Two travellers kidnapped last weekend by some gunmen in Ondo State have regained their freedom and also narrated their ordeals in the abductors' den. 

The victims were waylaid and seized between Oba and Ikun Akoko area of Akoko South-West Local Government Area of the state.

The duo -- Surajudeen Ajao and Oladele Arisemase -- were seized while travelling for a festival in Ikun area of Oba Akoko.


Their abductors placed a ransom of N10m each on them before their release despite series of negotiations with their families. 

Speaking with SaharaReporters after their release, Arisemase said they were freed about 11pm on Thursday after a deal was struck with their families on ransom payment.  

He revealed that he was on his way to Ikun from Akure when the hoodlums stopped their vehicle and later marched him into the forest. 

He said that he was seized by the abductors and later met one Mr Alao, who had already been kidnapped and kept inside the same forest. 

He said, "I left Akure at about 2:30pm on Saturday, I was on my way to Ikun, and when I get to Oba-Akoko, I boarded a bus and there were three Hausa men who joined the vehicle to the community.

"On our way, we saw a vehicle by the roadside. I think it had a fault and we saw a man beside the vehicle and he was even flagging us down to pick him.

"Immidiately we stopped to pick him, we heard gunshots and we were attacked. 

"I saw seven men dressed in Fulani attire and armed with AK 47 who came from the bush and ordered us out of the bus before I was marched into the bush.

"They asked the driver and the other one in the bus to leave immediately while they led me into the bush with guns. 

"By the time we entered deep into the forest, I saw another man (Alao) who had already been kidnapped on his way to attend the same festival too. 

"They began to move us from one location to another every 10 minutes and they spoke in Hausa/Fulani language. 

"They were scared in keeping us in a location for long despite the guns in their hands and even threatened us with death if we didn't cooperate. 
"When we trekked to an open place, they divided themselves into two groups and moved with their cows as we followed them deep down into the bush. 

"Later, we got to a particular spot where we were allowed to rest and there was no water to even drink or food to eat that day. 

"From Saturday till the day we were released, we only eat twice as they gave us only yam to eat without water to drink. 

"I think God touched their heart and they gave me the phone to talk to my family and it was in the process they demanded ransom of N10m which was later reduced to N500,000.

"They began to negotiate with my family and the sum of over N200,000 was later paid just to secure my release but I don't know how much the other man paid. 

"After they raked all the money from our family, the money was brought to them by one Okada man and he left immediately he dropped the cash for them."

Arisemase explained that they reported the matter to the Oba Divisional Police Station after they were released by the abductors. 

Mr Tee-Leo Ikoro, Ondo Police spokesperson, confirmed the release of the two victims, saying that the police, civil defence, army and newly launched Amotekun corps had been combing the forest to ensure the victims were rescued from the kidnappers.

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