BUHARI: The Ego Has Landed By Michael Egbejumi-David

By Michael Egbejumi-David

Nigeria is never in short supply of enablers.  They are scattered all over the nation, but most of them reside in the southern part of the country.  A disproportionate number of them are from the South-East.  One or two are from Edo State.  A gaggle can be found in the South-West.

Duro Onabule is one of them.

These are the people that can be relied on to provide justification for the perfidious acts of others whom they consider their masters and superiors.  People they have inexplicably elevated to the status of tin gods.  These enablers explain away the inexplicable.  They explain away the illogical.  They put into easy and flowery language what their masters would normally struggle to convey in understandable form.  Other times, they simply pick up the brush and pan and clean up the dung after their tin gods.  They are the bat boys of the owners of Nigeria.  The bag carriers.  The Otimkpus.

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari main claim to fame is that he picked up a gun and terminated a democratic dispensation.  Well, there’s nothing special in wielding a gun and depriving others of their legitimate possessions.  Armed robbers do it all the time, and the world was once littered with dictators and interlopers.  But Buhari wants to wear this as some kind of honour badge.  He won’t let the rest of us have peace of mind.  He won’t let us drink water and put the bloody cup down.

After forcing himself on us and into office, he proceeded to treat the citizenry with contempt, scarcely able to conceal his disdain for anyone outside his own ethnic stock.  When he was head Santa Claus of Abacha’s Petroleum Trust Fund, he largely stuck to the same lopsided template.

Buhari’s other accomplishment is his penchant for losing national elections.  For a while, he astonishingly submitted himself to be sardonically and effortless played like a tuneless fiddle by the politicians of the ANPP, not once; but twice.  Simply, the man had a ‘mare.  Then he went solo, put together his own contraption but he amazingly continued to play the same ineffectual tune.

He seemed not to understand that to aspire to national leadership without the assistance of a riffle or two, you have got to be seen to be national in your orientation, in your outlook.  In other words, you have got to walk the walk while you talk the talk.  You just don’t flog and flaunt your imagined ethnic and religious supremacy and ask others to fall in love with you and get in line behind you.  That is not how it works.  But, apparently, our man still doesn’t understand this.

And so as inevitable and sure defeat looms on the horizon for him, he picks up the Armageddon script.  The fires he lit back in 2011 are still raging in parts of the North-East and North-Central Nigeria.

But I don’t know what prompted him a few weeks ago to re-tread the doomsday apian way.  Perhaps not enough lives have been lost to make sufficient impression on him, or, maybe he is unhappy that, overall, his objective for unleashing the mayhem still remains unfulfilled.  Whatever; he was back in his elements.  He was boldly exhorting his followers and other inebriated dimwits to touch the whole place anew.  To lynch and to shed more human blood if there’s rigging in the next presidential election.  He said, “Dogs and the baboons would be soaked in blood” if the 2015 election is rigged.   Very reminiscent of the language used by another dictator, Saddam Hussein of Iraq as he tried to force himself on Kuwaitis and their little country.  The next election is so far away, you have to wonder what kind of person this is.  What manner of statesman is this?

But Buhari, while busy prescribing another round of bloodshed, gore and death for others, nicely neglected to acknowledge that in the last election, in the very few enclaves that he won, there was rigging aplenty.  Underage Almajirai were captured on camera voting en masse for him.  No problem there then; he could cheat but others are not permitted to do so.

 And that is the problem!  That is the superiority mindset.  That is the ego.  That is the incessant illogicality and it is all very nauseating.  But you have to laugh; Buhari and a few of his handlers actually think the man can win an untainted national election in Nigeria.  Yeah Right!

When some people decided to celebrate Sani Abacha’s 10 years of graceless exit, Buhari thought it an appropriate occasion to do a macabre public dance.  He declared Abacha a non-thief.  He said Sani never stole Nigeria’s money!  It was bizarre.  He said, “Ten years without the late Abacha, the said allegations remain silent because there are no facts.”  However, even Abacha’s associates and family, his wife and kids, readily admit that their father and they themselves stole plenty of Nigeria’s money.  Both the family and some foreign banks have been returning portions of the loot back to the Nigerian State since 1999.

The last time I checked, it was officially confirmed that, minimally, Abacha pilfered $3 billion.  A little over $1.3 billion of that had been recouped with $800 million alone recovered from his Nigerian bank accounts.  The Swiss authorities released $505.5 million to Nigeria after five years of legal tussle.  But for Buhari, all that doesn’t matter.  It is how he sees things that is important, and he wants others to accept only his views and follow him.

