Exclude Gowon And Obasanjo from Ojukwu’s Funeral And Committal Services

By Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke

Listen to the Word of the LORD - As a prophet of the Most High God, I warn that Gowon and Obasanjo should be barred from Ojukwu’s funeral and committal services.  I bring the Word of the LORD to the family of late Dim Ojukwu and to the organizing committee planning the burial arrangements in honor of late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, to exclude Gen. Yakubu Gowon and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from participating in the  burial rites and ceremonies of late Ojuwku.  Ojukwu’s spirit will be provoked and the Wrath of the LORD will be poured out if Gowon and Obasanjo were to participate in any way during the funeral services of late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu. Also the spirits of our ancestors and the 3.1 million souls that perished during the civil war will be infuriated.

I also want to applaud the chairman of World Youth Council, Mr. Chuks Ibegbu for his wisdom and the courage to caution former Nigerian heads of state, Gen. Yakubu Gowon and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, for their unwise and irresponsible comments on the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu.  I agree with Mr. Ibegbu that their comments were insulting and unpardonable.  I could not believe that so-called statesmen and elders could utter such statements.  Generally, people don’t speak ill of those who have passed on – even if they were not friendly or an enemy.  Yakubu Gowon and Olusegun Obasanjo have shown that they are very unwise and unintelligent elderly statesmen.   They were former Heads of State and President, who had benefited so much from Nigeria and continues to reap the benefits of a chaotic and confused Nigerian State.  Gowon and Obasanjo were presumed to have accurate history of Nigeria as former heads of state and leaders during the tumultuous period of Nigeria-Biafra civil war, yet they are unable to speak the truth even in the death of their archenemy.  It is sad, hypocritical and cowardice act on their part.
Why would Ojuwku tender an apology or ask for forgiveness as some have foolishly uttered in the past – including the former governor of Abia State, Governor Orji Kalu, who cowardly called Ndi-igbo to apologize for fighting the civil war.  This is the same sentiment in the Northern and Western regions that Easterners – in fact Ndi-igbo should apologize for defending themselves against the evil empires of Britain and others.  Why would Ndi-igbo apologize for defending themselves against genocide?  Why would Ojukwu or any true Igbo man or woman apologize to Nigeria for the 1965/66 massacre of their sons and daughters in Northern Nigeria?  Why would Ndi-igbo apologize for waging a war against an international conspiracy and orchestrated plan to exterminate them from their land?  Why would any Easterner today apologize to Nigeria, Britain, Egypt, and major Arab countries for their ill-conceived, evil, wicked and satanic plan to kill all Christians and make Nigeria an Islamic State?
Gowon is a coward and a hypocrite.  It is only in Nigeria that people like him could govern and continues to walk around freely.  In a civilized and sane society, Gowon should have been imprisoned for war crimes - atrocities and genocide, he, Britain and others committed against innocent civilians – women and children.  If Gowon is a genuine and an honest leader, he should have implemented the end of war slogan before he was booted out of office.  If he is a true statesman, as presumed, he should have been influencing the Boko Haram sect leaders and their sponsors to lay their weapons and engage in dialogue rather than senseless bombings and killings of innocent Nigerians – mostly Igbos and Christians in the North.  Today, the North is labeled a terrorist region – the Somalia state of Nigeria.
This idea of apology comes from a warped teaching and misunderstanding of the basic biblical teaching on forgiveness.  The Bible never taught that the offended one should apologize or ask for forgiveness – but to forgive those who offended or sinned against him. In Luke 23: 34a, Jesus prayed, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."   The Jews and Roman authorities crucified Jesus because he claimed to be the Son of God, which is tantamount to being God (Matthew 26:63-65).  In that short prayer, Jesus was not asking his brutal murders for forgiveness, instead Jesus was asking the Father (God) himself to forgive those who were killing him because he knew the extent of God’s wrath upon evil men.  Jesus was innocent of the charges against him, but he also knew that those who crucified him were ignorant men. They were not really bad people but blind people. They were not wicked people but people without the wisdom of God.  Those who crucified Jesus were humanly wise and self-righteous religious elite of the day who knew the law and religious ceremonies better than anyone yet; they did not know the God of the Scriptures. They were ignorant, misguided and stupid people who thought that they were doing God a favor.  That is exactly what Nigeria, Britain, USSR, Egypt and most Arab countries did to Biafra and continue to do it today. 
