The General Intelligence Service in Sudan has asked that a warrant of arrest be issued against four individuals, including a Nigerian, who are allegedly plotting terror attacks against Gulf countries.
Gulf countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).
According to a report by NigerianAbroad, there is a possibility that the unnamed suspects have already been arrested.

On Wednesday, the GIS media department described the individuals, a Nigerian, two Egyptians, and a Sudanese, as a danger to national security due their activities in the region.

The agency said, "We recommended an arrest warrant be issued against them because they represent a danger to the Sudanese national security and their contribution to the spread of terrorist activity in the region.”

From reports, a confidential letter had earlier circulated on the Sudanese social media, directed to the Public Prosecution, requesting issuance of arrest warrants against the four.
The letter dated April 19, requested Sudan’s Attorney-General to authorise the arrest of the 'four al Qaeda militants,' based on intelligence reports that said the individuals intended to hit embassies of Gulf countries in Africa.
Some local Sudanese media outlets stated that the General Intelligence Service has confirmed the authenticity of the circulated letter.
Last February, the Ethiopian National Intelligence Security Service had disclosed terrorist plans to attack UAE embassies in Addis Ababa and Khartoum.

Officials of the Ethiopian agency said they were working with their Sudanese counterparts to foil a similar attack targeted at the UAE embassy in Khartoum.

GIS media further said the letter requesting arrest warrants was part of “normal official procedure,” in line with the Constitutional Document governing the functioning of the agency.

Meanwhile Sudan Tribune stated that on April 20, the Attorney-General, in a handwritten instruction on the letter, had authorised the arrest of the four suspects.

Under amended legislation on Sudan’s intelligence services, the agency can no longer arrest or detain any person without an order issued by the Public Prosecution.

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