The South, Middle Belt and Northern Minority Forum ended its meeting in New York, United States, on Wednesday with a call for the immediate release of Sahara Reporters Publisher, Mr Omoyele Sowore.

The group said Sowore was being persecuted and that it appears the Nigerian Government was bent on ending his career as a political activist whose publication had helped expose evil in the government.

The group also called for unity of all progressive groups across the country to save Nigeria from raging violence and blood-letting. 

Omoyele Sowore in court.

The group said the best way to save Nigeria was to restructure the country and adopt a new constitution as against the 1999 constitution, which it described as “imposed by the military”.

It said, “Political detainees should be released immediately unless Nigeria wants to give the impression it operates a military regime.

"Nigerians need to be united to save the country and prevent a violent break up.”

The meeting was hosted via zoom and was attended by about 500 delegates from across the United States representing Southern, Middle Belt and Northern minorities. 

The group also condemned the recent killings in Southern Kaduna, saying that minorities in the North had become puns exploited and humiliated by the social, political and economic system.

The resolution read by the group's President, Sidney Imobhio, a prominent lawyer in New York, said Nigeria was at the verge of a major calamity occasioned by poverty, armed conflict and violence, adding that the prospect of a violent break up was real unless the progressives come together to save the country.

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