A cross-section of Nigerians has lambasted the United States President, Donald Trump, over Wednesday’s invasion of the Capitol Building by his supporters.

Scores of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol after breaching four layers of security and entering the buildings at a time when the US Congress was on its way to certify Joe Biden as the next US President.

Nigerians are condemning this act, attributing it to Trump's refusal to concede defeat.

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A former presidential candidate and CEO of Ovation International, Dele Momodu, using his Twitter handle – @DeleMomodu – said, "One of the worst calamities that can befall a nation is when a President loses an election and clings to power by fire by force!!!" 

Another Twitter user, Olaoluwa Nelson (@omooyomomi) tweeted, "But for the strong and independent democratic institutions in America; a delusional and despotic individual leading few misinformed citizens would have forcefully taken over the government."

Similarly, Smiggle Osas (@joetota6) said the action of the current US president might put him in a bad place in the annals of history. He tweeted, "Trump in history will likely not be remembered for good. Trump brought disgrace to his office and to the United states." 

"I didn't expect such from Donald Trump. He should've lived by example, he should've been a mentor so that others will emulate him," Richard (@richardexco) wrote. 

@EDOkojie posted, "Trump will be kicked out with force soon, no security chief is coming out to support him unlike our own here that all the security chiefs are coming out to voice their support."

Niyi (@Niyi89344563) opined that the invasion and casualties recorded were caused by Trump's refusal to leave office and his speech that encouraged the action of the invaders. He tweeted, "Trump is a despot. A wannabe dictator. If America doesn't have strong institutions, Trump will not leave. Four people died on Capitol Hill as a result of the violence his speech provoked." 

According to Taiwo Akinlola (@TaiwoAkinlola20), Trump will go down in history as one of “America's worst” presidents.

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