Bishop Oyedepo: A Slap In The Name of Jesus By Leo Igwe

By Leo Igwe

A video clip of Bishop Oyedepo where this charlatan slapped a young lady during a deliverance session is being circulated on the internet. The first time I saw the link, I thought it was joke; I thought it was something made up by someone who wanted to blackmail Oyedepo, who is the general Overseer of the Living Faith Church(aka Winners Chapel)

But after watching it I had no doubt that it was real. This is not only because of what transpired as recorded in this video clip but also what I know that goes on in penticostal churches and prayers houses across the country-impunity, toture, inhuman and degrading treatment by pastors.
I have been wondering what really caused this so called man of God to loose his temper and got so ego-bashed during  the sham deliverance session to the extent of slapping an innocent young woman in public. I guess the lady did not understand the trick and so could not play along so she got punished.
The lady in question, who appears to be in her 20s apparently came out seeking deliverance or ministration as they call it from Oyedepo. But unfortuantely she got more than she bargained for- a dirty slap from the eye bulging man of God instead.

According to the video clip, Oyedepo shouted ‘ Broken in the of Jesus!' in an attempt to psyche the members and get them into the docile mood for the spiritual abracadabra. And the church members replied: Amen. He moved towards the lady who was among those kneeling down and asked “You have been there for how long?” And the lady replied “I am not a witch. I am a witch for Jesus”

And Oyedepo retorted “You are what?” The lady said “ My own witch is for Jesus”
And Oyedepo , after staring at her for a while said “You are a foul devil. Do you know who you are talking to? Foul Devil...”  And he slapped her.
Where are from?   He asked. And the young woman, who was already traumatized, replied that she hailed from Imo state. "Where did you get the witch from?" Oyedepo queried. And she repeated what she said earlier that she was a witch for Jesus.

Oyedepo rebuked her saying, ‘Jesus has no witches. You are a devil. You are not set for deliverance. You are free to go to Hell’.
This less-than-2-minutes video clip is a clear evidence of what goes on in these so called churches during deliverance or exorcism, particularly how the so called men and women of God abuse the rights of members with impunity. Many pastors subject their members and those who come to them for prayers to torture, inhuman, abusive and degrading treatment in the course of deliverance or in the name of casting away the devil or demons.

And unfortuantely such cases of abuse are not reported to the police. And the erring pastors are not prosecuted or punished. Nigerian faithful must wake up and help end all forms of degrading treatment in God's name. Nigerians should not allow pastors like Oyedepo to get away with such an abusive treatment.

This video clip is an incontrovertible evidence of an abuse of this church member by Bishop Oyedepo. And he should be made to answer for his crimes

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Dont be silly. Wat de man of

Dont be silly. Wat de man of God did z spiritual and biblical. The devil wil neva tel the truth so u nid to slap. He slapped de demon not the woman. You guys should be careful. Bible says be quick to judge. I leave u wit de peace of christ

am surprised at this...we

am surprised at this...we need ask our heavenly father for mercy.These men of god are also humans which mean they are fallible if tempted,this occasion is clear situation of a man of god falling for one of the wiles of the devil

Heartfelt Advice to Leo Igwe

To Leo Igwe, my heartfelt advice for u, is to study & meditate (deeply) the Scriptures stated below; Matthew 12:35 The good man from his inner good treasure flings forth good things, and the evil man out of his inner evil storehouse flings forth evil things. 36. But I tell you, on the day of judgment men will have to give account for every idle (inoperative, nonworking) word they speak. 37. For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced. (Amplified version). God bless u.

Can any one out there help me

Can any one out there help me find the young lady that was slapped by Oyedepo? I think i will make an intresting court case.


You are gullible, you may even be cleaner before God than this man. The girl is not a witch, she was assaulted and intimidated in front of thousands of people and she claim to be a good witch, "A WITCH FOR CHRIST" yet this man is not satisfied.

The bible the bible the

The bible the bible the bible! Why cant the bible repair the roads and bad government in Nigeria?

I think ur comment is absurd

I think ur comment is absurd nd prejudice. Yeah we all know we re nobody to judge but all dis vile act cannt be ignored,we re bin manipulated in nigeria by both our leader both politically and religiously, it nt even a matter of ow educated yu are nowadays. Even d bible say he who so ever kill with a sword shall also be kill with a sword, y dnt yu tell d court of law to leave all criminals nd let dem wait for God's judgment. Dis act is discriminating, it bigotry, nd justices sud be served. We av become slaves in d church, I as a person don't believe in church going. Its ma prayer that all dose blasphemy God name ll be exposed.

