Cameroon: Paul Biya, The Ghadafi Of Black Africa

By Juliette Abandokwe

Douala, at all times the craddle of protest in Cameroon

Commemorating the massive upheaval of February 2008, where hundreds of young Cameroonians died in the shootings by Biya's security forces, today was the first day of the protest march proclaimed by Mboua Massok, the well-known and most courageous protester against Biya's regime for several decades.

Logistically and militarily supported by France, that has extensive business "partnerships" with the regime, Biya has until now never been officially accused of crimes against humanity, although several heavily documented reports have been published on the mass human rights violations that took place in 2008.

Since Monday, armed forces have been flooding the city of Douala, terrorizing and beating up people in the streets, attempting to paralyze any attempt of protest.

However determined and convinced, most people felt forced to stay inside their homes today, because of the overwhelming deterrence efforts by Biya's troops. Terror has been the number one method for the regime since he came into power in 1982.

Nevertheless a few courageous ones attempted a potentially deadly outing. And more will doubtlessly do so in the next days.

The "security forces" we see in the video below have been trained to kill and to torture.
Like ferocious animals they can only be content by sheding the blood of their own people.

Human life has absolutely not value in their eyes.
They are the best and most obvious symbol of Biya's 29 year old bloodthirsty regime.

Several party leaders have been wounded by bat beatings, and some were arrested. In all, about 30 people have been arrested today, and are kept in a completely overcrowded and inhumanely insalubrious New-Bell prison with absolutely no prospect of legal support or a fair trial.

As the people of Douala are resting for the night, it is hard to say how the situation will evolve. Nevertheless the Cameroonians are totally fed up with the social and economic situation, rotten by extrem corruption, impunity and poverty. Biya has made no attempts towards the welfare of his people, and millions of Cameroonians are exiled all over the world. Cameroon is one of the potentially richest countries in Africa.

It is also a well-known fact that Biya & Co dwell in the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva no less than ten months out of twelve, at the expenses of Cameroonian public funds. In fact nobody ever knows exactly where he is between Switzerland and Cameroon.

France is covering him, Switzerland is covering him, as well as others within the international community. They are therefore accomplices to gross human rights violations, as well as crime against humanity in Cameroon.

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You are are so right

Paul Biya should be overthrown yesterday !!!!

He is a full time dictator, actually he is the definition of a dictator.

But the west my friend PRETENDS to ignore this until he is taken off power, just lime you describe, and then they prepare statements on what a dictator he was etc.

But beware, dont overthrow Biya for another dictator, OK????

The people MUST choose their leader every 4 years and the election results should not be tampered with !!!!!!

Good luck to my Cameroonian friends.

Nigeria's leaders are the

Nigeria's leaders are the real wicked ones... Don't target the wrong target!

The Same Difference!!!

Is this video out of Nigeria? Just curious. Don't see the difference anyway.

Chanji Dole

A Hurricane of Change: "Who could have thought that Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year grip on power, backed by one of the strongest military forces in the region, could be ended by ordinary citizens in just 18 days?

This is the 21st century world, a world of the new intifada against corrupt and repressive dictatorial regimes backed by a duplicitous West for so many decades. Even as Mubarak repressed his people and held onto power for 30 years, the world’s leading democracy, the United States of America, propped the regime with military aid to the tune of over US$1 billion a year. Just late last year, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton hailed the relationship between the US and Egypt as a ‘corner stone of stability and security in the Middle East and beyond’. So long as Egypt served Western and Israeli interests in the region, the US was ready to look the other way while Mubarak’s repressed his people and run the country like a fiefdom.

Not quite long ago, in 2003, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell argued that the bilateral relationship between the US and Tunisia was “very, very strong…We are great admirers of Tunisia and the progress that has been achieved under President Ben Ali’s leadership”. Ben Ali was of course one of America’s closest allies in the nebulous ‘war on terror’; which also gave the political cover for leaders like Mubarak, Ali Abdallah Saleh and Ben Ali to imprison and torture their own people. When the Ben Ali regime fell like a pack of cards in the face of people’s power, President Obama had no option but to ‘applaud the courage and dignity of the Tunisian people’. Change, when it begins to happen, takes a life of its own and most certainly, President Obama had no option under the sun than ‘applauding’ the Tunisian people. Otherwise, ‘the most powerful nation on earth’ would have been left agape in irrelevance." Abba Gana Shettima

Switzerland- The greatest enemy of black Africa

I think the evil country called Switzerland with its wicked financial systems is the worst enemy of black Africa. Listen to the news, each dictator unseated, has vast riches stacked away in Swiss banks.
Abacha's loots (30% recovered) is still in Swiss banks.
Yet the whole world has kept quiet to the sufferings of the black nation.
It is time we speak out againt the evil nation called Switzerland.

