Jessica Ginikachukwu Okongwu, a 22-year-old Nigerian lady trafficked to India, has called on relevant authorities to facilitate her return home.

Okongwu was brought to India by traffickers who promised her a job but instead sold her off for prostitution.

According to the lady, she paid a travel agency N104,000 to facilitate her movement to India.

But after managing to escape from those who trafficked her, the lady, who is from Edo State, said she's stranded.

"I just want to go home," she cried out in a recent viral video. "I don’t even remember the name of the travel agency but I know the name of my friend who linked me to the agency."

Okongwu said a friend, who is from Imo State, arranged her travel to India.

She also said they promised her jobs and handed her over to an Indian woman who ran a legal business in New Delhi.

Okongwu said when she got there; however, the woman wanted her to sleep with men for money.

“When I refused, she threatened to kill me. I had to flee for my life.”

She said she managed to escape from the Indian woman about a month ago and began staying with two Nigerian men who took her in.

But she said the men later demanded sex and threatened to throw her out if she refused to play along with them.

Okongwu stated that she was now back on the streets of India and feared that the men and Indian woman who wanted her to be a sex slave would find her and kill her.

Okongwu, who has valid papers including an Indian visa that expires in April 2022, pleaded with Nigerians to help her return home.

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