Anambra State: Governor Obi’s Administration Tilting To A Failure

Gov. Peter Obi
By Emeka Chiakwelu

Contrary to the successful and well oiled propagated image of Governor Obi‘s government on the pages of daily newspapers, all is not well for it may be tilting to a brink of collapse. The most important component in the democratic dispensation - the people have registered their dissatisfaction with their votes they cast in the last election.

The anatomy of the dislocation with the electorates is the floundering on provision of essential social infrastructures and mundane needs of the people. But many of ardent supporters of Governor Obi and his administration have buried their heads in sand and refused to listen to voice of reason that will rejuvenate and stir away the administration from total collapse to a more assertive, meaningful  and productive governance.

No one is saying that the government of Anambra state is not doing anything; alluding to that may not be a fair assessment. Of course it is doing something but comprehensively and in totality Governor Obi‘s administration impact has not make a major difference in the lives of the people of Anambra state. For a government to be deemed successful it must be effective and functional by attending to the mundane needs of the populace and Obi’s ineffective tactical operation is the stumbling block.

First and foremost, from a strategic outlook, one must be logical and analytical to solving problems. First of all, identify the problems and then prioritize them according to pressing needs. But Obi’s administration appears to be incoherent and illogical. The government does not have to
poll the people to ascertain their needs because it is self-evident that they are lacking basic existential necessities.

With all the developments and achievements that are being propagated by the administration, when one drive through cities of Anambra state including Onitsha, Awaka and Nnewi  there are no major changes both environmentally and aesthetically to show any significant presence of
enduring development and economic growth.

 Most of the new paved roads are being sweep away by flood and erosion.
The streets are litter with solid waste and debris. While the ditches and gutters were clogged with overflowing refuse and ‘pure water’ sachets. There are no changes on the streets and roads of the townships of Onitsha and Awka to show that something new is happening. Rather the streets look unkempt, dirty and unappealing - there are little or road signs and traffic lights to be found in traffic urban areas.

Anambra state does not have a comprehensive and functional drinking water scheme. The people have resorted to boreholes for water supply and in some cases the government is encouraging the ubiquitous presence of water boreholes by financing them.  Some of the water supply from boreholes are saturated and layered with heavy metals and radioactive elements that have carcinogenetic properties. The business of hawking untreated ‘pure water’ sachets have become the source of drinking water while the empty sachets are littered every where.

Where are the developments?  Probably the buying of vehicles and building government offices are being count as developments, instead of seeing them as necessities. At the dawn of 21st to build office quarters may not be as important as tackling crimes, thereby give the masses a sense of security.
The wealthy sons and daughters of Anambra state who can contribute to developments of the state are not coming back home due to fear of being kidnap.  What is the present government of state doing about it? Giving excuses are not good enough. Blaming and pointing to the federal government is not good enough. After all, the major problem constituting to the crime of kidnapping is due to rampant unemployment among the energetic youths. What is the governor and administration doing to ameliorate joblessness among the youths?

The administration beloved blueprint - Integrated Development Strategy (ANDIS) may be reclining to a total mishap because it was not well thought of and the mechanism for implementation not sufficiently formulated by the framers.  The rudimentary economics thought us that resources are limited in supply. So with that in mind, the manager of scarce resources must primarily depend on priority, choice and preference to leverage optimum output. Instead of the governor and his advisers scattering limited resources around many projects, with little outcomes they might as well concentrate on few projects that will make major differences in the lives of the poor people of the state.

This is not to say or suggest that other peripheral projects will be neglected but the essence of priority is to ‘attack’ those pressing needs at the expense of less pressing needs. This managerial capability requires a leader who is efficient in application of specialized skills which are found wanting in ANDIS scheme. Moreless, distribution of limited resources on all the intended operations diminishes the presence of requisite projects that will standout as testaments of accomplished works. This is the reason when one steps into the commercial city of Onitsha there is nothing that stand out and to show the presence of ANDIS. The streets look dull, disorganized and ugly without vibrancy when compared to well-organized Chime’s Enugu and Fashola’s Lagos.

Anambra state needs free education at primary and secondary levels to avert the encompassing ignorance stealing away the future of our youths but Governor Obi has no education policy. Taking a page from the new governor of Imo state the pragmatic Rochas Okorocha might do Governor Obi good; for Okorocha cut down his security vote fund from N6.5million to
N2.5 million. Then with it he lunched his free education scheme for primary and secondary schools. Why is it that it is not happening in Anambra state?