Another passage was in the Gospel of Matthew 18:21-22, the Apostle Peter asked Jesus, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me?  Up to seven times!  Peter was being generous here, because according to rabbinic traditional teaching, an offended person needed to forgive a brother only three times.  Jesus’ reply to Peter’s question was that forgiveness needs to be exercised to a much greater extent.  Not just seven times, but seventy times seven, that 490 times.  Here Jesus meant that no limits should be set.  To complete the teaching on forgiveness, Jesus went on to tell them the parable of the Unmerciful Servant in verses 23-35 of that same chapter. The Lord’s teaching on forgiveness simply means that God has forgiven all of our sins by faith in Jesus Christ and therefore, when someone offends or sins against us, we should be willing to forgive them no matter how many times or grave the offense might be – whether or not the offender offers an apology or asked for forgiveness.
So, Gowon, Obasanjo, the Nigeria State, Britain, former Soviet Union, Egypt, and Arab countries should ask for forgiveness.  It is ironic for them to expect Ojukwu to tender an apology.  They can forgive themselves.  They don’t need any apology from Ojukwu, Biafra or Ndi-igbo.   After mankind sinned against God in Garden of Eden in Genesis 3, God did not ask Adam, Eve or the serpent for  an apology or for forgiveness,  instead God grieved and regretted that he made man (Genesis 6:6).  Even though God had the power to wipe mankind from the face o f earth, he chose to forgive himself and then provided a ransom for the sins and salvation of mankind.  That’s why the Bible says, “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fails.” – Lamentations 3:22
A person can receive forgiveness whether or not the offended party tenders an apology.  When someone wrongs me, I don’t ask for his or her apology, whether he apologizes or not, it is his prerogative.  However, I must ask God for forgiveness.  I must ask God to forgive him or her for the wrong done to me.  I don’t need that person to tender an apology before I can receive forgiveness from God.  It is God who requires our apology and our forgiveness not any human being.  It is therefore ridiculous that Gowon and Obasanjo - men who claim to be Christians are waiting all these years for Ojukwu and Ndi-igbo to apologize to them.  It is absolutely insane for anyone to expect an apology from Ndi-igbo.  It is tantamount to tendering an apology or asking forgiveness to a man who raped your wife or daughter.
Gowon is leading an international prayer ministry and Chief Olusegun probably still studying to obtain his doctorate in Theology, yet these men do not understand the biblical message of forgiveness.  They are the ones who should ask God for forgiveness and tender an apology to Biafra and Ndi-igbo for their atrocities and massacre of innocent Igbo people, for using punitive measures to starve innocent Igbo children and women and for creating the marginalization and hopelessness that exist today in Igbo land.  The Nigerian State should repent and ask God for forgiveness – not Ojukwu, Biafra or Ndi-igbo.  The Nigerian State should tender an apology for her atrocities against innocent children and defenseless women.
Forgiveness is tended by repentant sinners and apology is made to those an offence is committed against.  Is the Nigerian State the offended party or Biafra?  Isn’t it the Nigerian State the one that should apologize to Biafra, a group that was merely defending themselves?  To be candid, I expected Gowon, Obasanjo and all the accomplices of the genocide war against Ndi-igbo to apologize and ask for forgiveness so that Nigeria can move forward peacefully.  Gen. Yakubu Gowon, in particular, should use the occasion of the passing of Ojukwu to confess his war atrocities and apologize to Ndi-igbo instead of making such false comments about Aburi peace talks, which he reneged. Gowon and Obasanjo are not compassionate leaders.  They lack wisdom and discernment as leaders.  And leaders without compassion are unfit to lead anyone and nation.
