Edo 2012: Time To Stop Anenih! By SOC Okenwa

By SOC Okenwa

In an article I wrote way back in 2007 captioned: "The Anini In Anenih' (http://www.nigeriavillagesquare.com/articles/sunny-chris-okenwa/the-anin...) I had compared the former PDP Board of Trustees Chairman, Chief Anthony Anenih, to one hell of a gangster named 'The Law' and concluded unapologetically that Anenih could well be likened to an Anini in Nigerian politics. Remember one popular late armed robber called Lawrence Anini alias 'the law'? Let me refresh your memory!

During the Babangida kleptocratic regime in the early 90's the late Anini, an illiterate from then Bendel State, was terrorising the notorious state staging dare-devil robbery operations, sending letters in advance to his targets and sharing his loot with market-women and commoners on the street of Benin City! He was a charity-spurred bandit with huge heart for the poor but that could never have excused his bloody raids on banks and general state of fear he instilled in millions of Nigerians.

A new urbaine well-educated armed robbers have since 'immortalised' Anini visiting banks with gas cylinders, sophisticated guns and IEDs, sometimes executing their operations in broad daylight, exposing a nation that cared less about the high unemployment statistics and ubiquitous poverty emasculating the lives of the new-generation Nigerians. Again the audacity of the men of the underworld ought to deliver a chilling mesage to President Goodluck Jonathan about the urgent need to de-centralise the police force and ultimately 'decree' the state police into being in a complex insecure Nigeria of the 21st century!

While Anini was later caught and tried and executed (including his hitman Monday Osunbor and his police accomplice George Iyamu) Anenih is still at large planning evil, causing confusion in the land and manipulating everything to suit his whims and caprices. Today, I think Anenih has grown further 'wings' ever since President Goodluck Jonathan 'invited' him over once again to his government to help him plot his election of last year. His wife, Josephine, is in government and he is almost above the law intimidating the intimidatable unlike Comrade Adams who cannot be intimidated.

When Prof. Wole Soyinka described the (mis)ruling party, the PDP, as "a nest of killers" Chief Anthony Anenih ranked highest (in our reckoning) in the composition of these executive killers including former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Senator Iyiola Omisore. Today, the Abuja gang has expanded incorporating into their fold more 'bandits' in flowing 'Agbadas' -- governors, ministers, senators, house members, special aides, special assistants etc. Today, PDP has evolved achieving only terrorism as stewardship instead of tackling the mounting challenges confronting the nation.

We remember how great men were murdered with no justice rendered. The list is endless in a Nigeria where lawlessness is the order of the day! The souls of the late assassinated former Justice Minister Bola Ige, Harry Marshall, Funsho Williams, journalist Godwin Agbroko among others will never rest in peace as long as justice is not done. Today armed robbers are having a field day out-gunning the ill-equipped and ill-prepared police force while Boko Haram continue its campaign of blood and bombs in the north!

All ingredients of a failed state has manifested themselves as we struggle to maintain a 'unity' imposed on us by the colonial lords in 1914. Revolution is looming fast unless the PDP and its godfathers change their strategy and ways.

Just last weekend I was shocked to read online the gruesome murder of the Principal Private Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde, who was assassinated at his home in the early hours of Friday, May 4, in Benin City. Coming just days after the Comrade himself narrowly escaped assassination on his way back to the city along Warrake-Auchi Road after welcoming the defecting PDP members in the hinterland I concluded that something was amiss. According to reports the trailer driver that was 'contracted' to kill Oshiomhole fled the scene as soon as his 'job' was done leaving behind his accomplice who may not have been informed beforehand of the dastardly plot.

While the performing Governor had hit the nail in the head by declaring that certain people (mortally afraid of his pedigree and score-card; afraid of looming loss in a free and fair guber contest) in the opposing party wanted him dead it remains to be seen whether Edo State like the defunct Bendel State will resist the mounting temptation to embrace the implosion witnessed during the Ogbemudia/Ambrose Alli mortal electoral combat of the 80's.

According to the dimunitive ebullient Governor "a certain old man, in his 80s, a godfather, in Edo state is the mastermind of the assassination of Olaitan Oyerinde". By this simple statement of indictment Oshiomhole made it clear where his sights were set as he was confronted by another tragedy in his political family after losing three journalists in his convoy that was involved in an "accident" recently!

But one is encouraged by the ex-labour union leader's boldness and intrepidity. He has summarily declared 'war' on his opponents delivering a 2-week ultimatum to the ineffective security agents to do justice to the twin-tragedy or face mass revolt! He has our support in this subdued state of melancholy in which his state and he himself find themselves.

Chief Anthony Anini, sorry Anenih, is to Nigerian politics what Boko Haram is to terrorism in Nigeria. Between the two, one wielding huge influence and 'fixing' whatever evil (including assassination of political opponents) the PDP demands of him and the other wielding bombs and guns for terrorism sake, Nigeria is fast going down into the abyss. While stopping Boko Haram will take superior arms and ammunitions in an all-out war stopping Chief Anenih is somewhat simple: expose his track record of disservice to Nigeria and catalogue his high-wire corruption as former Minister of Transport.