Governor Obi is busy telling us how Anambra state is without enough funds but he has not given account on how he managed the funds allocated to the local governments. As a transparent and accountability prone governance as he claimed, Anambra state citizens deserved to know how much revenue is generated from the state and how it is being utilized for the various projects.

Governor Peter obi always emphasis on how he balanced his budget and do not have deficits when compared to other states. But the truth is that the management of private enterprise is quite different from public/government business. In private venture the prime mission is to make profit while in government, it is to embark on projects that will contribute to elevation of public good and wellbeing.

Take for instance; the Onitsha-Awka Highway has become a road safety hazard and begs for reconstruction and maintenance due to numerous potholes. Although it is a federal road but Anambra government can repair the road and ask the federal government for reimbursement. This can dramatically cut down on the unnecessary road accidents along the highway.

Therefore instead of Governor Obi to deposit state money in the bank until inflation diminish its value, he might as well utilize the money even borrow more to build and provide social amenities and infrastructure that will enable the people to live a better life and create wealth.

Money in the bank is not wealth. The creation of wealth becomes eminent and possible when investments that enrich community are made in the people including the provision of free education and protection of life and property.  These are the investments that made the environment conducive for the creation of  wealth and these are not accomplish when inflated
money is left dormant in the treasury in the name of  balancing the budget.

Let’s be careful here nobody is calling for wasting of resources and not balancing the budget when it becomes necessary and imperative. But when the people lacks the necessary and basic amenities for survival and the governor goes around talking up its skill of not having deficit contradicts the fundamental principle of development in 21st century.

Anambra state is crumbling as an entity. The state is poorly managed; the one time contract awarded to a ‘foreign’ contractor to re-dredge Otumoye/Nwangene Creek has been abandon. Crime and kidnapping are making the state inhabitable while debris, erosion and flooding are claiming a chunk landmass of the state.

There are lots of things needed to be done; instead of the administration devoting quantifiable resources (time and money) on public relation and self adulation it might as well do the job of the people.

Emeka Chiakwelu is the Principal Policy Strategist at Afripol


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You stupid Agulu Lake man

You stupid Agulu Lake man that want people to jump and swim with you. I am quite sure that you are one of the touts the Governor used during his campaign. You reason through your backside and your eyes cannot see beyond its lashes. You are very Ignorant and I am sure you will be drowned in that your Agulu lake if you continue to be blind folded. Anambra State is the worst State in Nigeria. The only word I have for Peter Obi is that Anambra State is being compared with other states and you can make it the best and safest place to be. Can you not borrow a leaf from other good states? You have no excuse and will be judged by your performance when your tenure finishes. Your name is Peter and let your state see the influences of St. Peter in you, please.

I hail my Governor

Believe it or not-His excellency, Mr Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi is the best thing dat has happened to Anambra state. If u disagree with me u can jump into AGULU LAKE.

I hail my Governor

Believe it or not-His excellency, Mr Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi is the best thing dat has happened to Anambra state. If u disagree with me u can jump into AGULU LAKE.

The Assasination project

Actually it was not my intention to join this debate, but for the fact that this anonymmous write did not take into consideration that there are many anambarians that travel home only to be disappointed by what is on the ground. Onitsha is one of the dirtiest city in Nigeria, no road except for the few ones Chris Ngige bult. Iam sure that this anonymous write must have been viewing the state through his nose colouredglasses.Obi is the worst governor has been forced on the people of Anambra after Odera. We must always call a sheep for what it is worth. Obi is a disgrace to the people of Anambra.

The Assasination Project is Ongoing !!!

It is very unfortunate for anyone to believe all these criminals sponsored by Chris Ngige, to write 'anything' they about Governor Peter Obi.

Even if you guys continue to change your names, it cannot tarnish Peter Obi's image. You better consult other Media Mafias/Gangsters: Sowore, Okey Ndibe, Rudolf Okonkwo who have tried all they could to assasinate Governor Peter Obi and Professor Dora Akunyili at media houses but failed completely.

we are sure that Emeka Chiakwelu is one of the Assasination Policy Strategist of a non-existent organization- Afripol. Nigerians are wiser.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words.
Please, may everyone check

Chino you are wrong

Why are you deceieving yourself. Its either you've never been to Anambra State, or you have been paid by Peter Obi to say this rubbish. How could you say Anambra has the best of roads. The little roads Anambra has are the ones Ngige did when he was governor. Peter Obi is a massive disappointment to everyone who ever believed in him. Workers are always on strike and yet he goes about telling us how much he has saved for the state. State funds are not meant to be in the bank. They are meant to improve infrastructure.

