignment of promoting and providing loans to SMEs and other businesses so that we can grow our economy.

“We hereby call on the Inspector-General of Police and the EFCC to investigate and prosecute all those involved in this great heist.”

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