Aggrieved 300 level to 500 level students of the University of Lagos have once again cried out over the university’s management’s refusal to take responsibility for their safety during the coming physical examination amidst the raging scourge of COVID-19.

The students noted that by asking them to fill a subtle dictatorial indemnity form, the university management exonerated itself from any health consequences arising from the physical examinations – particularly as they relate to COVID-19.

The students in a petition obtained by SaharaReporters stated that “this form puts a lot of COVID-19 possible burdens on the students” and efforts made by the students to seek clarifications from the management proved abortive.


“An indemnity form that absolves management of a lot of responsibilities was attached. This form puts a lot of COVID-19 possible burdens on the students. In addition, it has an ambiguous paragraph with regard to hostel fees. As student leaders, we have requested for clarity but got none.


“We only have a few days to act to get the form reversed. Even if exams would be physical, the school management ought to take responsibility for its students,” the petition partly reads.

SaharaReporters had exclusively reported last Saturday that the university put together a COVID-19 indemnity form for 300 level to 500 level students of the institution which implies the university would not bear any burden for students who contract the virus during the physical school examination.


The indemnity form stated that the students have indemnified the university “from the consequences, liabilities that may result in my being infected with COVID-19 or my infecting others with COVID-19.”


Although the university claimed in the form that it had put in place “policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19” students had told SaharaReporters that the university had no obvious policy to contain the virus, meaning that everyone is for themselves in the examination.


“Look at the statements carefully. The question now is what are the ‘measures’ they have put in place to warrant this exculpatory form in the case when things go awful? They are letting us sign off our rights to a safe environment of learning. We have suffered enough already.


“They are asking us to sign this indemnity form to sit for physical exams – for 300 level to 500 level students – after wobbling online classes. Even the online tests have been nonsense,” a student had lamented.


The form, Indemnity Form for First Semester 2019/2020 Session, had read, “I acknowledge the contagious nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and note the measures announced by the Presidential Task Force on practising good social distancing, compulsory wearing of nose mask among other measures. 


“I further acknowledge that the University of Lagos has put in place policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. I undertake that I will comply with all policies and measures to reduce the spread while attending my lectures and carrying out all other activities pertaining to my studies.


“I understand that the risk of becoming exposed and/or being infected by COVID-19 or infecting others with the COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions or negligence of myself.


“I hereby indemnify the University of Lagos from the consequences, liabilities that may result in my being infected with COVID-19 or my infecting others with COVID-19.


“I also indemnify the University of Lagos of any claims on bed space fees arising from the consequential lockdown of the Halls of Residence occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and from the emergency residency arrangements made to accommodate all students participating in the physical examinations in the First Semester 2019/2020 examination.”

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