I wont be surprised you beat

I wont be surprised you beat your wife at home, "A man of God" whom i respect so much, let me down. setting a wrong example for millions of youths men and women in his congregaton that it is absolutley right to hit a woman, finally he took it upon himself to play God and sentence the woman to Hell, very very bad, the Spirit of God will never lead a man to slap a Woman, a poor woman who apparently needs pshycological evaluation.


Leo,you are nothing but a creature in the hands of the creator.By declaring war on the anointed men of God,you have inadvertently declared war on God,the Lord of Hosts.Who are you to judge a man of God.Your report looks like you have been waiting for something of this to come for a long time.Oyedepo's spirit is the spirit of God and what he has done,we should be slow at criticising it.May your inner man never destroy your outer man.

any christian supporting this

any christian supporting this vile act do not knw the meaning of christianity.hw can a so called man of God open his mouth and condemn a fellow human?doesnt he knw dat God accepts all,even the most vicious?he stands as a leader and a teacher and utters stupid silly words..any one attacking the author for this bold piece of journalism is doing so through petty prejudice.
its tym for us to examine the core fabric of our religion,and stop ourselves from been led by blind egostitic men.

Leo!! youre stupid like your

Leo!! youre stupid like your write up. Friends use to tell me this sahara is full of nonsense. from today i refuse to read your article since you're devil. Only a devil will promote devil work and so on.

Can you can something on imam just like that. am sure you will be dead by now.


Though I may not like your style of reporting, the slap giving incidence you reported would make you more enemies than friends because our people have been tutored by poverty, hunger and starvation only to find solace in these pastors and Bishops who hoodwink them!! People here believe in Magic, witches and wizards, curses etc and they are served with it. Good luck to church-goers



Stage Act Gone Sour!

This orchestrated stage act went terribly wrong on this occassion! Fact is, the dumb "Pastor" fell for that old trick that has become the albatross of many a trickser: "Know when to walk away"..."Know when to run" Faced with an "un-compromising" somewhat 'smart" client, what was the point in pushing his luck any further? Let's be honest: the "girl witch"(whatever that means) from Imo State, in holding her ground, taught the aging Mr Pastor a lesson in "free speech." Nigerians wait to see how this voodoo comedian wriggles out of this!

Religion - Instrument of Manipulation

I have watched with amazement how the number of outwardly religious people in Nigeria seem to multiply as the rate of economic hardship increases. Anyone who was in Nigeria during the 70's and 80's can confirm that there were far fewer "Men of God" and places of worship and yet the society was much safer and prosperous.

These so called "Men of God" often forget that they do not fool most of the people. They mindelessly quote the bible but their deeds bear no realtionship whatsoever to the teachings of Christ. They are mostly master manipulators, con men, and fraudsters who simple the the gospel as way to enrich themselves and have mostly been successful in this task.

Devil himself is now in the church

Am a christian and a devoted one to be precised. I Have never read in my bible where Christ beat or slap people in the name of casting out demons He only did that by his spoken words.

Holy Anger? I dont think so

Good point you make here, the slap I TRIED to rationalise on the excuse of ''Holy Anger'', but the statement '' you are free to go to hell'' and also the ''you are cut down'' makes a mess of the whole situation and the message being passed across.
I am a Christian believer, I believe in the Holy spirit and so on, I also believe we cannot put in a box Gods form of expression thru His men of God, like He told some prophet to marry a harlot, another to eat faeces etc, but there was a fruit of such instruction, here I dont see any fruit, she wasnt delivered after the dirty slap, was she? NO, rather she must have built up more anger and evil if indeed she was a witch, by the way did she not come out for deliverance? so why shd she be subjected to something as humiliating as this in front of millions of tv viewers and church members? while a likely further torture awaits here when she gets back home (she might actually be a house-maid pushed forward by the family she caters for).

Shut up! you dont have

Shut up! you dont have anything upstair. You are next in turn to be slapped by your 'papa'. Nobody will come and liberate you from your bondage if u dont librate yourself.

Leo Igwe you are cursed

You have never made a meaningful writeup. Your idea of journalism is quack. others go to church to serve God but you go to churches to look for fault, fault shall forever be your's. Journalism has passed the sensational era. Go abroad and study more courses. Update yourself. Sick fellow

Leo Igwe you are a cursed reporter

I have never seen any of your write up that makes sense. Go back to school. Your idea of journalism is quack. This is another meaningless topic especially on an issue you don't know. You go to churches to look for fault. Fault shall forever be yours.

Leo Igwe, I advise you write

Leo Igwe, I advise you write on things you are knowledeable about instead of making an idiot out of yourself. I have never seen any of your write up that makes any sense or meaningful. Leave religious issues for those who are vast in religious issues. You just end up getting more cursed. Where did you sahara reporters learn your journalism from? Journalism has passed the era of bringing sensational headlines.
Leo Igwe go for more courses and have an indepth understanding of journalism.