Gowon and Obasanjo are also unmerciful and evil men.  They need to repent and ask God for forgiveness.  Their comments on late Ojukwu are unwise, unintelligent, and loathsome.  Their comments are loaded with hateful tone and prejudice against Ndi-igbo.   As long as this kind of anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment, and animosity persist among Nigerians, the nation cannot make any genuine progress.  I have written many times that without genuine forgiveness and reconciliation, there cannot be order, unity and peace in Nigeria.  Nigeria cannot move forward as a nation and fulfill her common purpose and destiny until she repents and ask for forgiveness for the souls of those that perished during civil war.  Nigeria truly needs a genuine commission for national reconciliation that addresses the hurts of our past and recommends solutions for healing, peace, and unity.
Let me conclude by repudiating those who call me an Igbo bigot, Zionist and every hellish and curse words under heaven.  First of all, I still love you no matter what you call me, think of me, or perceive me to be.  Second, I know my history and origin very well.  I’m proud to be identified with one of the largest ethnic groups of Nigeria - Ndi-igbo.  In fact, I’ll argue that all the ethnicities in the former Eastern region are part of the ethnic group called “Ndi-Igbo.” – It does not matter whether you are Igbo, Ibibio, Annang, Oron, Mbe, Okobo, Izon, Efik, Eket, Niger Delta, Kalabari, Andoni, Ijaw, Opobo, Bonny, Ikwere, or even Ndoki – where I am from.  We are all part and parcel of the Igbo stock. Thirdly, I love justice, fairness and righteousness and hate with passion - injustice.  I do not dislike any Nigerian – no matter where they come from.  In fact, my few and best friends are from Northern and Western Nigeria.  I have Yorubas, who are members of my extended family as result of marriage.  I have beautiful relatives, who were married by Northerners and others taken by force as wives during the war.  Frankly speaking, dividing Nigeria will be like dividing one big multi-ethnic family.  It will not be easy and many will be hurt if that happens.  However, that does not negate the fact that there is so much injustice, bitterness, resentment, and hatred toward Ndi-igbo.  That’s not right, it is not fair and it should stop now.  We can work out our differences and seek ways to co-exist without this prolonged rancor and resentment.  It’s not going to help the nation flourish.
I will not waste my time to respond to other jealous critics about my educational qualifications, quality and length of my articles.  I’ll suffice to say, that I do not claim to be Prof. Chinua Achebe, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Okey Ndibe, and many other excellent Nigerian writers and poets.  I am not a trained journalist and I’m not a poet.   I can’t write your 2-3 page articles to appease your mind and thinking.  I pour my heart in my essays.  By the way, my articles are prophetic messages to a nation that God has assigned me to live in.  I’ll not let it go under.  I must preach justice and righteousness.  I must do the work of God.  It is just one of my dearest ministries.  So, don’t read my articles if it does not meet your standard or expectation of me.  I am not writing to appease your gullible mind but to un-clutter it and empower you to change.  I have my audience and I’m very satisfied by the positive feedback and generous comments I receive from them.
For years, I have offered solutions in my essays on religious, moral, social issues and especially on leadership, which is the subject of my passion.  What some of you are doing is taking the ideas to make money – organize seminars, workshops and conferences and write books without giving credit to anyone.  I am not claiming all the ideas are mine but when you use someone else writings, you should be able to give him or her credit.  I have even seen my articles republished in Nigerian newspapers – 100 % verbatim.  I have bought your books on leadership, where I read almost verbatim my essays on leadership.  Nevertheless, as a public theologian, social critic and mostly importantly messenger of God, as long as I have breath in me, I will continue to passionately address the political, religious, moral, social and leadership challenges of our nation – Nigeria.  So, your threats are empty threats and you can’t do me anything unless God Almighty permits it.  By the way, I’m not writing for your government job.  I care less really about your government position.  God is my provider and my source.
Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke is a theologian, author, consultant and leadership scholar. He is the president of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

