Today, I had the second DSS encounter as we gathered for the #RevolutionNow protests in Abeokuta, Kuto roundabout. 

I was arrested at around 11:55 am and immediately whisked to the state Headquarters of the agency. Just like the government that gives it orders, the agency itself is clueless. We engaged in discussions for more than an hour. I was later transferred from the office of the Director to their investigation room and then to a special investigation officer. By the time we were done, there was no charge to lay against us but they cannot appear like fools, so they transferred us to the office of the commissioner of police in Ogun state. 

Quite a nice, reasonable man. After my brief 'speech' the man was left with no option than to give us fatherly advice on how we should channel our energy as youths and how we must be careful about the conceptualization of good ideas. It was a nice moment in his office. He later granted us bail (at no cost), and we were asked to return to the state headquarters tomorrow for the perfection of 'documentation.'

Ayoola Babalola

Things are becoming clearer every day in this country and the need for a revolution cannot be more urgent. One of the DSS officers was having a conversation with his colleagues on a planned trip to Abuja, and the officer told him to ply the road probably on a night bus. The senior DSS officer was quick to reply that he cannot, because of the high rate of crime, kidnapping and terrorism on our highways. They are aware of the situation we are in this country; they just don't how to fix it.

It was another fulfilling moment as I engaged the Police Superintendent, who was handling our bail process. The elderly man is frustrated already, while still in service. When we raised the issues of police uniforms, salaries, benefits, health and life assurance, the man was moved to tears and he could not but wish us well. 

There are times when we make history, there are times when history makes us. Whichever one will happen in this historical time in our country we don't know. I just know that there is a job that needs to be done urgently. 

"Nigerians are not ready" is a rhetoric of the unwilling. 

- Ayoola Babalola

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