Exposed: Oil Minister Allison Madueke Buys 20 Million Euro Mansion In Vienna, Austria-EFCC Take Note

The original text by "Heute" newspaper
By Uzoma Ahamefule

Mr. President Sir and Fellow Nigerians, it is yet another shame of insult in far away Vienna, Austria, Europe. According to a shocking bomb revelation by a free daily newspaper in Vienna, Austria called “Heute”, there is a secret mansion villa worth 20 million euro bought by the current oil minister Mrs Allison Madueke. The headline reads “ Ministerin aus Hungerland Kauft sich 20-Millonen-Villa in Wien” (Female Minister From Hungerland Buys Herself 20 Million Euro Villa In Vienna). As provoking and insulting as this headline yet I have been forced to swallow my pride to say that I am very grateful to “Heute” for the exposure of this unpatriotic display of the oil minister because her behavior is more provoking and insulting than the headline. 

Here is the full translated version of the above text as reported by the newspaper:
"Big turbulence about the Nigerian Oil Minister Diezani Allison-Madueke (50)! According to Nigerian media the politician is said to have bought a villa in Vienna for just under 20 Million Euro – even though a major part of the population in her home country is living below the poverty line and children are dying daily of starvation. The exact location of her luxury lodging is secret, but Allison-Madueke is enthusiastic about the big garden and the estate referring to it in the internet as “architectonic masterpiece”. One of her neighbors is said to be former OPEC boss Rilwanu Lukman who is also from Nigeria."

The "Heute" newspaper said that their news was taken from Nigerian media and I have tried to google such news without success. However, I trust them because they are civilized and cannot publish such damaging news like this one without being sure. Consequently oil minister, we are expecting you to challenge the newspaper in court and restore your dignity if you say it is not true or bow out from that position peacefully.

Dear Nigerians, we all know how impossible it is for a civil servant to save 20 million euro cash in buying a house. In a developed country like Austria where I am living you cannot live above your income without being questioned by the authority. Therefore, how did the minister get this huge amount of money in buying such a mansion? When did she buy the “Villa”? Could it be before she became a minister or after? Could this be her only mansion outside Nigeria? Is she the only minister or government official involved in this wickedness? If this money should be in Nigeria it will definitely help our economy. With this money factories could be comfortably opened and jobless graduates rooming around the streets gainfully employed and crime reduced.  How did this get exposed you might ask? Nigerians are very curious and furious. Rumor moving round Vienna, Austria has it that the person that helped her in buying the house was not properly settled, therefore “Yawa must gas”.  Those that are praying for Nigeria should please never stop praying because God is in control. Remember our president appealed to us Nigerians to keep on praying for him because he is seeing terrible Goliaths all over Nigeria. Goliaths he said that are ready to kill their father and mother, even their children just to stop his government. Today we can shout hallalujah because one of those Goliaths has been miraculously exposed through our prayers.

Another interesting open secret was the saying that her luxury mansion was close to that of the former oil minister Rilwanu Lukman. What it could mean is that the former ex oil minister's house cannot be at anything less than Allison Madueke's mansion in terms of value and luxury if not more. If this should be a true statement, when did Rilwanu Lukman buy his own mansion? How did he get such money? As a former public office holder he must equally be investigated.

Will EFCC do their job very well? Or are we going to see another probe committee that will never see the light of the day as usual? I weep for my country!
On this note Mr. President Sir, I as a concerned angry Nigerian humbly request for the immediate suspension of this minister, because she will not honorably resign due to the uncivilized way of most Nigerian politicians with regard to past events. I also appeal to Nigerians in Austria through this medium to come together and support a planned peaceful protest by a group of concerned Nigerians. Furthermore, I equally appeal to other Nigerians all over the world to get in touch so that we may have a one day worldwide protest against this shame if possible, because we are all involved.
Mr. President Sir, Nigerians are watching.

Uzoma Ahamefule a concerned Nigerian
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Criminials in power

The politicians in Nigeria are the biggest 419 we have. The have milked that country dry. If a woman can splash $20 million dollars just for a house then you wonder how much she has in her account.
All the politicians in Nigeria are nothing but looters and scumberg

Deri elderly & prmitive young & progressive should avoid

Any intelligent and progressive nigerian should pay close attention to every comment by this guy Deri, in every of his comment you would see that dark primitive black hate, that tribalism that has destroyed the youths and talents of nigeria and africa over the years, that spirit that turns every little dispute into tribal warfare.
You would notice how this middle aged man spread poison of hate very gleefully to the young.
In his evry comment you notice the crudest rendition of damaged intellectual faculty, a very poor sense of responsibility and the worst degree of naivety.
Young and progressive nigerians should do well to isolate him and his primitivity.