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The Netherlands is not land

The Netherlands is not land locked as it borders the ocean, in fact, it is actually below sea level.

None ibo please drop ibo names...Deri

Across Nigeria because of the Nigerian civil war many ibo groups have learnt to claim they are not ibos ........ though not all from these parts, they are found in River and Delta states.
Some from educated and high pedigree families dont indulge in such denials.
Whereas its not wise to adopt a people its also important that you help out a people destabilised by events and propaganda not to forget their history for their own benefit.
Deri take time remove your tribalistic hate put on some level of education and intelligence Seek through book of Anthropology for some helpful hints of the science around peoples and cultures...then try and get into the history of Ikweere. ijaw, and some other delta groups too

Deri all ibo names villages and events..Ibo slaves are they?

Deri you seem determined to ignore history. Your claimed knowldge of the peoples of Nigeria is very limited.
Search for this book......'The King in Everyone.'Its not an exhuastive one but it would point you to the right direction.
But I ask yourself this simple question. Various groups of people answering ibo names not as mere first names but family names , village names , traditional events have names all ibo. How did they come by it? Were they enslaved at a time? Just questions and nothing more Maybe you have enough education and logical mind to make something of it this

Kudos to u Dr.

Its only useless nigerians that will critize u. U did a nice work to let those who could not disclose their identity, but interested in making useless comments about our great dim Ojukwu, Ikemba of nnewi, Eze Igbo gburugburu.

Its only those who do not

Its only those who do not know where they come from that make such comments like u. You have no history, but Ikemba ojukwu had, You have no background as ojukwu did, you even have no feature as ojukwu had. so stop insulting Igbo leaders and fight for ur mare daily bread. you are the worst coward ever lived on the planet earth.

Another show of jealousy

Ekeke should not bother over the expression of jealousy by those who know they cannever get up to his status and achievements

Ndigbo and their backyard detractors

Petty-jealousy has never brought any person or group any good. One conspicuous fact in this country called Nigeria is the undying jealousy and envy of its citizens on the progressively undeterred Igbo nation. I t will surely be deamining on the Igbos to beckon on these irritating, illiterate, non-innovative and mentally backward Ijaw, Effik, Ibibio, Ikwerre and the likes to become Igbos, which even if given a century, they can never fit into. Ojukwu remains eunique and the only hero ever produced in this part of Africa; petty-jealousy and sickening hatred cannever wash that away. Dr. Ekeke has thrown out the truth for fools and haters of truth to jump into the sea. The Igbos are landlocked, yet they are the richest ethnic group in Nigeria. The so- called Ijaw, Ikwerre, Effik and other imbecilic ethnic groups should show the world what they have been able to for themselves with crude oil, which will dry soon and leave them as poor as they've ever been.

Addrep, See how greedy you

See how greedy you are. You are claiming every tribe east of the Niger for yourself. You cannot speak for any other group outside your own Efik tribe. Igbo can be a model African country without any hangers-on. Switzerland, Netherlands, S/Sudan, Zambia are all land-locked and suffer periodic erosion, yet they do not depend on your tribe to survive. As Nigeria disintegrates Ijaw will not tolerate you nor Ogoni, nor Ikwerre. So start now to use your common sense, stop depending on others, fool.

Jambsoer, Janet, don't you

Janet, don't you see the night school at Bori. You know you can improve your English a bit by attending the night school even for once a week. I forgot, you work night shift at Bakana Infamous Brothel, and then come back to Bori Islamic Brothel for the day shift. You don't have time for 'edukemshon' as they say in the cantonments. It is not your fault, whore. Your uncle Wiwa brought you the Fulanis who have come to stay to service you.


Rubbish who care about that chimpanzee(ojukwu)'s dead and for your information count Niger Delta out of your Armed robbers,blood suckers,homosexuals and prostitute republic.you can reach me @ janetjamme11@yahoo.com

@Otile a.k.a. Anonymous

Otile, why hidding ur identity. so u'er neither bold nor man enough to reveal uuself when it comes 2 issue of who & who shld part of Biafra. Let me sound this warning 2 ur crime-stuff head: whenever u're declaring ur wretched Biafra, steer clear of Delta, CR, AK & River states. I learnt that u people hav now lit ur candles, lamps, lanterns, torch etc looking 4 ur lost tribesmen in d Niger-Delta area. Who was/is ur ancestor that begat igbo in ND area? Again, stick 2 ur eroded & landlocked 5 states (Abia, Enugu, Imo, Anambra & Ebonyi) FULL STOP

Ojukwu went to the home of

Ojukwu went to the home of the pensions board at the Federal Scretariat in Abuja and collected his retirement benefit in a well attended ceremony. He shook hands with all his former foes. So the idea of not allowing Gowon and OBJ to attend his funeral ceremony does not hold water. Again at what forum did the Ikwerres announce to the world that they are now Igbos. Even the ppl of Asaba are regarded foolsihly as inka Igbos-half Igbos. Its an insult for one ethnic group to regard another as half caste. And not fit for full membership of the okija shrine-River state has nothing to do with the Igbos. The ealier they get that into their head the better for the Igbos and thief Amaechi. The people of Akwette in Abia state are Ijaws-are we struggling to have them moved over to Port Harcourt? Are they not regretting joining the Igbos who regard them as embeciles-if not for their oil wells.

