Blame Buhari’s Boys By Tunde Asaju

By Tunde Asaju

The swamps of Okolobia point accusing fingers at General Muhammadu Buhari, everybody’s whipping boy. So did the flatlands of Dausayi. For seeking to impose frugality and good governance and lately to wrestle our society from decay; for being a northern Muslim and living in Kaduna, blame Buhari.

The Muslim-Christian and north-south dichotomies have been with us before the sharia riots in Kaduna, but blame Buhari. On this occasion of the General’s birthday; and though he is still mourning the death of his daughter, and now that of his governor, help me blame Buhari.

When it comes to value for human life; European and American dogs and cats have greater value than the ordinary Naija. You can go to jail for up to 14 years for cruelty to animals in those places. In Naija, even in death there is a distinction between men and women of caterpillar and juggernaut and the rest of us who have to wear the disposable adjective ‘ordinary’. How many people died in the Okolobia crash, Governor Yakowa, former NSA Patrick Azazi and four ‘others’? Pause!

Did anyone see Barak Obama on his feet the moment the Newtown, Connecticut murderer turned the gun on innocent children? How can Obama be so un-presidential as to cry? How silly can a president be recalling how many gun tragedies have marred his presidency? What, even the killing of ‘ordinary’ Trayvon Martin saw him stand up and identify. One little American killed in cold blood earned the sympathy and respect of the world’s most powerful individual. Why should he care?

Before I get those deluges of hate mails, I doff my fedora for President Jones for sparing us the ineloquence of making boring speeches even with a teleprompter. I am not asking him to go to Maiduguri. According to popular wisdom, the Kanuri got themselves into this mess on behalf of their power-hungry northern leaders; they should get themselves out or perish trying rather than curry the sympathy of a southern Christian president.
School children were raped in transit between the east and Lagos, nobody told the president, the youth minister, the women affairs minister, and no speeches were made. The kids would carry the scar – for life! Recently, a female student was killed in the east for refusing to be raped by armed bandits. There was no finger of protest.

Ordinary folks are kidnapped and sometimes killed in the east; the army is not called in. In fairness, in all these cases, the presidential spokesman responds with the same template which the ungrateful news media now describe as ‘terse’.

So, how does Buhari get back into the picture? A few social media friends asked the subversive questions last week when two VIPs died in a plane crash along with four disposable ‘others’. His question - when did naval helicopters become ‘kabu-kabu’ to be deployed to convey mourners from Okoloba to Yenagoa? He even alleged that a similar action happened penultimate week when VIPs were shuttling for loyalty between the president and his vice who were hosting different events at opposite ends of the Villa. The nation was shut down.

My friend feigned ignorance that the death of the parents of a presidential aide is not a national disaster worthy of the resources of our nation. He forgets that the aide’s budget is bigger than some state governments; that the aide in question is a Naija-Deltan from where we derive the fuel to power the crashed chopper. In short, this friend of mine suffers from the Buhari syndrome.

In government, Buhari, made a silly law that confined government vehicles back to the pool by 4 pm. No official could deploy a government vehicle to take his wife to the market or his children to school no matter how highly placed. Buhari could not have condoned fuel scarcity; those who hoarded sugar and milk would tell you how such goods were auctioned off. Such wickedly draconian laws would rob democracy of its shine and make public office unattractive to their excellent Excellencies and distinguished honourables. It would also be antithetical to the principle of loyalty.

Would an aide to Barack Obama, Francois Hollande or Iron Lady Angela Merkel have access to a naval helicopter for the burial of their parents? Please don’t ask? Would the governor of a state in America leave his official post, fuel up his official car and jet off to such an event at taxpayer’s expense? Please don’t ask.

We should never ask subversive questions in a land where every evil is the sentence of the gods–ikon Allah! So we dare not say that if we had been frugal with public office and public resources, Maryam Abacha would be smiling with her son, Ibrahim who killed himself and 14 others in Dausayi and crashed a presidential jet to boot. Patrick Yakowa would be at his desk this moment and the navy won’t be one chopper short. We could perhaps have saved the nation more resources sure to be deployed to newspaper adverts and funeral expenses for the dead VIPs and the meaningless probes whose findings would end up in a cupboard somewhere in the rock of offense. Heh, blame Buhari for giving us an invitation to treat. Let the party continue.

My Take: Frugality, Discipline, Selfless public service could definitely had saved this country from countless senseless tragedy and wasted resources.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters


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Thanking you - Aaron Debuse, Everett Cephas

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@ Segun Happy New Year.

There is only one guy here that merited my happy new wish and that one guy is Segun. A lot Nigerians talk that they want democracy but what they really want is a mean dictator that will do what he/she thinks that is right and good for ALL of us.


"Have the reasons he gave for staging the coup in 83 gone away?" Every living soul in Nigeria knows that the same issues are still very much with us, may be worse? So is DERI canvassing for a similar therapy as was applied in 1983? Is this DERI or new DERI?

