History of the church is full of prophetic Christian voices that challenged tyranny, oppression, and wickedness of governments at different times and at different places.

For example, in the 20th century, the African American church inspired and instigated by the Spirit of God, fought for the freedom and liberation of African Americans. The Christians took it upon themselves to give meaning and momentum to a social mission. Interestingly, they did it through nonviolent actions.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as a young pastor became the Moses of the civil rights movement. Among his peers, King stood out as the paragon example of a modern Christian leader who acted in a prophetic role to instigate political change.

King and other pastors in the civil rights movement unknowingly helped build the political atomic bomb that blast away the oppressive and racist white America. They led demonstrations. They inspired revolution. They demanded reforms. They possess immense courage and feared no one. They were the most powerful. They mesmerized thousands of their people who were prepared to lay down their lives for freedom. They molded ordinary folks into a formidable fighting force against oppression and institutionalized racism. They led revolts that challenged the authority of the powerful. 

Conversely, many Nigerian pastors are no bride of Christ, but harlots! Selfish, narrow minded, greedy, lustful, and don’t give a damn about poor Nigerians. They are tolerant of the evils of the Nigerian government. They joined the evil government to oppress Nigerians. They lack generosity of the Spirit. They have rejected the significance of King. They have abandoned the legacy of King as a pastor for social change. Instead, they pursue a slew of one-dimensional caricatures.

Arrogantly, they refused to heed the clear biblical concerns and mandates for justice. The state of the Nigerian state calls for revolutionary action on the part of the pastors. It calls for prolong and sustained confrontation against injustice, oppression, and wickedness in high places. Throughout history, the church has been an agent of change. The church has so often identify with the oppressed people. The Nigerian church has lost  its way and missed its mission.

Many of the pastors have desecrated the pulpit. They are predators not pastors: sexual predators, spiritual perverts, spiritual sakamajes, miracle hawkers, liars, extortionists, exploiters, sorcerers, Pharisees, gospel comedians. They fight over jets, fight over women, fight over tithes and offerings, fight over who has the biggest church and the largest congregation. The list goes on. Where is the pulpit of the Nigerian church for revolution?

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