Why Can'nt people see any good in others

Fidelis, You have not said anything to point out how governor Obi is doing well. I used to be a supporter of this governor but recent analysis has shown that the writing is very objective. Governor Obi was doing so many little projects that are not well thought out which ha almost no impact on the people

Yes Obi may be politically

Yes Obi may be politically naive but he is certainly better than all the other Governors except Fashola and potentially Okorocha

Gov. Peter Obi is a big failure

I am from Anambra State, Ogidi in Idemmili North to be precise. Peter Obi is a complete failure. Not just that he is politically naive, he has no sense of direction. Forget all those rubbish he publishes in the Papers and the adverts on TV. I travel home every month to see my parents, and frankly I feel very ashamed of this Governor. most of the good roads currently in Anambra state are the ones done by Chris Ngige or Mbadinuju(When he still had some sense in him). How can a serious govt construct a small drive through by New parts at Nkpor for more than 4 years?? Awka now looks like a village in Burundi or Somalia. A state capital looking dilapidated. it was not this bad even when Mbadinuju was Governor. He buys computer desktops for secondary school, menawhile there is no computer teacher and even no Light or generator to power the systems for use by the students. I can't seem to see any effort in creating meaninful jobs for the people of his state. No serious economy policies. just managing the state like a trader. This Gov. Obi really needs to get out of that govt. house. He has nothing to offer.


Well, as a matter of fact am apolitical in Anambra politics but the story above fail what is called objective test in History and journalism. Again mr fashola, Rochas and chime are all different indiv. So dont compare them at all. They also have their own faults. Learn how to see good things in other people.

Another Peter Obi Sycophant

Another Peter Obi Sycophant talking. I am from Anambra state and i finished my tertiary education in UNIZIK. Peter Obi right from his inception as governor remains a complete failure bcos he failed to touch the hearts of the average Anambrains. Instead of carrying out projects that will improve the livehood of the masses like providing good roads, portable drinking water and most importantly, security in Anambra state especially Onitsha, he is delving into irrelevant things. How does building the Stock Exchange Office in Onitsha and advocation of Central Bank in Awka improve the lives of the people of Anambra State? It is on record that he deliberately refused to renovate the road networks in Nnewi which are in a dispeakable condition simply because according to him,"The people of Nnewi gave huge support to Ngige" during the last gubernatorial elections";this is coming out from the mouth of our "learned" governor! What about Onitsha? You dare not walk in most parts of Onitsha after 8:00PM without the fear of being robbed, dispossessed or even killed by robbers or ritualists. Recently, about 25 bodies or thereabout including that of a corper was found decomposing in a big drainage at Upper Iweka. This discovery was made after some unknown persons attempted to rape a young lady at the scene whose screams for help attracted a team of Vigilante group newly deployed in the area after the hoodlums escaped. Do hold untothe things you read on papers or hear on the radio and see on television. Afterall, adverts are sponsored. Pay a visit to Anambra state and you will deduce the fact that Governor Obi as far as i am concerned is no better than Mbadinuju.

Anambra state: A Failed state

Thank you for this long over-due article. Anambra state has been the worst state in the East if not in Nigeria. The State govt. doesn't bother to provide anything for the people. This has been going on for years. Almost all the senior govt officials live in neighbouring states. Most Anambra state indigenes are forced to relocate to nearby states like Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Rivers, Delta and Enugu states because of no amenities and opportunities in Anambra. These people cause problems of congestion in primary/secondary schools, hospitals, markets,roads, housing etc. Thereby inconveniencing their host communities/States.
The Federal govt should consider declaring a state of emergency on Anambra state to save neighbouring states. Alternatively, The federal govt should slash the budget allocation and give it to the neighbouring states to alleviate the problem of Anambra state. it's reaching a boiling point.

Let us be objective please

Obi may have his problems, but he's still one of the best governors in the country. His only problem is that he's politically naive, which was why he was used and dumped by Jonah and his People Deceiving Party.

govr obi and val obienyem and dan onwukwe

oz and chino. both are valentine obienyem. just read the chino language. abusive. typical val obienyem. on oz, the statistics reeled out are all stored up in governor obi computer and churned out with variations to the media. that is all in their write up and propaganda. sometimes like the one purported to be written by the sun columnist , mr, onwukwe, val writes the articles and features and post them in dan onwukwe's box and the guy publishes as if he wrote it. poor hungry colleagues.

obi is a failure

i am a teacher, no computer given to my school at washington memorial is working. they are pentium 3 systems and have parked in the cartons in which they came. and the cpus arenot complete.there is no printer. we dont have physics or mathematics teachers for most of the senior classes . there is no computer teacher. there is no computer room where the systems can be set up. no aircionditioner.our salaries are always cut without excuse. our allowances are being owed. and somebody is here praising the governor for providing IT education. where . which school.


