The Coward Called Asari Dokubo And His Empty Threats By Joe Igbokwe

By Joe Igbokwe

We live in interesting times in Nigeria today. Cowards and Villains nobody knew when it mattered most in Nigeria between 1985 and 1998 are the ones terrorizing Nigeria today. Lily-livered men without bones who could not raise a voice in the days of locusts are the ones telling us today that they are courageous and strong. Men who are women who could not stand up the way the Late Ken Sarowiwa stood up to Abacha Regime are now the common fools abusing our nationhood.

Now enter Asari Dokubo, the emergency activist, the only bold one in Nigeria, the man stronger than all the armies of Nigeria. Nigeria can never change. Some of the things we accused Northern Military leaders of doing from 1985 to 1998 are repeating itself today in Nigeria. Sectional Politics, Ethnic preoccupation, Mediocracy, Favoritism and impunity are driving leadership in Nigeria today.

When the good man, the late President Yar' Adua was hospitalized and could not continue in office in his capacity as the president many raised their voices to call for President Jonathan to be sworn in but the coward and opportunist Asari Dokubo did not threaten fire and brimstone.Today Asari Dokubo, the school drop out has become the defender and strong pillar of the President. Asari Dokubo has been making provocative and irresponsible statements abusing everybody who do not share his ideas and sentiments. He has threatened blood shed and war times without number and yet he continues to walk the street as a free man. Others from other sections of the country have been picked up and detained for doing the same thing Asari Dokubo is doing today. Mallam El Rufai was detained in Awka for going to witness Anambra Guber elections. Mallam El Rufai was also questioned recently by SSS for saying that there maybe bloodshed if we mess up with 2015 elections.

Asari Dokubo and Chief Edwin Clark may think they are helping President Goodluck Jonathan but in actions and deeds they are creating big problems for the President.  Nigerians know that President Goodluck Jonathan has empowered Asari Dokubo, Chief Edwin Clark and others in such a way that they are now multi billionaires. The world knows that Asari Dokubo and Clark have never had it so good. No wonder both of them are now planning to set up a university each. But success is supposed to be managed. Asari Dokubo and his co-traveller Chief Edwin Clark lack the capacity and the common sense that this is the time for consultations with other Nigerians and not confrontation. Both lack the discipline to consider the feelings of other Nigerians at a time like this. One understands the politics of tribes in Nigeria very well and both have  the right to support one of their own but thinking in terms of other people is the way to go for the sake of unity, peace and harmony.
I blame the past presidents of Nigeria for depending so much on crude oil instead of developing other sectors of the economy. Japan has no oil and yet is a world power today. Singapore has no oil and yet it is one of the best countries in the world today. Nigeria can do without oil if and only if we can have a thinking and creative Leader. The world today is thinking of what is in our heads and not what is underground. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Ford Motors, Toyota, Mercedes, Intel, Twitter, Panasonic, KIA, Hyundai are not oil companies. Asari please take notice that the world is moving away from crude oil.
Asari Dokubo in his stupidity thinks that President Jonathan will be installed into office in 2015 by executive fiat. No sir! It is going to be decided through the ballot box and i know that politics is a game of numbers. We may have been writing Presidential election results  in the past but Asari Dokubo must put it in his head that votes will count in 2015. Everybody's eyes are wide open now and woe betide any crook that will want to do something funny in 2015.

Again we must register into the consciousness of every Nigerian that it is not a must that every President in Nigeria must get eight years in office. The reason why elections are conducted every four years is for the electorates to have the liberty to change a bad leader or to re-elect a good leader. A leader that lacks the capacity to perform should not be re-elected.

All things considered ,there are many compelling reasons why President Jonathan may not be re-elected in 2015. One is that we have to worry about the feelings of other ethnic groups in a democracy. The unity of this country is very important. If the President is re-elected in 2015 he would have ruled for 10years in 2019. I do not think it is fair judging from the circumstances that lead to President Umaru Yar'Adua's death. Secondly, corruption at the federal level under President Jonathan is alarming and unacceptable. Thirdly, impunity has assumed a frightening dimension under the leadership of President Jonathan. Fourthly, the inability of President Goodluck Jonathan to tackle the  problem of insecurity is threatening also. In the midst of plenty our institutions are collapsing with no end in sight. The power sector is still down.