Sadly, this being Nigeria, he has a few followers.  Onabule wasted no time attempting to deodorise Buhari’s latest intemperate and acrid effusions.  He taunts Jonathan as a man scared of Buhari.  The implication is clear.  But so no one remains in any kind of doubt, one Buba Galadima rushed to the Press and dared Jonathan to arrest Gen Buhari if he can.  Told Jonathan to arrest him or forever keep his mouth shut.  He didn’t stop there.  He then reminded Jonathan that even Obasanjo knew the score; knew well enough to leave Buhari alone.

You see the impunity?

So this is what a failed State looks like.  Where some individuals and self anointed superheroes flaunt their imagined status, taunt the State and its elected leaders and simply carry on like it’s another day at the beach.

Perhaps Buhari was trying to goad Jonathan into arresting him so that more petrol can be poured onto the diminishing and increasingly boring fires he lit.  Whatever the case; the ego won’t go away.

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You are a awesome writer but I beg to disagree with you on Buhari. The man was chosen to lead and not him imposing himself on us. He was bent on cleaning Nigeria and IBB was one of the armed robbers in Nigeria who would have been swept away by Buhari's uprightness. I enjoyed your article or Religon and on Ghanaian pastors but I must say I have to be cautious with what I accept and the reason is that Buhari does not deserve a run down from anyone.

Trust me he can do better than GEJ and all the other thieves

@Deri Dump!

Deri fool! Deri Dump! Deri Donkey, Deri idiot! You and your dump idiot micheal you wil never hav peac in your lif 4reva by God grac.Buhari is a role model for any persn seekn for justic and fairnes,your dump illitrat he-goat brothr in asorok knws who's Buhari betr than you dump animal.


When empty heads use guns to rob us of our government, the nation suffers. Buhari is now empty-headed, tired, and retired(military and political). In poultry he would have been called a spent layer. He should remember that, in Hausa folklore, there is only one Bayajida of Daura. Let him leave Nigeria alone and enjoy his NNPC money. He layed a bad foundation for it.

What your mentor said is a

What your mentor said is a serious issue. How has ever accepted that an election he was defeated is free and fair?

I Concur

I agree with you.  Buhari is not going to serve Nigeria if he becomes president; the man is a BIGOT.  He has so much contempt for the South and I am begining to wonder why people like Bakare who claim to be smart cannot see through this man.  He displayed evidence of his ethnic bias during his reign as military president and as the head of PTF.  Moreso, a man that derailed a democractically elected government should not be allowed to savour leadership under a democractic dispensation.  I wonder why this man believe he would have won the last election.  He did not campaign in the south. 


Please note that I'm not a Jonathan supporter.  I do not have faith in Jonathan leadership.  I hope he peacefully complete his 4 year tenure and allow INEC to conduct a free and fair election to pave the way for another credible candidate.

na waoh

buhari is a fanatic,plain and simple


U lie against d general, G Buhari is a good man

These ignorant notions about ibos... ...dark africans always

These ignorant tribal minds always battling with ignorant notions about ibos inherited from their badly educated parents ......enablers coming mostly form the South East! one of those notions generated by the ignorant and primitive minds of their parents and grand parents.
No good thing comes out of evil and wickedness.Fear reduces the engagement of your rational and thinking faculties and this is the history of Nigeria This fear leads to very ignorant notions about ibos
The foundation of Nigeria has always been on the fear of the ibos ........read colonial materials from British authorities. You dont create something good out of fear and ignorant fear for that matter.
Fear of ibos led hausas/fulanis to wrongly conclude that 1966 coup was ibo coup because if was led by an ibo though the group had officers of all tribes, this set the stage for the ibo massacres that led to the civil war.

You're such a fool to throw

You're such a fool to throw such insults at the writer. Is it Buhari that will increase your minimum wage? Will he bring good governance to Nigeria? Do you see him fighting the Boko Haraam insurgency? What will he do apart from imprison us all with brutality and hatred. You are such a foolish entity to even throw abuses at a very good piece of writing. Mumu


It worries me that some intellectuals think that this hard-faced, one-way-traffic general who acts like a unicorn is the solution to the myriads of complex problems we face in this nation. Democracy especially in a federation like ours needs a patient, pragmatic and humble leader. Buhari is none of these. Buhari has a temperament that is fit for military leadership which sadly we are not operating. The other day, he rained abuses on our judiciary simply because a judgment did not favour him. He is not bothered about the thousands that died in the post election violence. The army of almajaris we saw voting for him is not an issue. What matters to Buhari is the way he sees things. When he is right, others must be wrong.

