Yesterday saw young boys and girls troop out enmasse across the country to a simple and singular demand, which was and still is; " a failing government has no reason to stay".

Many arrested, brutalized, vehicles seized, phones stolen by security officer(s) and protest disrupted by the REGIME.

In the face of this glaring oppression, subjugation, intimidation and brutality, for the first-time in our rapidly dissipating illustrious history, i saw "young boys and girls" who were conscious enough and ready to effect a non-negotiable political revolution that will set in motion a social just system that meets the desire and expectations of the Nigerian populace, one that will create a country that works for all irrespective of social, political, regional, religious, class, ethnic and ideological affiliation(s).

I saw "young boys and girls" who are determined to end the reign of terror, tyranny, oppression, incompetence, gross ineptitude, multidimensional poverty, repression, bloodletting, poor educational system, dilapidated healthcare system, epic unemployment, bad housing scheme, degenerated infrastructure, aimless borrowing, legendary looting and exceptional insecurity.

I saw "young boys and girls" ready to design their own future, not one designed by the thieves masquerading as leaders, not one designed by charlatans who have mortgaged the future of the youths, young boys and girls who are ready to take back their country.

#RevolutionNow protesters in Abuja

Femi Ade-SIN-a who can be rightly described as the worst media aide to president Buhari, though in this camp of exceptional liars, incompetent and clueless folks whose nature are highly contagious, you won't easily rule out the other nuisance in contention.

He said, "they were only a sprinkle of young boys and girls, carrying out a child's play". I laughed in Swahili then in Igala language. The child's play attracted over 80 vans of a joint security taskforce, armored tanks and so on. Hence it was a child's play, why then was the so much panic, tension, confusion and restlessness? 

Don't fool yourself, take a cue from the Honk Kong, the "young boys and girls" envisaged, then designed their future and got it. The Nigerian youths will design theirs and will GET IT.

The manner at which the security forces came strong on peacefully coordinated protesters yesterday, if half that might was directed by the failed REGIME to the northeast and Southern Kaduna, terrorism would had long been extinct, but instead, the REGIME prefers to pamper terrorists and grant them either a reintegration permit or a scholarship award.

The Big Brother loving Nigerian youths have resolved to take back their country, that appears to be sad news for the incompetent camp, but well....., that's the SAD reality.

So, Mr. Femi Ade-SIN-a, in the next outing, you'll see a youth truly ready to take back their country.

It is already an established fact, that after the thieves in power, past and present have raped, debased, degenerated, denigrated and destroyed both our common patrimony and institutions, there's no other means to making Nigeria work other than the "young boys and girls" rising up and taking back their country.

Now is the time for the emergence of a new order.
Revolution Now.

Sydney Usman GODWIN

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