Besides, it takes an Adams Oshiomhole to stop him in his tracks using solid achievements and superior argument since we know that President Jonathan cannot stop him because of the 'contract' he signed with him. Anenih once said that there was no pot big enough to 'contain' him when rumours were circulating of the OBJ plan to have him in 'soup'! A master strategist and unpatriotic Nigerian in all imaginable indication, Anenih must be stopped for peace to reign in Edo State in particular and Nigeria in general.

Finally, death can stop Chief Anenih! An octogenarian in his 80's Anenih is inches away to the grave (even if longevity runs in his family blood!) and the sooner God or devil calls him home the better for our democratic experiment! Chief Anenih can 'fix' almost everything in a land bleeding to death from the effects of leadership failure at the apex, terrorism and mindless looting of public fiscal resources but he cannot fix his demise or negotiate an exit from the inevitable mortality.

Like the late Lamidi Adedibu, the demon of Molete, who used 'amala' and 'gbegiri soup' politics to dominate the then primitive politics of Oyo state until he kicked the bucket few years ago Chief Anenih, the dreaded 'godfather' wants power in his state of Edo where he hopes to continue providing the 'godfatherly' services to the PDP candidate for a fee. With irresponsible bloody old men like Anenih calling the shots any wonder why Nigeria is degenerating fast?

The Almighty God is watching from above and His incorruptible judgement will soon hit home! May the soul of Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde repose 'en paix'. My heart-felt condolences go to his family and loved ones.

SOC Okenwa

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response to Okosun chris.

I can see u as an ishan man. why dont u tell ur anenih to sit down at home and enjoy his oil money from Benin -Lagos road farm. His cup will soon be full. Reserve ur tears till hiss end.

we need a better quality of politician and journalist (3)

I agree that Chief's Anenih's retirement from the public arena would be in the best interest of everyone. I believe the public deserve to have their questions about his tenure as Minister of Works and Housing satisfactorily answered.

But I also believe that journalists, like priests and imams, should serve a calling higher than their own personal interests. Alas, as this article shows (and as the conduct of our religious leaders indicate), we are truly headed for destruction when no just men remain in the land.

This is irresponsible, gutter journalism at its lowest, and the editorial team at Sahara Reporters should know better.


We need a better quality of politician and journalist (2)

The writer then claims that Anenih must have killed Oshiomhole's aide because the Governor allegedly accused "a certain old man" of the murder. Is the Governor not the Chief Security Officer of his State? If the Governor has proof of this politically damaging and inciting allegation, why does he not report to the IGP? Why does he not put the information he has in the public domain?

The writer slyly accuses Chief Anenih of nepotism by mentioning the inaccurate fact that his wife Josephine is a member of GEJ's Government. If he had done his research, he would have known that they are separated; that Josephine is no longer a minister; and that in Edo state Anenih is infamous for actually obstructing the political ambitions of his family, even when put under pressure by sycophants to promote them. Chief Anenih has (at the last count) 16 adult children. Does the writer know of any holding appointive office at any level of Government?

We need a better quality of politician and journalist

Anenih is no saint. He is personally responsible for some of the underdevelopment Edo State has suffered. His infamous endorsement of a hopelessly inept Lucky Igbinedion; his penchant for dictatorially dominating the political space; his refusal to leave the political arena for younger, more democratic apprentices, etc.

But this writer shows the unforgivable bias in his pen when he makes some unfounded and frankly illogical claims.

When does a car accident become an attack? We all know how reckless our governor's convoys are so what makes this particular accident any different? What links this accident to Anenih, if the driver fled the scene and his 'accomplice' according to this misguided writer, knew nothing of the alleged 'attack'?

Anenih is the head of the

Anenih is the head of the great killer squad in Edo. Everbody knows he kills, betrays people,a cultist and would do anything for money. He betrayed Abiola big time. The man is just so hopeless. A man that should be preparing his grave. Just wait, the souls of all the people you killed would hurt you before you go and face hell. Useless old fool.

jonathan must go!

its obvious that obasanjo never had the interest of nigeria at heart.because if he does he wouldn`t have masterminded the coming of incompent classroom teacher to become the president of this great nation.its also glaring that the pdp juntas have only come steal & destroy Nigeria if you check all their activities nationwide.and its time we say no to them.our 1st step is to call the incompetent president badluck jonathan to resign.i know it will sound imposible to you jonathan but i bet u take that bold step now before it will be too late.

Age is irrelevant you dunce.

Age is irrelevant you dunce. He is a fool, say it loud and clear.

Oba of Benin watch out

Trust me,, oshiomole is going to do to the Oba of Benin and those cheep guys like oyegun and uyigwe what he is doing to Tony Aneni.He will blackmail and abuse them and i go de laugh

politician live us alone

As a metter of fact we the poor citizen of nigerian who dont have any access to speak in the govermental house, we are now the one facing the reparcautsion our brother in orderpart of nigerian are not longer comfortable over this issues of bomb explotion, so weather bokoharam or not please we want every things to stop peace is want for the further development of this greatnation(Nigerian.)