He spreads his hate under a cover of light humour and jocular verbiage showing the highest form of irresponsibility in all.

Nigerian Oil Minister Diezani Allison-Madueke

Many are dying of hunger. I believe President Jonathan is aware. The reason he returned her to same polfolio. Jonathan should be impeached while Diezani Allison-Madueke sentence to death by hanging. as deterent to whoever may come into that office. Same go to all faulted political office holders.

Hi everyone

Indeed what she did was wrong if truely she bought a property worth that amount.people are suffering. And she is here talking about leaving a legacy for the generation to come when she is not even sincere to the people she is working for.but come to think of it,where are the evidence because i dont trust that newspaper all because we are in a computer age where anybody can just pick up his or her computer and printer,goes into his room,prints anything and comes to post it on the internet. We need concrete evidence cos somebody's image is about to be tanished.

justice must be done

The question is,is it after or before she become the minister did she purchase that apartment?

What a shame if d story is true

This report needs to be promptly investigated&findings made public

where did she get the money

The question she needs to be asked is,is it before or after becoming the minister did she buy the mansion?.if it's after then she's very greedy

Re: bcos she is ur sister. how

@Anonymous: Point of correction...she is his girl friend and his wife knows it. That is the reason why she does what she likes...remember how she got the former GMD of NNPC removed without any problem. A regime of drunkard.

Futureless & Hopeless Chunk of Nonsense Jonathan leading Nigeria

to all of those whose belief in jonathan led administration that can not fight an ant-corruption, imagine ds ugliest scenario of petroleum minister alison madueke's property in vienna worth 20MILLION-EURO (about 4 BILLION NAIRA)! similarly, her luxury mansion was close to that of the former oil minister Rilwanu Lukman. yet, jonathan wants us to buy fuel at only God knows amount, say N150 per litre, through his subsidy removal, while they are busy transporting our collective comfort sweat abroad! what is ds whole messy country all about!? somebody should advice jonathan to pls tender his resignation if his David can not fight one goliath, having acknowldeged several goliaths on d land... it's a neaseating shame


Thank you Uzo for your findings.There lots of them like that in this country.How can someone spend such amount on a property?How much is she been paid for crying out loud?EFCC should please look into it,unless she's also one of the sacred cows in this country.May God help us in this nation oooh.TUFIAKWA

bcos she is ur sister. how

bcos she is ur sister. how irrational niggerians can be. after working with shell for how many years all she learnt was how to steal. phew

i strongly agreed with u but

i strongly agreed with u but Nigeria is where anything goes. this story whether its true or not reveals largely the hopelessness of the country bcos there is no smoke without fire. At a time when nig. unemployment rate is @ its peak & euro zone leaders are working tirelessly round the clock to fix their ailing economy spearheaded by a woman is when such news is making headline abt our supposed leader. Now we've lost hope in our male politicians & we can't trust the women either, who do we turn to. It's a hopeless generation


People should lodge a complaint at the Ministry of Interior Austria and demand an investigation, I am sure they will find a heavy case of money laundering. The rest of Europe should do what France is doing by investigating and stopping political and Government criminals from bringing their ill gotten wealth to their country: Here is the email for the various department including the Minister of Interior in Austria:,,,

its not a silly joke stupid.

its not a silly joke stupid.

I think you got it all wrong

I think you got it all wrong aΩ̴̩D̶̲̥̅̊ shouldn't stand by such note of tribalism. Because if you c☺♏ to think of it, Nigeria has faced looting of government resources, amongst other financial crimes over the years in the hands of non-igbo leaders. A yoruba has been there lately as well as hausa too, aΩ̴̩D̶̲̥̅̊ the ills still prevailed. We can talk of some non-igbo leaders who would prefer to run refineries abroad other than fix local ones which would reduce cost as well provide jobs for natives. So our fight shouldn't be tribe-driven if not we will sentimentally lose the purpose. A good leader must first possess integrity aΩ̴̩D̶̲̥̅̊ you can't have 99% integrity. You either have it 100% or you don't at all. This is where they have all failed us. So rephrase your comment, its not a tribal war but a battle for integrity.

In the abundance of water fullness are thirsty.

