The National Assembly Service Commission has named Ojo Amos Olatunde as Acting Clerk.

His appointment comes a day after the commission queried Mohammed Sani-Omolori for refusing to retire as clerk after 35 years in service. 

The commission had on Wednesday directed that those, who had attained the age of 60 or 35 years in service should proceed on compulsory retirement.

Sani-Omolori had spent 35 years in service but intended to continue in office.

The tenure of the clerk had generated controversy because of the implementation of the National Assembly Revised Condition of Service, which took effect in 2019.

Based on the controversially amended conditions, the former clerk and no fewer than 160 officers, who were to have retired from office, were expected to remain in office for about five more years after the retirement age was raised from 60 to 65 years and years of service from 35 to 40.

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