Jonathan faces big test in next election

Miami Cult Who Tattoo Themselves With 666 Say The World W…

Read at http://www.StateOfNigeria.com


Man you are written nonsense . Let be careful of what we w

Will they hear? Many of them

Will they hear? Many of them are devilish, they do not care. Their service is to devil, their father.


This comment is surely from a lobotomized soul, a mentally barren individual, a mad man who knows next to nothing about good thing. We all know that Anini(Aneni) is a demon , a killer, a murderer. Why the hell are you insulting the writer of this beautiful and thought provoking piece ? OZUO or abi you are one of Anenih hitman

Re: Edo 2012, Time to Stop Anenih

This is one of the most objective write ups I have ever read. Anenih will certainly die a miserable death. His grey hairs will never go down in peace. The blood of the innocent he has shed cry for help. Those of you supporting him can do so, but note that the more you shield him, the more you share from his atrocities. There is no power that be but God's. A man who lacks respect for constituted authority does not himself deserve any form of respect. Oshiomhole's reputation as a a performing governor who has refused to cowed to channel resources of Edo State into the pockets of the godfather is worth commending. For this cause, Edo people shall renew his mandate come Jult 14, 2012.

get scotlandyard to investigate the case

Edo State secretariat of the PDP on Saturday in Benin City, through the state chairman of the party, Chief Dan Orbih has asserted that statement credited to the Governor of Edo state was ridiculous, vexatious, unfounded. Orbih said the allegation by Oshiomhole, and his ruling Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), and his surrogates was a dubious attempt to incite the people against the PDP, and cause unwarranted attacks on the party and its leaders because the governor was aware of the defeat that awaited him at the poll. He said a great number of the PDP leaders did not know the governor’s private secretary, saying that it was only at his death that they got to know from information already in the public domain that Olaitan was not from Edo state, might not have been a politician or a political analyst, and so might not have, and could not have remembered having any dealings with him.

what concern agbero with overload-we want the truth period

(Driver and owner of the truck involved in the accident with the governor’s convoy are said to be card-carrying members of the ACN, and that the lorry even had Oshiomhole and ACN sticker on it. Orbih said a responsible government would call for detailed investigation and wait for the outcome but that this was not the issue in the present cases, accusing Oshiomhole of influencing police investigation by accusing Chief Tony Anenih and leadership of the PDP in the state.He recalled that when ex chairman of the PDP in Edo state, Chief Samson Ekhabafe, his son, driver and police orderly died in an auto crash, the party did not accuse anybody, as it took it purely as an accident. Besides, Orbih also said when gunmen attacked the vehicle of a PDP chieftain in the state, Tes Sorae and killed the wife, driver, police orderly and two others, the PDP did not accuse anybody as well, and wondered why the PDP should be the target and focus of Oshiomhole each time a misfortune occurred.)

its unfortunate that a

its unfortunate that a powerful writer like u could decend so low to sell his pen to the power that be and let them use it to make a confused write up. with sycophants like u there is no hope for nigeria and the black race. nigeria iis so wealtyy yet so poor bcos of people like. make the govt of the day accountable and see what will be of edo state. oshiomole/acn is as bad as d previous govt but alas u cant see it bcos u have been blinded by the power that. i wonder for how much.

Their days are numbered.

PDP members wil always act according to their manifesto.i.e contest, Kill, conquer & loot; even if their children is dying, they dont care!!!
"By their comment, u shall know dem". No respect for human life! Hmmmm.
Adieu Oyerinde Olaitan. Sorry my able comrade governor. Their days are numbered.

@Seye, no matter your

@Seye, no matter your exergerations agaist oshiomole, Anineh is clearly a worse evil who clearly believes he like Omisore, Adedibu &others in the ruling party are untouchable &will get away with murder at will. Being an elderly man who is old enough to be our father does not give him right to spread thuggery and death. Even a father does not have any right to take the life of his child. Anenih believes he can't be touched &had stated to some members of the Govs. cabinet what he was going to do to them &they wrote to alert the police of the same weeks back.
These killers may never be found &brought to justice until PDP gives way to another ruling party at the federal level.


Pls writer, you doesn't see beyond your nose. Anini robbery was mid 80s not 90s as you cliam. Do you actually wrote this from your heart or you a hired writer?

This writer is so short

This writer is so short -sighted. You paint Chief Anenih as evil and the pdp as the worst political party ever. Who are you trying to fool? To you Oshiomole is a saint. But know about his lies, 10. 8billion naria house, cult sponsorship, inflated contracts, drunkness, womanising etc. God is watching everyone and will expose the real enemies of Edo State. Writer grow up stop being childish in your write ups.

Time to sto Anenih

Abi Iya Omo ode orun ko sun, idajo Re de kankan.Olorun Yio be ese baba wo lara omo titi de iran kerin


Why do u write against a man who is old enough to be ur father,is chief Tony Anenih contesting wt Adams? Show respect for ur elders.


Why do u write against a man who is old enough to be ur father,is chief Tony Anenih contesting wt Adams? Show respect for ur elders.