Worried by the rising killings and embarrassing insecurity in the country, Nigerians in South Africa will hold a protest march against President Muhammadu Buhari government, demanding that the African Union impose sanctions on the Federal Government for its ineptitude.

Nigerians living in Western Cape and Frontline Africa will lead the protest on Wednesday to the South African parliament where they will deliver a memorandum to the South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, who is also the African Union Chairperson.

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According to a statement obtained by SaharaReporters, the Nigerian protesters will be asking for sanctions against Buhari "over the recent human rights violations in Nigeria, including killings." 

The statement added that Nigerians in South Africa demanded an apology from "the Archbishop of Canterbury for keeping quiet" while his friend sits over a government that watches helplessly how Nigerians are being killed.

"In terms of the Constitutive Acts of the African Union, no President has the rights to murder his citizens. And if the AU fails to sanction Buhari for what he has done, we will take the organisation as one that cares less about the needs of Africans. 

"Before marching to the parliament, we will first be marching to the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town (the St George's Cathedral) at 5 Wale Street, to deliver a memorandum to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Welby (based in London) demanding an apology to Nigerians for his deafening silence over the numerous human rights violations, including killings perpetrated by the Buhari government against Nigerians.

"On the two occasions when Buhari visited London on medical leave, Archbishop Welby was one of the few people that had access to him. He told us Buhari is his friend. He did everything humanly possible to save Buhari. The Archbishop seems to care more about Buhari than the suffering ordinary Nigerians and victims of police brutality, some of whom are Anglicans."


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