A human rights activist, Tor Gawan Yaro, has said Terwase Akwaza better known as Gana, who is alleged to be the most wanted criminal in Benue State, has links with top politicians in the state.

Akwaza, who raided Benue/Taraba axis, was killed at a roadblock mounted by the army along Gbese-Gboko-Makurdi Road following exchange of gunfire last week.

The Benue State Government had in 2015 granted amnesty to over 500 criminals including Gana, most of whom went back to the act.

Tor Gawan Yaro

Gana was later in 2017 declared wanted by the police while the state government placed a N10m bounty on him.

In reaction, Yaro described his killing as a conspiracy to cover up criminal activities of some politicians in the state.

He said, “The issue of Gana is very unfortunate. I’m familiar with his activities, initially he started as a hero defending the farms of the native against Fulani herdsmen. Later, some members of the Fade Benue political class think they can use him as a thing to achieve their aims.

“He then graduated to criminal activities such as killings, robbing and kidnapping. He had sponsors, he had paymasters. I think the attempt to kill Gana in this manner is a sort of conspiracy to cover up so many things. So, nobody should think the killing of Gana will end what’s happening in the state because the security operatives have not being able to tell us who are the sponsors of Gana. They know who are his sponsors cause they have all the fact. 

“They must tell us who are his sponsors, the killings of Gana is unfortunate but it has left a message for every young man to see that you must not allow yourself to be used by politicians. The security agencies know his sponsors.”

They Just Needed To Silence Him, Gana’s Killing A Conspiracy And Won’t Stop What Is Going On —Yaro WATCH VIDEO: They Just Needed To Silence Him, Gana’s Killing A Conspiracy And Won’t Stop What Is Going On —Yaro

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