I need responses.

We Cann't Fold Our Hands

Beloved Nigerians

Days are over when we fold our hands watching our fellow Africans or Brethren outside Africa dying in slavery from the hands of their fellow human beings. With Reconciliation between Jesus Christ and Sun the Judge of the world for equal rights.Who have resumitted himself back to Christ as his Servant.

Any nation in the four winds of the world under Sun, where their Head of State or King have stayed on the throne for more than 8 years must be uprooted now by the angels of Christ of equal rights without the blood of the innocent people wasted.

Any nation that denies Women their religious and political rights are also made to be uprooted.

From Mother and Son One World Government of Mother Grace.Thank you.

The West is evil

These hypocrites from USA, UK, France, Switzerland and the rest of the west are real evil bastards. They always keep quiet and pretend they don't know how evil African dictators are till they're overthrown, then they start half-hearted condemnations.
And they keep them in power by aiding corruption and enabling them to salt away billions in their bank vaults.
Cameroun is one of the African countries rarely talked about. But someone in power for 29 years has ruled for long enough.
Sub-saharan Africans really need to stand up for themselves and stop waiting on Jesus to provide justice.
We should follow the example of the muslim middle east.
Someone mentioned the hotel this parasite stays in. African staff in this hotel should add extra ingredients to his food.

From Citizen Reporters To Citizen Publishers

I always feel sad when I read Sahara Reporters because you guys, and the progressive pundits that comment here, really don’t seem to understand Nigeria. But you know and we know and THEY know that you are crucial for Nigeria. You make so much sense but people are not hearing it. It's like you are surprised that Nigerians cant see the obvious truth ... but do they know the truth?

Right now, the man Deri, who is always commenting here on Sahara Reporters, with his virulent commentary, twisted misinterpretations and bigotry, is more reflective of the Nigerian masses than your reasonable articles. There is superstition, religionism, regionalism, false histories, lack of logic, ethnicity, corruption, emotionalism all fusing up to create a way of thinking that twists and turns to confirm pre-determined outcomes. Deri is a pseudo intellectualisation of the way the masses of Nigeria think today. And why won’t they think that way? Even University graduates with our devastated education system do not have the philosophical and logical tools.

The progressive views of Sahara Reporters and most of its pundits just stop here and perhaps go a little way into Nigeria's progressives. The average Nigerian in the market place, the waiter in the hotel, the women in the hairdresser’s salon, if they are Southern say GEJ is God sent. That's it. No more logic can change that. No high minded articles can change that. If you say GEJ is a thief, you hear "Is Babangida not a thief? It's our turn to steal." Why? Because they have already reached a pre-determined ethnic, religious conclusion - a Christian Southerner must rule. Instead of just stating that it their tribalistic, religious belief, which is understandable, they will insist on squeezing and turning logic, history and reason, upside down.

Secondly, average Nigerians really do not have the facts or the interpretation of the facts. They are just bombarded by the insipid Government Propaganda of NTA and the mostly sponsored articles of hungry Nigerian journalists in Newspapers. It seems only Channels News tries to be independent within circumscribed, unwritten rules of self censorship.


How can this be overcome? Sahara Reporters needs to expand its Citizen Reporters concept which has been very successful. Sahara Reporters needs to create Citizen Publishers. The success of Citizen Reporters is that no one knows them, so they cannot be targeted. Citizen Publishers can be equally amorphous.

Citizen Publishers should just be the army of Sahara Reporters readers who can devote a part of their time and money to print out articles of Sahara Reporters, at least once a week and hand over to vendors to distribute. If Sahara Reporters take up this idea and start promoting it, readers can organise themselves in cells all over Nigeria. They will commit themselves to printing out a weekend version of Sahara Reporters and handing it over to vendors for distribution to people that buy their newspapers. The power of Citizen Publishers is that people will do it anonymously. There will be no one to say who is publishing what. There will be hundreds of Citizen Publishers all over the country. It is this process that will really educate the Nigerian masses with the truth, and give them a progressive interpretation of the truth, as there will be at least one Citizen Publisher in most LGAS in the country.

