Yoruba One Voice, a Nigerian group in the Diaspora, has said it will go ahead with its planned protest scheduled for October 1 despite a plot by an unnamed politician based in Lagos to disrupt the peaceful exercise.

The group in a statement by its Communications Director, Zacheaus Somorin, alleged that the popular Lagos politician had already paid about 500 hoodlums N5, 000 each to carry out the plot of disrupting the demonstration meant to agitate for the creation of Oodua Republic.

The statement reads, “As a coalition, we are using this medium to advise the sponsor of this malevolent act to desist from such as any action that will derail the liberation of Yoruba nations would not be taken lightly.

“Ideologically, YOV is no longer interested in a country that is seeking loan to develop another country, Niger Republic to be specific; with a rail network. We are not interested in a country that finds it palpably impossible to provide adequate security, electricity, quality road, food security, job security, affordable housing scheme, quality education, good public health sector. Nigeria is a country that doesn't believe in the rule of law, hence fated to have a negative image globally.

“The Nigerian State is preponderant of nepotism, with a centrally minded and clannish leader. This is evident in the Katsina State's situation – there are 22 federal projects actively going on there including refineries.

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“No one needs to be told that the Katsina refinery is to serve the interests of Chad and Niger Republic. No single major project is going on in the state of his vice, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

“As we prepare for the October 1 rally, we appreciate the efforts of all the affiliate groups and organisations for a planned peaceful demonstration in all the six continents and 176 countries.”

While referring to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s admittance that Nigeria could be heading for a break up if urgent steps were not taken to mend and address the identified cracks in the country, YOV said, “We don’t want to belong to a country where ISIS and Al-Qaeda have invade like Mideast. We want Oodua Republic that we can leave in peace and be a prosperous nation soon through referendum.”


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