Asari Dokubo must shut up now and hold his peace. The best he can do now is to start moving round the country with the billions President Jonathan has provided for him to canvass for votes for Jonathan. Asari Dokubo cannot continue to preach hate to the Northerners and yet still think they will vote for President Jonathan. I plead that the loquacious Chief Edwin Clark should do the same. This is the only way to help President Jonathan to win in 2015.


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Joe Igbokwe

I thought by now our people have outgrown this tribal, sectional, xenophobic statements/sentiments, Nigeria is greater than everyone.

Excellent Contribution.

U can tell those who really think with their heads & those dat think from other organs of their body in sheer blindness. The only thing dat I differ from in d article is dat where a President of Nigeria comes from is immaterial. I wd still go for a Bayelsan Ijaw if he will be d one to serve us best, regardless of how many years the Bayelsa pple wd hav provided persons to occupy d highest office in d land. But we don't deserve mediocres, we deserve d best regardless of wherever he or she wd come from or his or her religion.

Xcellent contribution by Joe Igbokwe.

Akiika where u when Junaid issued this threat in Mecca

Second Republic member of the House of Representatives and Russian trained Medical Doctor, Junaid Mohammed, has declared that blood would flow on the streets of Nigeria, should President Jonathan insist on running for the presidency in 2015.Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun from his base in Kano, the former lawmaker, who chaired the House Committee on International Economic Relations and Socialist Bloc, argued that it was wrong for anyone to suggest that the clamour for power to return to the North in 2015, was coming from the North alone, insisting that there abound more agitators in the South-west, in this regard, than there are in the North, adding that "I can tell you today that there are more agitators in the South-west, for power shift to the North, than there are in the North. And they are doing this because they believe in justice and fairness.)

we hail thee dokubo-monkey no fine but him country man like am

We can't fold our hands while a section of the people decides on themselves to be threatening our brother.

Alhaji Mujahiddin Asari-Dokubo, the founder of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force have been released by the SSS after hours of interrogation.
Security sources told Hope For Nigeria, that Dokubo informed the Security agents that he loves Nigeria, his country, but decides to not fold his hands while a section of the people decides on themselves to be threatening their brother, the President-- Asare Dokubo--go die if u no like am-let us split-period

I disagree with Mr Igbokwe on

I disagree with Mr Igbokwe on this;
"All things considered ,there are many compelling reasons why President Jonathan may not be re-elected in 2015. One is that we have to worry about the feelings of other ethnic groups in a democracy. The unity of this country is very important. If the President is re-elected in 2015 he would have ruled for 10 years in 2019".

Does it matter where the president comes from if he/she is competent? Jonathan didn't kill Yar'Adua to be come the president.
I think Jonathan does not deserve a re-election not because of where he is from or how long he has ruled, but because of incompetence and flagrant corruption that his Government is condoning.

Who be good man? Person wey refuse to transmit power till death?

Hear Joe, "...When the good man, the late President Yar' Adua...the school drop out has become the defender ...of the President..."

Joe grew up in Bendel. D array of internet babies who take pride in reminding us they live in Europe or US may not understand what I mean by 'Bendel No 1' , but Joe surely will. I sympathize wit Joe 4his gross ignorance of d meaning of d term- cowardice. I don't intend 2educate him. However, if he called Sir Dokubo a 'drop out' to slight his person, den it achieved d opposite. Sir Asari Dokubo is a member of d onourable elite club of drop outs cum achievers. The legion which includes Bill gates, Steve Jobs, & Wolemimon Soyinka who droped out of his PhD program in UK.

Joe may be a paid writer, but d truth remains- Peace is not d absence of war but d presence of justice. The SS Reublic will now take d Bull not just by its horns but also by its broukous. Were Ken Wiwa & Ogoni 9 brave? Joe shud see a psychiatrist.