My brother your objection to the write-up shows you are uninformed and probably on Obi's payroll. Instead of sitting down and giving false judgements from Lagos or wherever else in the country you reside why not just take a trip to Anambra and let's see whther you live long enough on the road to come back and tell us which of the roads in that state qualifies as the best in nigeria. The road network is deplorable, the place is filthy. Go to unizik junction and see how a simple flyover bridge has been coverted to a public dump and the govt can't hire cleaners to clean the place up. All government facilities besides the governor's office are in deplorable shape and u dare tell us that anambra is doin fine. Obviously you have never crossed the Niger bridge from asaba to onitsha because the difference between both towns is like Heaven and Hell. Peter Obi is a master propagandist and the faster we get 2 realise it the better for us. Anambra is in shambles. The markets dirty, no drainage, clean water, security, or road network you are telling us about. We have been there and can give you a detailed report free of bias that the state needs fresh and forward thinking leadership to restore it on the path of greatness. That is a stte with potentials to be one of the greatest and richest in this country. They have talents and brains but nothing to harness them exists. Pls before you mislead millions of Nigerians get your facts right next time before you come and post fallacies . Goodnight

gov obi as a failed govr

please the writer got it wrong. the governor awarded the nwangene so-called dredging contract to his friend at 490m naira and they shared the money. and nothing was done except to use some local people to excavate some sands for some days.please just visit the nwangene, which the governor used to boast on tv that he is the ist gov to have dredged the nwangene.

This write up good for the

This write up good for the waste basket. Peter Obi is performing progressively. Am sure this shit was sponsored by desperate politicians. Infact saharareporters has failed. silly people. Anambra remains the most successful state in Nigeria. The state that has the best road networks in Nigeria, medicare, schools refurbished. name it

CHIAKWELU crying more than the bereaved!

Mr Chiakwelu's observation and expression on Anambra is not far from is frustrated sense of view to the pcefulness of the state the indigns enjoy.Obi may not has built Sky scrapers in Anambra,but has done more than you would ever want to accept when you compare him in those areas you just mentionda;In education,every Anambrarian whose children are schooling in the state appreciate the level of enlightenment they've got in I T through the supply of laptops and internet facilities in all secondary schools.The federal Onitsha-Awka road you mentioned,it is pity that even at your level you don't even know the consequences of a state government to take over patching of federal road without beureaucratic snags.Most pitiably is that I just heard in the Network news early this week,the state government has asked the Federal government to reliquish the project for them.Why are some people always inciting trouble when there is peace.I don't wish to start enumeration how many smooth link roads that are still the same as against your purported "washd away" since the governor constructed them.This is because from your story you can never be happy with the developments coming from Obi as a person.Anyway as a matter of fact we have 35 governors in Nigeria,and 5 in the South East.Rochas of is wonderful and Chime is trying especially (if not only on roads).These are good but as you left the others,so I do not want to mention them even the ousted Ikiri when he was on Rochas' seat.Criticism though is good when one is a leader but blind ones like this is totally inciting and infuriating.You harped about kidnaping,(funny)in which state?and when?where and when was it publicized like we know kidnapping in recent times.Even the political opponents of Obi cannot say there is insecurity in Anambra.I hope your identity is right and I would ask if you know that such statement is questionable when it comes to that great state especially under this government.Emeka I thought you would say that what you see in the news are all lies but I know that it is even of recent that his works are showcased in the dailies,may be your likes to equally because most of know even if you borrow commentators on this page the truth is in Anambra.I would have asked why the Nwangele dredging which Obi initiated and begun stoped along the way even when his tenure is not yet over.May you are worried why Sahara Reporters and stopped attacking the governor lately and you chose to take up the fight even blindly than making better enquiries and observations.Whatever is your problem may not be solved entirely by Obi but still know that among the whole states in this country,Anambra even with their poor allocation in the"Bank" is still among the first six performing states. Write on issues not sentiments.

anambra state

the last time i visited anambra state with friends i covered my face in shame!The government of peter obi deserve to be stoned to death for the wickedness meted out to the innocent people of the state.It is better to go down to the state inorder to understand the evil this modern day con man called peter obi did to the state.I am happy that people have started seeing how untruthful this con man is.It can never be well with him and associates.Anambra state is the most backward state in the federation.He must be consumed alive!