Firstly, I would like to say to the Sahara Reporters that I am highly greatful for letting loose this kind of information to the fortunate public that are accessing this now. But it's so painful that haven't made this known to fellow Nigerians, nothing is still gonna be done to see that this evil perpetrator is brought to book. As you and I both know that Nigeria is a nation where justice does not holds or affects some selected few. However, I hope that sooner or later this sect of evil doers in our land will have no choice to quit this land of ours or face the rots of we the irate Nigerian youths.

20 million euro home of madam Deziani Allison Madueke

There is always an atom of truth in every rumor. I'm not surprised, what do you expect from somebody who worked with SHELL petroleum. This woman is a crook and must be brought to book. Why did fuel subsidy sky rocket the way it is now. Nigeria is spending about 1.2 trillion Naira this year as said by the minister of petroleum,for subsidy this year. Who is in charge of these monies, the national assembly must investigate NNPC, EFCC must investigate this woman and we must get to the bottom of this story. People on this forum trying to defend this woman are just wasting their time she must be investigated to a logical conclusion. Igbo man can never rule this country, if they are allowed then Nigeria will be sold on higher purchase. Just to man NNPC and this people want to suck Nigeria dry to the marrows.

@Deri, the naked Aborigine!

No, the Ibos are not back. Remember, I said they are like MTN, everywhere you go! Everywhere! And yes, those terrorist Palestinians are worth one Jew! You read my mind, that's exactly where I was headed when you jumped the gun. If one thousand semi-litrate Palestinians add up to a Jew, one million near-naked aborigines should make up a red-capped Ibo. It's called "Jegamatics", the calculus that put your aborigine in Aso Rock!

Was eigentlich blöd ist, ist Ihre vorgestellte Meinung das der Mann ein Asylbewerber ist. Mit welchem recht (oder logi) gehen Sie davon aus? Wir sind ja alle nicht Asylanten hier in Deutschland, mußen Sie schon ernstlich wiesen, Aschlecker! Genuawo Sie hieraus stammt ist vollkorn egal, nur beim Thema bleiben und gut ist!

Common ground

Haven read al d comme nts made so far on ds fora,i av cum 2 d concl usion dt it is both 4tu nate&un4tunate 4 naija pple.It is 4tunate 4 rich &super rich men&wome n politician in naija who wine,dine,steal&loot ou r treasury 2geda irresp ectv of tribe,ethnic,regi on&religion and even sl eep 2geda as rumour wil av it and un4tunate 4 d have li2 or non&alw ays colourise issues dt ought 2 find a common ground and fight it 2ge da.


The story is out,and its sources are not Nigerian,the European newspaper published this,the minister can sue this newspaper if she does not own property in Austria.It is not for any other person to come to her defence,this is simple,DENY THE ALLEGATION THEN.The domino effect is that all her assets ouside Nigeria should be made public in her rebuttal,and as long as she keeps mute,we must assume she is towing the party line of the PDP where everything is shady and members dont publicly declare assets.
We are entitled to know every asset of every public officer as obtainable in other democracies,newspaper reports like this can only cause problems in a corrupt political environment,we all know how much Barrack Obama, David Cameron or Jecob Zuma is worth so if we knew what our own politician are worth,maybe speculations will stop and publications like that will not have any effect.WE MUST BELIEVE EVERYTHING,BECAUSE HERE EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

- or +

The present crop of people in our polity are dagerous to our existence as a nation. Be it a true story or false,have they not spent more than that?Come on Nigerians,this is just a tip of the iceberg. Nigeriam democratic setting is for self enrichment and personalising governance this has crippled the state that accountability and good governance is a taboo. Be it as it may at all tiers of governance EMBESSLEMENT,LOOTING,FALSIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS,RECRUITING AND ARMING PERSONAL ARMY(THUGS),RUNNIG COST OF GOVERNANCE IS MORE THAN CAPITAL PROJECTS and our democratic setting is now PARADISE IN THE GHETTO. Political ventriloquism is also a major factor that has destroyed our polity and the resulting effect is we have DEALERS and not LEADERS.


 OTILE i will not leave you alone, why? I want to imbibe some culture into you.  Go and google up COL. ADEKUNLE FAJUYI and more importantly get yourself this book "THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE NIGERIA-BIAFRA WAR" by Luke Nnaemeka Aneke. When you're done with that, get back to me. Should you not be able to afford the book, get back to me. PS,. i'm not Hausa. i might probably tell you if you ask politely blödmann. Icn gehe davon aus dass, du ein ANDURO irgendwo in Deutschland bist?! 