Why is PDP & puppet, ranting

Why is PDP & puppet, ranting about what buhari said if they haven't planned how to rig 2015 election systematically

Buhari is not perfect but

Buhari is not perfect but viewed in the eyes of the present puppies & puppets running nigeria, he wuld have done a better job..... Vote Buhari 2015

Pin head. Why did Buhari not

Pin head. Why did Buhari not kill Emir of Gwandu if he did what Jerry Rawlings did? He JTF kills Boko Haram you would shout. If Buhari steals oil from the south to invest in the corroded drain pipe called the north, you will rejoice. Why did he not kill Buhari, Babarabe Musa,etc

I was one of the persons who

I was one of the persons who jubilated when Buhari was toppled by his thiefing brother. I can recall that the jubilation was similar to that of Abacha's death. It was as loud as that of Abacha. I mean it in 1984. He initiated starvation and closure of companies. He restricted imports of stock fish to sell nama. He abolished meal subsidy in tertiary institutions except for the thiefing emir of gwandu. He is a mad man

Thank you for the critical

Thank you for the critical observation

The same emir of Gwandu whom

The same emir of Gwandu whom Buhari aided with 53 suit cases? What are you talking about here? That the army should sack a government which is only one year old because Buhari wants to be president to fight corruption? In the same country where he gave Abacha a clean bill of health? What do u take us for baboons and snoopy dogs? Let the junior officer sack Gej that wil be the end of Nigeria .We have been yearning to go and that will be the opportunity for us to split. Somalia is gone. Split into 3. Sudan gone their different ways. What are we scared of. The oil wells? We have been talking about bad govt for over 52 yrs. why don't we divorce and see if it would work? It was fine when the oil resources of the Niger delta was being used to build a new FCT for Buhari in Abuja. But no good enough for Jonathan whose resources Buhari is depending to Islamize us

Baboons, snoopy dogs of Buhari cannot revolutionaries my brains

9jas are used to this cut and nail method of solving our regional or zonal problems. Jonathan is not good. So the army should be encouraged to kill him. Abiola is not a presidential material. And therefore we must have him murdered to appease the soul of those who felt threatened by his brains. If there was anybody beyond awo and zik who suffered so much for the country and whom we should all have voted for, it was late Gani. A man who could not even win votes in his Ondo state. That was when I realized that NIg is filled with the most unpatriotic, callous evil minded satanic beings on mother earth. So what ever people say to me about Gej is all rubbish. A nation which ditched Late Gani for Obj, has no moral right to talk about a revolution. Revolutions are built around ideas..is it that of Tinubu who filled his gov with Moslems or Buhari with no clear philosophy on governance? I begi!

Only south- south

Only south-south ph.d can write this, imagine the kind of people running the affair of a country, I can bet it with anything if Nigeria breakup this people can not survive .

who would vote for baboons and snoopy dogs led by Buhari Tinubu

If I were in the shoes of Buhari I would have gone to the senate to bring about the much needed changes. But because Buhari is empty upstairs he thinks he can get to aso rock by shedding more blood with his baboon and snoopy doggy philosophy of kill and go. The writer in my humble opinion was too lenient to Buhari . A man who always craves to spill blood, in 9ja? What was Buhari thinking of when he said he had thrown the key to our democracy into the Atlantic ocean? Sent over one million civil servants packing? Closed factories all over the country. Buhari who dumped thinkers with opposing views into his gulag while others were sentenced to 200yrs in jail needs some special drugs from doctors to stabilize himself always..before he goes on another killing spree in Abuja come 2015. 9jas cannot afford to experiment with another demonic era of Buhari again..once beaten twice shy.

The REVOLUTION Nigeria needs is that which begins with you and I

Friends, if the sort of revolution you crave hav not happened in over 5 decades, what makes you think it will happen any time soon? The problem with Nig is that we keep repeating the same MISTAKES of the past and expect different result. How can we expect a different result when we continue 2 apply the Major Kaduna Nzeogwu solution? It has not worked and it CANNOT WORK. There's NO SHORT CUT to Nigeria coming out of the woods. We need to change our approach to issues and apply different SOLUTION. Imagine how much Nig would have progressed if we had sustained democracy since 1960 or even since 1979? Because of IMPATIENCE, we have consistently tried short cuts thru military coups which CONSISTENTLY ended in DISASTER. I think we should be PATIENT with both ourselves and the political class. Democracy is a JOURNEY. As we go along, we'll make MISTAKES and make AMENDS. This is what I stand for on this forum. Unfortunately, MISCHIEF MAKERS still advocate the Kaduna Nzeogwu solution today

