The World Bank has reportedly suspended aids to the Republic of Sudan, AFP reports.
The development comes after a state of emergency was declared in Sudan following the military dissolution of civilian rule.

Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan, who had been heading a joint council with civilian leaders, blamed political infighting.
Army General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan declared a nationwide state of emergency, dissolved the authorities leading the country's transition to democracy, and announced the formation of a new government Sudan TV.
Meanwhile, the African Union, on Sunday, suspended the membership of the Republic of Sudan following the military coup within the northern African country.
Reaffirming its solidarity with the Sudanese population, and the importance of the constitutional framework within the country rife with political turmoil, the Peace and Security Council (PSC) stated that it decided 'should the Transition Military Council fail to hand-over power to a civilian-led Transitional Authority, the Council would impose punitive measures on individuals and entities obstructing the establishment of the civilian-led Transitional Authority,' the bloc said in a statement after Sudan's suspension.
Only last month did the African Union (AU) lift the suspension of Sudan's membership in the bloc after nearly a three-month-long blockade pending the installation of a civilian-led government after the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir.
The African Union instated the country's membership after the then appointed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok formed his first cabinet in a three-year transitional power-sharing agreement involving the Sudanese military, rebel groups, and the civilian political parties.


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