Just before you become an end of year lover of and convert of Buhari, there is a few more blood sucking acts of Buhari;
1. Fuel scarcity in Buhari (not withstnading the N161Billion supplement budget
2. The massive flood (you will observe that Buhari did loose even 1 cow)
3. The recent utterance of Asari Dokubo (Flowing from an Islamic pact, recall my Ijaw brother is a muslim Muajaheed)
4. Hopelessness of the East-West Road project (per Asari)
5. The non-exisitence of connecting road from Yenogoa to Okoroba or Peretorugbene
6. etc...
6. Resource control.......

well said

This words are enough,... only if you are wise.

they have not

the reasons for Buhari's '83 coup remain because a minority with "i want it all-its my turn"syndrome is at the helm of affairs.You make so much noise about Buhari to vent your anger on a northern muslim because you are afraid to admit your dumb brother has done nothing for even your lousy ,oily,kidnappy,crime infested south-south.This is a truth hard tobear by the fool Deri from ss people with no identity.

Even when he's his fault!

The fear of Buhari is a collective interest that will ensure all those holding the country to ransome will always close rank to prevent him from returning to power as a civilian President!

But truth be told, do Buhari supporters presume a civilian version of same can wave a magic wand like the military version?


Thanks for putting the pieces to the puzzle for goats like TUNDEMESS, Buhari is not the messiah but a SNC where EVERYONE can express and state their desires and aspirations on how or if and what, should Nigeria remain together, look like. VERSTANDEN Tunde goat?

I have been asking myself how

I have been asking myself how governors and other top government functionaries converged for the death of father of a presidential aid.The man is not popular in the lips of down trodden masses.

Blame Buhari

Nice thinking. Nice response

What is the purpose of this rubbish.

We do not need strong individuals in democracy to make progress. Only strong institutions are needed and that is the way forward. Buhari has never and will never be the panacea that Nigeria needs. The starting point is to throw the Abacha constitution into the dustbin and convene a sovereign nation conference.
Invite all the patriots,bokoharams,separatists, 419ers and kidnappers to the conference table to map out our mutual co-existence. I will bet my last penny that a working paper or agreement will emerge for new functioning country. This is the only way forward; any other thing is a wild chase.

Well nobody commented, which

Well nobody commented, which save us the stress of wondering if most folks actually ready articles before commenting or there are on autocomment. Thank you for this write up. Maybe one dayNigerians would have suffer enough and then we will stop thinking with our Ass. pardon my language, no dont! we are just all bunch of dick heads with no clue on what we want.

Tunde Asaju

May God bless you for reminding us about Buhari who is loved by majority of Nigerians for standing against corruption. Corruption is the fundamental problem of Nigeria and is now tearing the country down.
I pray that God would reconcile the hardened hearts of Buhari haters to accept the Truth.The following are Buhari haters.
Hypocritical Bishops and Reverends,fanatical supporters of PDP who killed opposition supporters in souithern kaduna, Hypocritical Nigerian Elders who accepted money during the last elections to keep their mouth shut on the rigging,Hypocritical intellectuals who benefit from the statusquoand corrupt politicians

the buhari termites are back with their tales by moon-light

In 83 BUHARI said inter alia that “It is true that there is a worldwide economic recession. However, in the case of Nigeria, its impact was aggravated by mismanagement. We believe the appropriate government agencies have good advice but the leadership disregarded their advice. The situation could have been avoided if the legislators were alive to their constitutional responsibilities; Instead, the legislators were preoccupied with determining their salary scales, fringe benefit and unnecessary foreign travels, et. al ,which took no account of the state of the economy and the welfare of the people they represented. As a result of our inability to cultivate financial discipline and prudent management of the economy, we have come to depend largey on internal and external borrowing to execute government projects with attendant domestic pressure and soaring external debts, thus aggravating the propensity of the outgoing civilian administration to mismanage our financial resources.

Buhari what caused the post election riot in the North in 2011

Statement by Buhari after the coup in 83“The last general election was anything but free and fair. The only political parties that could complain of election rigging are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties. This conclusively proved to us that the parties have not developed confidence in the presidential system of government on which the nation invested so much material and human resources. While corruption and indiscipline have been associated with our state of underdevelopment, these two evils in our body politic have attained unprecedented height in the past few years. The corrupt, inept and insensitive leadership in the last four years has been the source of immorality and impropriety in our society.” Have the reasons he gave for staging the coup in 83 gone away?


your write up is a plain fact about how corruption have robbed a lot of people of their lives by using Government resources for personal use leading to DEATH, and blaming someone, region, religion, section, ethnic or creed for the did.

Dumbo Jo sleeps thru his 4 years Presidency, Buhari is to blame!

Welldone Tunde Asaju.
Over to you Deri, OC, Ify-fool-4-ever, Stanley Igwe and others suffering from Buhari syndrome !
Blame Buhari for everything he's not responsible for while Dumbo Jo sleeps through his 4 years Presidency.

Deri's stupid tantrums has made Buhari more popular .

Welldone Tunde Asaju.
Over to you Deri, OC, Ify-fool-4-ever, Stanley Igwe and others suffering from Buhari syndrome !
Blame Buhari for everything he's not responsible for while Dumbo Jo sleeps through his 4 years Presidency.

Perhaps it is safe to state

Perhaps it is safe to state that the elite are now the victim of very corrupt system that failed to put in place the necessary checks balances to safe guard and to ensure that safety on our air space is paramount .