In response to the speech by President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, which many say lacked empathy and contained veiled threats to protesters, Nigerian youths are now considering how to sustain the struggle for good governance.

Their suggestions, shared on Twitter, have ranged from educating the youth, continuing the protest and registering a youth-led political party.

"I think we should start a grassroots orientation for the so-called thugs and help calmly sensitise them to let them know there's a future for them in this country," one Twitter user suggested. "Set up an email that will allow people to strategise and reach out on the next line of action," the user added.

Another contributor suggested that the protesters should become a pressure group while facilitating the registration of a political party.

"Let's evolve into a pressure group against police brutality, extrajudicial killings, bad governance and corruption; and eventually register as a political party founded on Godly principle and focus on building a Nigeria that we all and the future generations will be proud of."

They said they were disappointed by the President's uninspiring broadcast that did not even mention the shooting and killing of protesters by the army on Tuesday night in Lekki, Lagos. 

Instead, he asked the demonstrators to stop their protests and allow the federal government to act on their demands.

"Let's chill with protests first and restrategise," a Twitter user suggested. "We can't just fold our hand and dwell in this doom."

Another user wrote, "We need to come up with our political party come 2023, yeah. That's a great idea, but with the way that he gave his speech last night, you'll know that if we back down now and wait, we might not see 2023. I say we continue the protest."

Some suggested that the North should be engaged to join the struggle for good governance as well as the older generation, rather than embarking on another round of protest.  

"You see those guys on your streets, the ones that hail you when you return from work, that ask for money etc. educate those guys, get them to see how voting the right people can help them out of that state. Get them to see it. Do this for the next three years. You'll help some," one suggested.

Despite evidence of shooting and killing captured on phones by some of the protesters, the government has tried to deny the incident at Lekki.  

Nigerian Defence Headquarters' Director of Information, Maj. Gen. John Eneche, dismissed the glaring evidence of shooting in Lekki captured live on social media. He said that incident could have been a photoshop.

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