When ministers are silent about the excesses of governments and political leaders for their selfish gains, they will soon be seen as weaklings and a political axe will come upon their heads in due season. 

As issues arise that affect the future and practice of Christianity, they treat it as a distant matter because of the current influence they may enjoy with the government in power. They only need to take a look at history. St Augustine came from North Africa. What happened to them? The whole of North Africa has gone the way of Islam. 

Let it be known that Islamic Jihad resides in the chambers of governments worldwide. For their adherents, there is no distinction between State and Religion. 

In Nigeria currently, they are not even disguising their actions. They are out there in the open. Christians are being massacred by organized Islamists whilst the State tells everyone to surrender their duly licensed guns. That is one front of the war against Christianity in Nigeria. 

The second front is through the laws of the land, the most recent being CAMA and the Water bill. Christians must band together and create a Legal defense fund and get the smartest lawyers the world has to offer and get the Press to hammer on these matters until they are uprooted from our laws. 

Oftentimes however, they collect tithes and all kinds of offerings and ask us to go and pray. Whatever happened to Watch and Pray?. 

Apostle Francis Ovienmhada 
Sun of Righteousness Ministries

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