@oshi aka wahala

@ Oshi dont u have land of your own in the SE? Why are u the ibos always interested in another mans property? The same thing that happened to you in rivers state will take place in abuja one day-mark my words for it. The Gwaris are gradually yearning for a place--they want their lands back-be very careful- the properties that were taken over in PHC was the right thing to do-how can u refuse to give rivers people land to build houses in their own state? U dominated the indigenes of that state-D newly created state not share their assets and liabilities?-We did not see such callousness even in Hitlers government-Every piece of property was paid for by the rivers state govt-tell the world the history behind the said properties-did the igbos return the houses that rivers people erected in aba and onitsha to them? Show us one house that was given back-Are u not aware that rivers ppl who wanted land in those days were sent to aba and onitsha-





After carefully reading this blog, there is no way Joe Igbokwe is an Igbo man. He's probably a northerner wearing mask and hiding behind Igbo name. Joe Igbokwe, why don't you come out of shell and unmask yourself.

oshi, you are not Igbo or ignorant Igbo. Dokubor knows Nigeria b

Joe Igbokwe is looking for his daily meal - should be ignored.
Having read all of oshi's comments on this topic, I conclude that oshi is either not an Igbo, or oshi is an ignorant Igbo who could barely type words onto the system.
Whatever the difference that existed between the Igbo and other peoples in today's southsouth must be taken aside before the Igbo and southsouth groups can make any political impact in today's Nigeria. So oshi's recollection now of the so-called betrayal of Biafra by people of the southsouth is no longer irrelevant. But remember that the Nigerian forces fist conquered the southsouth because of their position, hence they are not to blame for joining the federal forces early. Any other group in the southsouth position then could have acted same way. It is no point listening to someone like Deri who has the feeling that the Ijaw alone can get whatever it wants from Nigeria - carrot or stick approach.


It is because of right of freedom of speech that you and I can say that someone is ignorant. Without freedom of speech, neither you nor I would be able to say these things. Do you want to live in a country where freedom of speech is suppressed? I don't think so. I urge you to fight to defend the right of all citizens to make speeches even when you may not agree with what they are saying.

u,re the fool mumu gara

U,re ntin bt fool @40 dat,z 4ever wallahi party never matter 2 us bt d person we,re volting for no going back 2015 no more gudluk nosense

Well let me express my own

Well let me express my own Freedom of speech (You are ignorant yourself)

Well let me express my own

Well let me express my own Freedom of speech (You are ignorant yourself)

thnks Akano..u are a great

thnks Akano..u are a great thinker..d ss,se and northern were calling the late sage names in first republic for championing a true course of regional autonomy and there eyes are open,,so who fault

My brother are you now saying

My brother are you now saying people should continue to chant war song? Where is your sense of objectivity here? I read the article through and through, there is no mention of APC (mind you I am not a political bigot), they said your brother is not doing well, you said its a war against South South. Don't allow ethno-religious acrimony to becloud your sense of patriotism and nationalism. God bless Nigeria.


Joe Ignokwe's problem is that he's one of those fools who hopelessly believe in Nigeria. He believes that God or some mysterious power will come down from heaven to fix Nigeria. He refuses to accept the fact that Nigeria is a big mistake. I doubt whether Joe Igbokwe knows that the only reason Lord Lugard set up Nigeria was because of the French. Lugard saw that most of the countries in West Africa were French and to counter this, he decided to setup a big country that would not only be able to withstand French influences but also control the region. In other words, the British would indirectly control West Africa through Nigeria. He failed to take into account that different ethnic groups in Nigeria may not be able to coexist and his plan failed. Lugard did not take into account the interests of the natives when he conceived Nigeria, and this mistake is what Joe Igbokwe wants to continue. Joe Igbokwe, I got news for you, Nigeria is finished, the sooner you realize it, the better.


Ignorant fools like Joe Igbokwe who do not know their right from their left like to go online and make foolish comments. Asari Dokubo should be commended for having the courage to say the things he says. No coward can say those things. What we need is for more people to speak out, especially those from the East. Asari Dokubo has the freedom of speech to make speeches and freedom of speech must be defended by all. This fact is what the ignorant Joe Igbokwe fails to understand. I may not like Asari Dokubu or the things he says, but I will defend his rights to say those things. The right to freedom of speech is more important than speech itself because without this right, speeches may never be made. We must not suppress people from speaking out, but we must encourage them.

a certificate forger like

a certificate forger like tinubu is better than a kindergarten president with phd

I weep for this country called Nigeria

I weep for this country called Nigeria. Imagine the nonsensical and idiotic statement that is coming out of our people's mouth. Our so called leaders had successfully becloud our sense of reasoning with sectional and religion sentiment. Where do You think all this sentiment will lead us to? I don't give a rat ass about who govern my country, what concerns me is good governance and dividend of democracy. I can be govern by the Ibos, Hausa, fulani, yoruba, Ijaw and any tribes. How on earth will somebody just because somebody is from your tribe, the next thing you can do is treating the peaceful coexistence of people. I don't think this barbaric and inciting statement should be acceptable. God Bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

mumu..u think Yoruba are like

mumu..u think Yoruba are like u Igbo..among all the major tribe in Nigeria the yorubas are the most accomodating,,..go and blame ironsi,azikiwe and ojukwu for your woes