Substantiate this Report or Please Spare Mankind the Gibberish!

It is rather sad that journalism has been taken to a very low level. Is SR so dense that they would lift news from a foreign newspaper without substantiating the fact presented? It is rather strange that the property is "secret".If it is secret, why publish it at all. Wherein lies investigative journalism? Is a foreign newspaper not too busy to be sourcing news of what happened within its territory outside its territory?

SR, please spare mankind these unproductive and unsubstantiated reports. Remember NEXT newspapers, how they took it upon them selves to tackle Mrs Alison-Madueke,spreading false and provocative stories about her, in a bid to prevent her from being confirmed minister. When she was reappointed, these same people were the first to congratulate her!

On the purchase of a 20million euro home in by the oil Minister

"The "Heute" newspaper said that their news was taken from Nigerian media and I have tried to google such news without success. However, I trust them because they are civilized and cannot publish such damaging news like this one without being sure." The above quote not only smacks of unprofessionalism, but a continuation of the hunting of the Oil Minister. Her detractors are at it again and poised to distract her from urgent state business. How can the Austrian base newspaper rely on Nigerian media for an event that took place in its domain? They should go and tell it to the marines. I am disappointed that Sahara Reporters will report such news item without doing a verification. We must rise beyond rumours that are targeted at pulling people down. The minister should completely ignore the so called journalists and media organizations involved. A court action will be too distracting.



Jonathan will NEVER fight Corruption becos he benefits from it

Ask yourself: Why and how will he fight something that he is a product of, and have benefited immensely from? The only justice or reprieve Nigerians can get for themselves and the future of their children is to start killing everyone associated with folks who have worked in government as well as held political office since 1999. We need to start killing them, their family members, their friends, and contractors who collude to steal using fraudulent contracts. We seriously need to go after them hard; start in your village or city and kill as many as you can. This is the only way corruption will be defeated. Continuing to wait for thieving mediocres or incompetent idiots like Jonathan is a total waste of time. In fact, we will all die of hunger or upon our next major illness before Jonathan arrests or attempts to fight corruption because his friends and he are directly benefiting from it. Take action by killing them, instead of talk, talk, and talk.

Columnal DNA

It saddens my heart that all you guys in diaspora are playing with fire. I do hope none of you will be coming to Nigeria so soon. While we instructed madam to do the shopping on behalf of the Deltan as part of the turn by turn sharing of the commonwealth, I gave you guys something to play with concerning the baba suwe story. I did not realise that the amnesia will wear out so quickly while we do the shopping.
When the former big man of oil ministry was doing their own shopping on behalf of their own geo-political allocates who cried wholf, but now that the sons of the oil region went shopping you guys opens your stinking mouth like basket. I have instructed EFCC, Ndlea, NPF, PHCN to staff dealing with every members of your families in Nigeria and to smoke them out for punishment. We will go from house to house, village to village, town by town, local government to local government, shop by shop.

Bye for now.

Alison's multi-million euros mansion.

Simply,let her go to court if it is not true. Why straining your nerves.

Nigeria's Oil Minister

Even if Mrs Diezani Allison-Madueke, Nigeria's Petroleum Minister bought the alleged property with her own "well-earned money"derived from her own sweat, what does she need a property worth 20 Million Euro for in a country where she doesn't live? If this story is true, she is hereby advised to consult intimately with her husband. This is more than saving for a rainy day, in Vienna, Austria. EFCC, if you are still alive and functioning, please take note by updating your records, for ease of reference in not too distant future.

The jews are back

The Palestinians who exchanged one Israeli soldier for over 1,000 Paletinian prisoners may have had (Igbo wahala) in mind and their roots planted in the Niger Delta when they signed the deal with Israel. That is what we call expensive DNA or shit in D ND! So if Igbos, now wants to spread their saintly wings across the Niger Delta, why should we not assist such ethnic group identify the little thieves operating in Opec with Shell? Then the Minister described her latest mansion as a (master piece) The location is being (kept secret)why? That is rubbish! The name of the newspaper which published the said story in Nigeria pls-Rilwan Lukman owns an oil rig-how many of my people operate oil rigs in the niger delta? From the desert to the creeks-a mansion in austria-for how long was lukman in opec? 2hrs? My sister is married to an igbo man-they wrote the fake story-not deri biko. Rewrite the story-its too watery!