Some Nigerians of Yoruba extraction have taken to social media to celebrate the images of the proposed Yoruba Nation currency notes shared online.

SaharaReporters had earlier reported how a group agitating the independence of the Yoruba nation on Twitter introduced the currency notes for the proposed Yoruba nation, Oduduwa Republic.

The group posted the image of the proposed currency notes on its Twitter handle, @OdudwaRepublic, on Sunday.

The tweet read: “Oduduwa National Currency shall be called 'FADAKA' Meaning Silver .. or short as just 'FAD' Here is a 20 Fadaka Sample Banknote.”

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Elated reactions of Yoruba indigenes on Twitter have trailed this development as many pledged support for the move towards attaining independence for the Yoruba nation.

Twitter user, @Ola_Williams__ wrote, “The South West is far better than other regions when Nigeria was practising what the founding fathers signed for (which was federalism). We were able to manage our resource quite well. We had a TV station ahead of France and South Africa while other regions learnt from us.”

Another user, @KolaEdun3, said, “I have switched my loyalty to the Yoruba Nation. All Hail Yoruba nation where there will be justice, fairness and equity. Hard work, quality, one voice!!! Those that oppose are afraid, you can see their sense of disbelief, shock, depression because they cannot stand on their feet.

@3magin posted, “Oduduwa is slowly becoming a reality. Oh God, I hope it comes true.”

@lanre_sowande, “God will not do what man will do for himself, we Yorubas need to rise, God will not save us if we take no action against this derogatory 1999 constitution.”

On Facebook, Ifeanyichukwu Amaonyeanaeze, despite not originating from the South-West said, “Journey of a 1, 000 miles begins with a step. Congratulations to the Yoruba nation. Gradually the ideas for the disintegration of the contraption called Nigeria are becoming a reality. It's a matter of time.”

Isaac Awotidoye expressed joy, noting that it is a good step in the right direction.

He wrote, “Honestly speaking, this is a good step in the right direction for the proposed Oduduwa Federal Republic. I pray that this dream will come very soon; enough of this country called Nigeria, the country that is full of deceitfulness by their leaders.”

For Oluwaseun Crown Prince, there is too much partiality in Nigeria. He said, “One Nigeria does not favour anyone, it favours those who cannot speak correct English yet they live well at the expense of the most learned all in the name of politics.”

Iyiola Babalola said, “What a good idea! Please this is what we need now. North has mortgaged Nigeria.”

Fagbolagun Sola said it was high time for those who have ever doubted the agitations towards the sovereignty of the Yoruba Nation to stop doubting, stating that there will be no war before the actualisation of the Yoruba nation.

“Like play, like play, Amotekun Oodua security comes to stay, you take it as online propaganda, now it has caused many Fulani herdsmen out of their hideout. Now many think until we go to war before this agitation comes true, capital No! This will prove to the whole world that the pen is mightier than the sword.”

Ibukun Folarin opined, “The earlier we go our separate ways, the better for us, Nobody can tell where Nigeria is heading towards but a lot of people still have the memory of where and how we started. Let us go back to where we started and start all over, it is better late than never, at least the coming generations will reap the benefits.”

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