Na wetin nah

This grammar too much chairman, abeg sofrey, sofrey. On a serious note, Asari should stop this attitude of divisive tendencies that may lead to president Jonathan losing in the forthcoming elections. I am a fan of the president and the PDP as well but Asari Dokubo should tread softly please

This piece reminds me of the

This piece reminds me of the timid Dada (a man’s name in Yoruba), his bullying assailants and Dada’s gallant and bold younger brother that bails-out his elder-brother (Dada) from intimidation. As Yoruba will say “Dada o le ja, sugbon o ni aburo to gboju”. Unfortunately here, the Dada (GEJ) is characteristically weak, the bail-out brother – Asari Dokubo, (or is it god-father Chief Edward Clark?) is/are helpless and even weaker (though they pretend contrary) since he/they lack tactics, strategy and diplomacy required in art of fight (war).

Should they carry on with their toga of ethnic arrogance, rascality and disdain; they are already nailing and putting their kinsman’s 2015 ambition in an RIP state and essentially bidding it an eternal good-bye.

Marvelous Article.

Marvelous Article.

Buhari is doing the same thing

I can not understand why a full fresh man of Nnewi descent ( Biafra strong hold ) should be ganging up against his ethnic clan for the sake of position in the Islamic terrorist party of Buhari.

Although, I understand that Igbokwe is not a good historian,but rather a technician. Otherwise, how could Igbokwe forget so soon our bitter encounter with this Islamic vampires.Buhari is equally doing the same thing.Intimidating and threatening,he also demonstrate it by actions and words.Dokubo ride on.

a word is enough for the wise

True talk. I only hope that the likes of Asari Dokubo will understand and appreciate this words of wisdom.He should not forget that some people were in the position he is today, but today, no body remembers them not to even talk about them. They are forgotten and relegated to the dark side of history. It's GEJ today, Tomorrow, it will be Another. God Bless Nigeria.

igbo man

i dont blaim you peoples,most sahara port there are very stupid peoples ,because of this sahara is yoruba and housa,only talking rubish every time,i fant asari is talking trueth because this is the end of the war,this is not 1967 or 1970,late them trying again,we are igbo and we are waiting for you peoples,why since jonathan stay that seat every time talking sahara report talk this and talk this,this is end,now ibo is igbo ,biafra is going to take over soone


South-South Not Slaves - Shagari.

Alhaji Muktari Shehu Shagari, the deputy. governor of Sokoto State with regret stated that South-south people of Nigeria are not slaves. He said that, "If you have a slave you bought from the market that has served you honestly and sincerely for 50 years, I think he deserves his or her freedom.
So let us show them that Northerners are people that can be trusted."

@ Jefia

Your name sounds like Fish because u are from ijaw. u did not discuss the issue of betrayal suffered to the Igbo from niger deltans. Or our stolen properties that was called Abandon Property. Nor the development/master plan we did in borokiri, diobu areas of PH in 1950' & 60' as elected official. PLEASE ask ur people & especially that COWARD CALLED ASARI AND EDWIN CLARK TO DRUM UP THAT WAR AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE MBAMIRI PEOPLE EXCLUDING OGONI, IKEWERREAND OBIGBO.

Joe have elevated Asare to a new sainthood position

(Behind the veneer of the alliance between dominant regional parties in the South West and the far north, is a battle to remove a minority person in power. Gen. Obasanjo’s claims that Jonathan over populated his adminstration with Ijaw people was effectively debunked by Chief E.K. Clark. The charge of marginalization which the Yorubas drummed up against Jonathan was recently exposed by Vanguard columnist, Femi Aribisala on January 28, 2014, in his article entitled: “What Does Tinubu Want”.
According to Aribisala, Alhaji Bola Tinubu used ACN members in the House to sabbotage the nomination of their own daughter as a Speaker of House of Representatives beause he did not want and nobody from Obasanjo’s camp to wittle down his dictatorial hold on politics in South West. Sadly Joe Igbokwe who like Tinubu used his late wife from the SS, to climb to where he is today thinks d He goats in d SS-do not deserve to be heard-in public)