Sahara Reporters can collate at the end of each week, the most salient articles it wants to be published by Citizen Publishers, revealing truths of crimes by politicians in as much lurid detail as they can. This can then be downloaded and printed. This type of news will sell like hot cake. It should not exceed 5 to 10 Sheets of A4 paper that can be printed in black and white. With a single rim of paper of 500 Sheets costing N600 and black ink about N2,500, one Citizen Publisher can produce 50 - 100 Sahara Reporter News-sheets a week for N3,100. I think many of us will be happy to devote N3,100 a week to do this, for the sake of our country, or to combine ourselves in small cells to share costs. One Thousand Citizen Publishers' Cells across Nigeria will produce 50,000 - 100,000 Copies. Over the week, with each copy being read by up to 10 people each, reaching 500,000 - 1,000,000 people, who would not, otherwise, have read Sahara Reporters.

To really drive the idea and to encourage vendors to sell it, Sahara Reporters can fix a price of N50 - N100 on the front page of the weekend downloadable news-sheets, for the benefit of the Vendors, and to make Vendors take them seriously and not dump them. If the price is N100 then it can be shared by the Vendor and the Citizen Publisher to cover costs for the Citizen Publisher and still earn sufficient revenue for the Vendor. Because of its contents, it will certainly sell and the Vendors may even become Citizen Publishers themselves to make more profit. By the time Citizen Publishers reach 10,000 before the 2015 election 5,000,000 people will be reading Sahara Reporters weekly.

If this is developed as a Business Model rather than a free sheet, Sahara Reporters can even make some money from this to support its very important work - and we will be all glad for it. By doing a deal with MTN and other GSM companies, Citizen Publishers will have to text money to MTN to get the code to download each page of Sahara Reporters weekend news-sheets. For the Citizen Publisher, each page will cost a N100 to download. With each news-sheet having 10 sheets, that will be N1,000 per news-sheet, and N1,000,000 a week, for 1000 Citizen Publishers. The profits will drive vendors and others that just want to start a business to make a little money on the side. It will then become a bonus for unemployed graduates, to start a business selling Sahara Reporters. By the time 10,000 publishers are involved in the next 4 years, Sahara Reporters will be making N10,000,000 extra a week.

The beauty of Citizen Publishers is that the publications can be free, or it can be developed as a business model with N50-N100 charged. It will fast become the most sought after material from Vendors because of its type of News. Even better, their will be no office to be raided. Arresting one Citizen Publisher cannot affect the rest. And the arrest cannot stick because they are not the producers of the news. A vendor cannot be jailed for libel in a Newspaper. It will achieve the same legal untouchability as having Sahara Reporters based in the USA. Even if Sahara Reporters goes on satellite, it is Citizen Publishers that can help it reach every nook and cranny, every village and hamlet, especially those that can’t afford satellite.

Until we can develop Citizen Publishers who can penetrate every part of Nigeria, preparing our people, and giving them the knowledge, logic and courage to face their fears and exploiters, coming to Sahara Reporters to intellectualise will continue to feel like a waste of time. However, after seeing the Egypt and Tunisia revolutions, I now know that these efforts will continue to fan new ideas, which perhaps over the next 4 years will penetrate into the Nigerian masses, as the young people with access to the internet, begin to understand, and to mobilise to become Citizen Publishers - not only to fight for change in the country, but to break free of unemployment and join the Sahara Reporters revolution.

I volunteer to be the first Citizen Publisher.

It is time our Nigerian masses understood, that a thief is a thief is a thief and should be punished, whether or not other thieves escape. It is high time our Nigerian masses understood, that Atiku may be a thief and may have bribed delegates at the PDP primaries, but if Jonathan also bribed then he is a criminal who should not be President. Saying that Atiku bribed is no defence for the President. It is not Atiku who will be President. It is the President that we need to hold up to international standards of decency.

Right now people accept they must register, vote and defend their vote. Those arguments started on the internet. It is a step forward. But the vote the majority of the people in the South will defend today is GEJ's "God sent" vote. Perhaps in 4 years, with Citizen Publishers reaching 5,000,000 readers and changing the discourse even in rural areas, they will finally understand that the vote they should defend, is that of a corruption crusader not a corruption defender.

As regards Deri, I think he is sufficiently intellectualised to understand the ingenious twists of his arguments are illogical. I believe he knows and understands the truth, but deliberately argues for a pre-determined conclusion, because he is determined to confuse the less intellectual minds that come here, and who could get convinced by the truths here. In that, Deri does his job brilliantly, and all those that bother to persuade him otherwise are just wasting their time. He is not here to seek truth. He is here to systematically confuse truth, which he does so well because he knows what the truth is. As they say, it takes a thief to catch a thief. It takes one who knows the truth to destroy the truth. With Citizen Publishers, Deri and his ilk will have no hope of sullying the minds of the weaker thinkers amongst us.

"Our Looters Continua".

Blacks no wan die

This country looks so poor. But the problem is blacks don't like to die so I dont see the protesters being a threat to Biya. I visited and I found it extremely resourceful. I advice job seekers to visit and subscribe.

paul biya the camerounian scum


Trade mark of African leaders.

