Germany has announced that it will enter a second national lockdown in November as COVID-19 cases in the country surge.

Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said schools and shops will stay open and called for a "major national effort" to fight Coronavirus.

Social contacts will be limited to two households, bars, catering and leisure facilities will shut, the BBC reports.

European counterpart, France, has also announced that it will be entering a second national lockdown starting on Friday.

As part of the new restrictions, French President m, Emmanuel Macron, said people will only be allowed to leave home for essential work or medical reasons.

Non-essential businesses such as bars and restaurants will close while a ban has also been announced on travelling between regions.

The move comes as Coronavirus cases rise globally, causing nations to go back into lockdown to curb the spread of the disease. 

Already Ireland and Sweden have gone back to national lockdown while London is expected to follow suit.

In Nigeria, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control has also warned that COVID-19 cases may spike owing to recent large gatherings across the country.

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