Undoubtedly you deserve a pass mark

When you dont know where you are coming from what shall where to head...Both Obj and Gowon are stupidly stupid.


back in the day people who would do such a thing would be sold into slavery if they escape execution.He has committed a taboo and is a big disgrace to the children of Oduduwa,how come they allow him to keep traditional titles.The Yoruba race must do the honourable thing and remove all his traditional titles,else the spirit of thier ancestors will come down heavily on them.

Benjani, Say that you don't

Say that you don't know the true meaning of a hero, don't include others. Others may know better than you. As for Mandela he is known as a hero only because he survived the prison. If he died there you would not know about him. Ojukwu like Mandela was defending his people from brutal oppression. The Afrikaans put Mandela away hoping that he would die in prison. But when his wife, Bishop Tutu and some other members of his tribe pricked the world conscience about the plight of the blacks under the Afrikaans, the world responded with all kinds of boycotts and prohibitions which hit the S/African economy badly. The Afrikaans had to choose between letting Mandela go or collapse economically. Now you know the rest of the story. If Britain did not prevail because of oil Ojukwu would have been seen as more heroic than Mandela. This is true.


Most of us don't know the true meaning of the word HERO.
Just bcos a guy ruled Nigeria or at one time or the other held a political office makes him no HERO.
Mandela was already a HERO before he became the President of South Africa. Che Guavara, Marcus Garvey were never a presidents, but they were HEROS.
As for Obasanjo, he ain't no hero but a looter. Sleeping with ones daughter-inlaw is abhored anywhere in Nigeria, but thats not the issue here.
Collectively, people should be able to see beyound their noses. If ya doing same thing same way for years and if it ain't working, you have to change the mode.

Mullah Addrep, You are not

Mullah Addrep,
You are not going to betray any Igbo again in your life. You will perish in the betrayal. How can you exclude the Rivers and Delta Igbo from their people? Stick with you Ogoni and Ijaw, leave Igbo to speak for themselves. During the genocide Danjuma and Murtal Muhammed went to Asaba and committed whole sale massacres. Are you telling the Igbo of Asaba that they are not Igbo but Efik? That's insanity. During the genocide again Maj Mobalaji Johnson rounded Igbos and Ikwerres up and told the world that an Igbo man is an Igbo man no matter from what state. During the genocide too hausa vandals shot down a civilian Red Cross plane carrying medicine to children. At Ikot Ekpene the vandals commited hari kari. So during the next war Igbo and their closes brother states must be saved from the Hausa Yoruba brutality, if you make yourself our that's your choice.

Benjani, See how conveniently

See how conveniently you dodged the issue of Obasanjo sleeping with his son's wife. Nobody is talking about any corrupt election here. What we are concerned about is the morality of a man you see as your hero. When you get a son would you sleep with his wife?

Gowon is the real coward. Why did he flee from his state of origin he created by his bloody hands? Is he not going to hand back the fake honorary degree English men gave him in exchange for money? They ripped Nigeria off and handed him a fake diploma knowing that he did not pass O level and A level GCE necessary to enter English universities. Shame on your heroes.

@ Mr. Addrep

Mr. Addrep I want to use this opportunity to inform you that, I would rather be with my Ibos brothers, than be with you. My culture is way closer to the Ibos culture than yours. Stick with your ijaw people and leave the Ibo speaking area of niger delta alone. Finally what happen to the Ibos in the mid to late sixties will never happen again in a billion years, get that into your dummy retarded brain?

bejani the DOUCHE BAG, you

bejani the DOUCHE BAG, you must be mistaken, guinea worms are found in your smelly, diseased water in the north not in ibo land.why don't you go have sex with your mother you son of the uncircumcised.