The you tube clipse above is just a tip of the icebreg of what African leaders(dealers)can do to their citizenry in other to satisfy their insatible thirst and appetite for political power and wealth.Gross human right abuse,killing humans like what Gadaffi just described his people like dogs,cocroaches,ants etc is what u see in the clipse.It is very absored and unfortunate that in the 21st century,African leaders are still babaric as the days of slave trade.Paul Biya prays for his children to see tomorrow while other people are treated like animals and killing them indiscriminately.One fact is God is not human to be bribed.What ever a man sow he shall reap and Almignty God is the God that visit the iniquity of patrents up to the fourth generation.Idi Amin of Uganda,Foday Sanko of Sierra Leone,Charles Taylor of Liberia,Nkrumah of Ghana,Gen.Abacha of Nigeria etc etc forgot they are not the owner of life nor the world.Where are they today?Is this how to rule?Is this DEMOCRACY or DEMOCRAZY?Gadaffi is using jet fighters,helicopter gunships and mecineries to destroy his people in the name of clinging to power.He overthrew a monarch and he is ruling like one in a brutal way.Which African leader has his people at heart?Africa is yet to be out of the woods!

Please can you give facts

Please can you give facts that to show that Jonathan is corrupt. Criticize with facts and not just being sentimental about it.

siddon tight rulers.

Most African rulers are siddon tight rulers who believe in their pockets and remain slaves to the western powers via Swiss banks or any multinational bank overseas.Africa is not yet free from slavery.Our kings,warriors and nobles conived with the west and arab slave dealers to sell their brothers and sisters into slavery for peanuts.Today the system is still the same as our leaders decide to impovrish us,transfer our wealth to bank overseas where the countries use our stolen money to develop their place while Africa remains in perpetual slavery and underdeveloped via our visionless and wicked leaders.Well if our North African brothers can brase up the odds and fight...It has started,turn by turn and one day,Africa shall be free from the fetters of wicked leadership!

Good write up

But you marching and demonstrating in texas is senseless. If u really love ur state and country you should fly down cos probably u might have been fed with a wrong news or an opposition. I'm not his fan nor an akwa ibom but i believe charity begins at home

Election Vibes & Athem

If you vote for Jonathan, U vote 4 CORRUPTION
If U supports Jonathan, you support CORRUPTION
If you pray for Jonathan, U pray 4 for CORRPTION
If U PDP with Jonathan, you PDP with CORRUPTION
If you like Jonathan, U likes CORRUPTION
Vote Jonathan out, vote CORRUPTION out
Beware! CORRUPTION kills!

Theme: ‘embarrassment of CORRUPTION’

By S. Njokede



I have been to Cameroon and I

I have been to Cameroon and I have seen brute force in action. The gendarmes are dreaded like no other and they have the power to arrest, detain and kill at any time. I was so scared that I had to rush back to my Naija. If you think that Nigeria is not safe or there is no human right here, just pay a one week visit to Cameroon where they have underground cells filled with water where inmates are kept.

In Cameroon, there is so much poverty, fear, misery and underdevelopment. Paul Biya has no business to remain as President considering the level of damage and poverty caused by his misrule. The people should rise up and chase away this monster who is worse than Gadafi by every standard. We need to purge Africa of these monsters parading as rulers!

It's not only Paul Biya, we

It's not only Paul Biya, we have the likes of Mugabe still out there These people shld be chased out.
I stumbled upon this site and I found it extremely resourceful for job seekers:

Please kick the HORRIBLE

Please kick the HORRIBLE dictator out now!

@ truthmeter, The West

I agree with you. Afterall, they pushed Mubarrak out of office because they were his pay master for many years. Gaddafi didn't need them because of Libya's stupendous wealth. But Paul Biya can be kicked out office by his paymasters (West).

Leadership Problem

Obviously,Africa needs stong institutions anb an

In Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State is going to lead

Akwa Ibom Solidarity March: A condemnation of Governor Godswill Akpabio

Every Akwa Ibom State person (well, except his crumbs-from-table-eaters) can testify to the truth that Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio is the worst Chief Executive Officer since the State was created nearly 23 years ago. Under his administration, hundreds have been kidnapped, tens killed, many falsely accused of crimes with trumped up charges and locked up for months without trial---some are still in detention---Fabian Ekpenyong, Uboh, and Dr. Chris Ekong---just to name a few. In Akwa Ibom, the masses feel desperate and for a long time, they have been wringing their hands in the air with a feeling and tears of hopelessness.