Leo you are cursed.

response to leo igwe

i am a christian by birth and i ve been practicing the religion fr years now and i ll always be proud of the religion,but i reserve my comment here cos of the bible,that says thou shall not judge but i think your own comment and arguement is baseless and bias,forget about religion,lets talk about human right,lets be fair pls

Reply to Solonzo

Solonzo, Imams in Mosques dont parade witches every friday to deliver. No Imam in Nigeria has the kind of money these pastors have.
Unfortuntaty whether we like it or not, Muslims are cleaner as far as the place of worship is.
I did some research.
In the mosques, men are segregared from women during worship and they believe deliverace from the devil is based on how strong your faith is. Muslims believe, anyone can deliver another from the devil or even the witch can deliver herself once she develop a strong faith in God.
In thier case, it is a straight fight between the Godly and the Devilish.
In our churches, it is a diffrent story. The ministry of God has been hijacked by these magicians. As someone said, the girl is stronger than the man of God, otherwise, he should have delivered her.
All these witch deliverance business is only for show off to attract more customers. Otherwise, why not just preach the word of God.
Lets therefore comment with our senses and not sentiments

If she is a witch, why was

If she is a witch, why was she not delivered? Is she more powerful than d bishop? Name of Jesus no longer sufficient? Mark 16:17.If a demon, why was she physically assaulted for the actions of a demon? (2 Cor.10:3-6) Why is a 'Christian leader' physically abusing the people that Jesus asked Him to serve - what happened to the instructions of Jesus, calling leaders to servant-hood in Matthew 20:25-28? If it is a demon speaking through her, why is the demon believed to be speaking the truth by the man of God and the cheering congregation? Jesus said Satan is the father of lies and in him there is no truth - John 8:44. Can you imagine how many followers of this bishop that will be going around slapping people in 'deliverance' sessions after witnessing this? You say 'judge not' - I say where is d fruit' of d slap? Was she delivered? Where is the love of God? God wants none to perish - yet he says girl can go 2 hell and ‘church’ cheers?

Which state is the alleged witch from

I dont usuaully comment on issues here.But I want to know the state the alleged witch is from. Akwa Ibom or the same area with boko haram? Is that the reason behind the Fatwa on Oyedepo because they are from the same state?

u are so brainwashed

Why do u need foreign countries to correct the anomalies in your country? Cant we sort it out nd fight it as Nigerians? Am sowie but you are a modern day western world slave

@ solonzoAgbo : The "Fatwa" Is On The Con-Man Oyedapo !!!

It is ignorant fools like you that saw Dumbo prostrating before a con-man and rushed to vote Nigeria into the mess we're in. That clown Oyedapo was a "failed" magician, that does not mean he forgot the tricks of the trade, it means that people did not see him as good enough to hire. "Commercially" a failure! It's either the stage act went terribly wrong or the young lady was actually sent by Jesus to put an end to agbero Oyedapo's excesses. She talked back at him and the clever crook quickly backed away so the microphone wouldn't catch whatever the woman was saying. "Magic" is tricks, Oyedapo is a trickster! But it took only a 2-min. video to finish him forever. God is Great, or don't you agree?

I will be looking out for him anywhere outside Nigeria, this is one crime that will certainly bring an end to his numerous fraudulent acts. Satan's Agent Oyedapo is finished, you just watch ...stupid agidi brain! Mugu with a badge!

Pastor, Reverend, Dr, Bishop King, Started this way too.....

King, a man of god with all the known titles on earth, started like this until he got so daring to pure an inflammable on his member and lit her up.

It is only the blind, deaf and dumb in this country that fails to see that the Pastors, are the invisible hands of our corrupt politicians and leaders. They are the very tools use to beat the gullible citizens into shape and submission.


I am almost sure that this abusive "pastor of fortune" will get away with this in Nigeria.He is seen on camera physically abusing a minor for whatever religious reason,all positive thinking Nigerians in diaspora must contact the authorities of the countries they reside in by way of emails,petitions,and other representations.Human rights organizations worldwide must be posted on his babaric ways,Nigerians must also intimate the local law enforcement,because they may look the other way.The rights of minors worlwide and in Nigeria in particular is not to be compromised. This Oyedepo or whatever he is called should just walk into a police station and report himself.
As a man he is tastless and as a pastor he is a fraud,violence on the alter of chritiandom is unheard of,the holy bible forbids violence,patience is a viture christians worldwide are known for,how can this dumb pastor scientifically prove that the girl is a witch before a law court?

i would advise you shut your

i would advise you shut your trap b4 trumpeting ignorantly,i am a christian and christianity does not create excuse for such show of shame and disgrace. Did Christ punch,head-butt or slap the mad man of Gadara? when you people follow your leaders, God's word should be your guide instead of this nonsense we have turned christianity into.