A 17-year-old Nigerian girl from Delta State, reportedly trafficked to Mali for prostitution, has cried out for help to secure her return to Nigeria. 

According to reports, the young lady was taken to Mali alongside four others by an unidentified 'Aunt' who trafficked them for the sole purpose of prostitution.

The young girl who is reportedly from Abraka town in Delta State, had refused to work as a commercial sex worker and was consequently abandoned by her 'Madame' to fend for herself in a foreign land. 

In a video, which has now gone viral, a young man was heard pleading with people to get the young girl back to Nigeria.

He said, "I saw a small Nigerian girl at a bar, she told me a woman brought her and four other girls from Nigeria to Mali. She said the woman told them they were coming to Mali to work but when they got to Mali, she took them to Ashawo (prostitute) quarters, urging them to work as prostitutes, so they can get money to feed themselves. This particular girl said she can't sleep with men to make money, then the woman brought the girl to a car park in another state, dropped her there and left. 

"A guy took the girl from the park to another Ashawo quarters. Many of them are here as prostitutes but this girl in particular is not agreeing to it. The owner of the hotel is asking her to leave because she is not paying the house rent though she is really in charge of the bar. 

"She said she is from Delta Staten I want you people to go to that place and speak with the girl, she said she wants to go back to Nigeria. She is always crying, she gave me her parents address, that I should help her locate her parents. She said she is from Abraka in Delta State. I can't bring her to my house without first meeting the police. She doesn't have anything, she doesn't have money. I pity her, please help her."

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