This weekend (February 26, 2011 to be exact) all that is going to change because Akwa Ibom people have finally decided to take matters into their own hands by bringing their plights to the attention of the world through what they describe as a Solidarity March. The March will be staged in many cities across America, in Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, London and other European Capitals. In Uyo, the Capital city of Akwa Ibom State, plans are still in the making for a march, despite directives by Governor Akpabio himself directing his security operatives to thwart the march.

The official reason given by the march planners states that it is a peaceful protest procession against the assassination of a paramount ruler by Governor Akpabio, whom Akpabio ordered assassinated on suspicion of being disloyal to his evil and vindictive regime and whom Governor Akpabio also suspected as a possible defector to the camp of those he perceives as opposition. On January 31, 2011, while emerging from the inner chambers of his palace to welcome those he thought were his august visitors, he was brutally murdered with an AK 47 riffle, shot at close range by paid assassins of Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio. But there are more reasons why others join the march.

As you read this, Akwa Ibom State is under siege. Those of us who live abroad are afraid to visit our dear State for fear of assassination and kidnapping. Those brazen enough to make the trip moves around the State with hired security. To some of us, our parents and relatives have warned us not to come “home” until Akpabio leaves the office. Once in-awhile, some of us would fly into Uyo unannounced and when we finally reach our different compounds, our loved ones would panic, due to the problem of insecurity. This was never the scenario before the year of our Lord 2007---the year Akpabio was sworn in as the Governor.

Before Akpabio was sworn in as the governor of the State May 29, 2007, anyone could freely express himself. There was freedom of speech and expression. Now, the masses can only discuss the affairs of the State in hushed, whispering, and sometimes difficult-to-hear tones. There is fear--real fear--in Akwa Ibom State. The only ones who are not afraid are members of Akpabio’s secret killer-squad, including those who make a living supporting Akpabio’s administration, even if such a support is faked just to get by.

While unemployment is as high as 80%, especially among the youths, Governor Akpabio is busy spending money on frivolous ventures that have so far yielded no return of any sort. Money laundering is a big problem. Hunger is the number one complaints of the masses, in spite of the nearly N2 trillion the State has received in both oil allocation and internally generated revenue. Other than a few haphazardly paved roads, anyone who visits the State would not fail to ask where the money is going.

Last Sunday, February 20, 2011, in a question-and-answer teleconference, which was called in by participants all over the world, a CPC gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Larry Esin, was asked; “Sir, if you become the next Governor of Akwa Ibom State, which of Governor Akpabio’s project would you like to continue?” Larry Esin scratched his head as if full of head-lice. He was stuck, because he could not name a single project, which he could truly be associated with the administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio. After a few minutes of rambling, Larry Esin gave up and was ready for another question from the participants; it’s that bad.

On top of all the sufferings posed by problems of insecurity in Akwa Ibom State, Governor Akpabio is crying and becoming a slave to his quest for a second term. And the people have been sending him covert signals that they don‘t want him again as their next governor.

But, like King Belshazzar, who failed to see the writing on the wall when suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lamp stand in the royal palace (Daniel 5:5--NIV), Governor Akpabio, instead, has misinterpreted the signal of overt gesture transmitted to him by the masses as a weakness and will often be angry over the good gesture. There are many of us who pray daily for his indignation, because in his Beatitudes, Jesus, while on the mountainside, told his disciples; “But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment (Mathew 5: 22).

This weekend, the people will march as a demonstration to let the world know that all is not well in Akwa Ibom State. I will be marching with them in front of the city hall in Houston, Texas. We have invited the media with their cameras. We have invited our brothers and sisters from other parts of Nigeria. And we have invited our American friends. They will join us to raise an awareness to all the killings, kidnappings, and political assassinations that Governor Akpabio is known to conduct behind the scenes, away from the glare of the masses, the very group of people he swore to protect, but whom he is now on a crusade to eliminate from the face of the earth, so that he can continue to stay in power as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

Written by

Thompson Essien

The Voice of the Poor Masses

Defender of the Oppressed

Social Critic

A native of Ibibio Nation of Ubium Republic extraction, now living in the safe and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, where no AKPF, ADUMA, ADV, and Akwa Ibom State politicians can reach


Cry The Beloved Country, Cameroon

Very heartbreaking and on-point assessment of my beloved country Cameroon.

If the West wamts him to go,

If the West wamts him to go, he will. Until then the killing spree by the military must continue unabated. The south have been yearning to brake away for long. L et it happen now. So that we can have our Bakassi back.

Switzerland will ALWAYS have

Switzerland will ALWAYS have BLOOD in its hands...BLOOD MONEY. HUMAN BLOOD TOO.