Egbejumi-David a Confused entity

Someone must have turned your head so you look behind you not in front of you. Buhari didn't plan a coup he was called to head govt as the most senior officer. Go and ask Emir of Gwandu who spearheaded the coup. USA warned that before 2015 there might be a junior officer coup in Nigeria and you think with all these mess Nigerians will not jubilate? I was one of those who jubilated in 1983 December, it was too much and we just couldn't take it anymore. As much as you want everyone to like GEJ he is not performing. get a sense man. We reluctantly voted Fashola in 2007 to stop PDP, we didn't like how he emerged but when he began to perform we gave him a second term without much ado. Egbejumi-David go get a job, get life, get busy, you are too lazy, read history and re-write this, for now 0/10 is all I can give you, failure.


Michael is right o. Impact You hit the nail on the head. The man na dreamer, he like himsef too mush. so full of himself he think the entire nigeria is like him hamlet for north where people fall over themselves to serve him. the modafucker! He cannot even win the 19 northern states in a fair election let alone be president. We in the north sef we are tired of this man. very soon he will poison the minds of awa unemployed youfths and start wahala. Walahi buhari damboroba shege ko.

Buhari's ego have substance either way one looked at it!

First off, Buhari did what was right in 1983 for overthrowing the disjointed civilian regime of Shehu Shagari. Knowing what Shehu Shagari's administration looked like back then, the author of this article is being mischievous about Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.
Obviously the writer has a disdain for Buhari for some reason(s). However, what is true of Buhari which the writer failed to mention is that he has integrity which is second to none amongst all Nigeria's leaders. No one has came close to replicating it. Buhari speaks to the the truth!
The author's insinuation that Buhari may be a serial election loser proves that no credible election has been held in Nigeria since 1999.
In perusing through this article, it shows that some individuals either lack the depth to objective reasoning or see issues in a mirage.Lest not forget...GEJ could not hold Buhari's jockstrap even in his wildest "best" dreams!

Foolish Writer

If you're above 25 years and you wrote this article mark my word its not an insult but fact, You'll forever be Foolish and die Foolish with or without realizing how Foolish you well in 2012. Am from the South South and a Christian but truth must be told and heard no sentiments remove the log from your eyes tribal monkey. Foolish look at the country and tell me whats good about it just name one thing, Is your minimum wage enough to feed your family or it is enough to fuel your car, am going to far cause its poverty that drove you into this madness, Is your salary enough to fuel your Generating set. Monkey


For any period of time or circumstance,there exists a necessity.The 1983 change of baton through the barrel of the gun was a necessity.It was mandatory,it was inevitable to change the polity and government of the time.What Buhari did at the time is the best for the continued existence of the country.
Secondly,Nigeria is tirelessly looking for a messiah and Buhari is the national figure to lead.2015 will no doubt speak for the nation when the Nigerian masses including Mr Michael will vote for Buhari and sleep with both eyes closed,Allah's willing!

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We are not afriad of Buhari and his likes

It beats my imagination to see Buhari and his northern likes struggling by all means to clinch power- a position they have occupied for over 36 years of Nigeria's 52 years.They easily parade themselves as the best to rule the rest of us yet,other regions,tribes & economies they have ruled and subjugated are far ahead of them in all ramifications.Instead of looking INWARDS to find solutions to their self-imposed woes,they are justling for Aso Rock.I'm sorry, ACN & SW will disgrace them again come 2015-the days of their superimposition are gone forever.


Sory man u dont get the figure right u people should live the general alone is the best leader nigeria need at the moment

This writer is sure a

This writer is sure a demented character for insinuating that he could find more 'enablers' in the South East even when his topic is apparently focussed on one of the few honest politicians around - Buhari. Mr Writer, just know that the time of using propaganda to shape the way we form our stereotypes is over. As a confirmed jeun - jeun journalist, You must be talking to the aliens in the outer space. You fool no one indeed. You can repeat a lie hundred times about the South East. You can repeat a lie 100 times about Buhari. It does'nt change the fact that we need the man to clean up the corrupt space enabled and sustained by his pay masters

@Michael Egbejumi-David: how about Rawlings take over in Ghana ?

@Michael Egbejumi-David

Now we know the Northerners do not have a monopoly of corruption, cluelessness and bad leadership; thanks to your bro Dumbo Jo !