A former Army Intelligence Officer, Col Hassan Stan-Labo (rtd) has decried the habitual occurrences of the Northern political leaders negotiating with bandits in the country.

Stan-Labo said the Nigerian Army has all it takes to crush the raiders terrorising the Northern part of Nigeria.

He said this during a TV programme on Arise News anchored by Reuben Abatti on Tuesday.

Nigeria is at the mercy of the Boko Haram terrorists, killer Fulani herders and bandits who basically have their origins from the North.

Tens of thousands have been killed by these criminals, while public and private funds have also given to them as ransom to secure freedom for their victims.

Reacting during the programme, the ex-officer said the sovereignty of the country was endangered with incessant attacks of bandits that were not checked by the military.

“We cannot, and I repeat we cannot negotiate with these guys. We’ve got what it takes to crush them off. You only begin to negotiate when you’ve not done your homework. When you’ve not put what should be put in place, in place.

“They have taken over your kids or your citizens, hold them ransom, there’s nothing you can do. Any attempt at rescue operation, there will be high collateral damage, you lose nearly half or three-quarters of them, and then you are called to start negotiating.

“As a country with a strong Defence Force, having actually equipped your inventory, my God, you go there and crush the enemy. That’s what I expect from Nigeria. We did this in Liberia, we did this in Sierra Leone. What is happening with us? Is this Nigeria?

“Our sovereignty is threatened. Bandits have taken over this country, and we are watching? We are watching? For Christ's sake, we must save this country. This is the only land we have. Can someone tell the President that Nigeria is sinking? Every day, we are sinking.” 

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