Christians in Ondo State, who are from different denominations, hit the streets of Akure on Sunday to protest against police brutality and insecurity in the country. 

Tagged, “Akure Walk For Peace”, they marched with Nigeria’s flag as they held different prayer sessions on the streets of Alagbaka in Akure. 

Felix Adejumo, the founder of the Agape Christian Ministry, appreciated the youth for coming out to demand a better system that works for everyone. 

Adejumo said Nigeria is richly blessed but needed competent leaders that would change the narratives, urging Nigerians to always pray for the country to be delivered from the hands of wicked leadership, corruption, and insecurity. 

“Since my existence, I have never seen the passion that the youths of our country are currently displaying towards the deliverance of Nigeria,” he said. “We have refused what is not right in this nation, and I’m sure it will not remain.

“We believe in the destiny of this nation, and we think that God is going to rescue us from bad leaders, and that is why we want to change the trajectory of our country. We are a giant in Africa. We shall make it great again. 

“In Nigeria today, people can no longer feed and send their children to school, and there is no enabling environment for business to strive. So, we pray that all the enemies of this country shall be scattered.”

Earlier, Sam Leye, the Convener Akure Prayer Walk, condemned the attitude of Nigerian leaders to the yearnings of the citizens.

Leye said that lack of jobs, insecurity, rising costs of food, bad governance among others were part of the problems facing the country. 

He described the ongoing protest across the country as part of plans to seek God’s help for a way forward for Nigeria.  

“We thank God for waking us up as youths, and I know Nigerian shall never be docile again as we have broken the yolk of bad leadership,” he said.

“Under the leadership of our youths, we shall have a Nigeria that will prosper and flourish. I know we can do this together with everyone’s support.”

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