In 1999, Igbos had the opportunity to pay back Obasanjo for whatever you cliam he did to the Igbos. While Yorubas rejected him at polls, Igbos voted for him enmass. Obasanjo rode Igbo's ingnorance to power. While applying medicine after death. No amount of vitriols will bring back the dead. Ya need to move on, embrace peace or hug tranformer.
If Gowon was in Imo talking about blankets, the people there invited him to talk about blankets. Some years back he was in that area for Bore-Holes in attempt to help minimize the guinea worm epidemic. Where were you then?

Blessed are the peace-makers for they shall be called the children of God. Kingston Okeke, you are not for peace so, you need to shut the hell up! Man of God on the outside but very devilish on the inside.
Ojukwu said many times over that the WAR IS ENDED. Move on pple!

First I agree with those who

First I agree with those who said that this article reeks of unforgiveness. Second I want to add that this cannot be from a true servant of God. A man who tells us in one breath that God said to him and at the same time invokes the spirit of the dead (Ojukwu and the ancestors) can only be delivering his own message not God's. By the grace of God some of us can discern when a man speaks as an oracle of the Lord. I urge our people to give no room for hatred or vindictiveness. Let us bond together in love. The Egyptians that nIgeria is seeing today she will see them no more in Jesus Name. Amen

Anybody who calls Obasanjo a

Anybody who calls Obasanjo a statesman is insulting his own intellect. Any man who can so debase himself as to sleep with his son's wife is no better than a beast. So forget Obasanjo.

Ojukwu Dead, Gowon In Imo to talk about Mosquitoes. Grow Up Gowo

Go and save your Berom people in the Plateau. The population of Gowon's people now being massacred by the Hausa/Fulani is more than the population of Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Slovakia. Yet Gowon said he is happy Ojukwu died a Nigerian. Gowon, you came to Imo state to mock the Igbo with mosquito nets immediiately after Ojukwu's death. Doesn't Gowon yet see himself as a visionless man; a man who hardly sees beyond his nose? He presided over the genocide that led to the death of a million Igbos. 40 years after, he remains unrepentant, more so, seing the One Nigeria he fought the Igbo to preserve unravelling before him; with daily blood letting, non-progressive interethnic political machinations, group hatred for the other, encumbered development if not complete retrogression in many areas. When shall Gowon grow up?

Ojukwu was a Lt Col.

@ Osita Dioka,
4 ur info. Ojukwu was never a Colonel, niether was he a General as u people are portraying him. He was last promoted to a Lt Col in Nig.Army and he remained so till he declared d secession of Biafra. u can only bend ur opinion and not d truth/fact.

@ Mr writer,
We Efiks and those Ibibios, ogojas, Ijaws, Ikweres, Ogonis etc were/are not part of ur Ndigbo or Igbo as u falsely listed above. Keep 2 ur 5 atates.


Deri is posting his usual Igbophbic vomit as Igbo pikin.At least he now understands that we now know that he is a snitch and a hater of the Igbo race for no just reason but petty jelousy.Information holds it that this fellow is very poor and always drinking,so we must not feel hurt by his hate massages rather we must feel mercy,because he is so fraustrated that he has to turn against his sponsors whenever they they refuse to pay up, they are fed up with his services because he is causing damage to thier reputation.

Ekeke, You Are A Big Fool...Shut up dia

Did Ojukwu give you a list of those to be excluded from his funeral rites? Every fool is taking advantage of the death of Ikemba to seek cheap publicity. What gives you the moral right to determine who is, and who isn't fit to attend the funeral of their army days collegue? Didn't you read Ojukwu's comment that he would invite Gowan to dinner anyday? Stupid racist bigot, you got that part right. I'm sure Ikemba would have disagreed with you on this one.
Your write up is worthless and should be ignored.



@Umar, u people are part of

@Umar, u people are part of HAUSE/FULANI and YORUBA ethnic stock who have been keeping Nigeria in bondage. your time is up, you should wait a minute and you will see what will happen soon.....


Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke, thank you so much for this comment. these 2 FOOLS Yakubu Gowon,Olusegun Obasanjo deserve to be kill by the igbos and i am ready to lead the operation. the igbos should do everything possible to band them from entering igboland. one nigeria were others are making mockery of others for losing STUPID AND FUCKING WAR