Former NSA, Azazi, Acquires Multi-billion Naira Properties In Abuja-PREMIUM TIMES

Andrew Azazi’s Aso Drive Abuja Mansions
By Premium Times

Andrew Owoeyi Azazi, a retired military general, recently sacked by the president as National Security Adviser, has retired into posh multi billion naira Abuja homes, which cost far above his known earnings, a PREMIUM TIMES investigation has revealed.

The two exotic homes sit side by side on 19 and 21 Mambila Crescent in Aso Drive, a choice part of the nation’s capital where some of Nigeria’s men of power and means live.

Both mansion-like properties, were bought at the tail of Mr Azazi’s service at the presidency.
Property experts, who we requested to value the houses, estimate that each of the properties are worth at least N1.5 billion.

A third property, recently acquired, is yet undeveloped. It sits behind the two mansions on Mambila Crescent, sharing a fence with their swimming pools but accessible through Olumo Close, off Mambila Crescent.

The home on No. 21 is the retired general’s favourite. It is tastefully finished, shielded by high voltage security fencing fitted with sophisticated security cameras on all sides.

It is a duplex, fitted with a Barbados-shaped swimming pool at the backyard and boys quarters.
The home, now guarded by hi-tech security gadgets, tall fences and shrubs, also had a troop of soldiers guarding it, neighbours told PREMIUM TIMES.

The property on 19 is a little less busy, seldom used by the retired general and his aides. It is tastefully finished too, like the general’s favourite but not guarded as much.

It is also a duplex, fitted with a Bahama-styled rectangular swimming pool at the back side, adjacent to the boys quarters.

The undeveloped adjoining property, on No.2 Olumo close, off Mambila Crescent, was acquired at N800 million, sources familiar with the deal told PREMIUM TIMES.

The new plot is currently being developed by First Fingers Construction Limited. The site is concealed from public view, but the ongoing construction on the plot was still at its foundation stage, early August.

Before moving to the Aso Drive estate, the retired general occupied two semi-detached duplexes at 30 Mamman Nasir street in Asokoro.

The Asokoro mansion has no swimming pool and now looks deserted. Neighbours told us Mr. Azazi “no longer comes around.”

His public earnings
Mr Azazi’s highest earning was as a military general, where he earned N1.4 million monthly, N16.8 million annually. He earned this perk between 2006 and 2007.
The retired General needed to serve as a military general for 94 years to earn as much to acquire one of his estates through known legitimate earnings.

As a National Security Adviser for 21 months, the retired General earned a total of N5.471 million as annual salary, N455,940.00 monthly and N35,000.00 as duty tour allowance per night. When on official assignment outside the country, he earned a duty tour allowance of USD1000 per night.

Relying on his annual salary as the National Security Adviser, Mr Azazi would serve for 274 years to earn N1.5 billion, the value of one of his apartments.

Mr Azazi was appointed National Security Adviser just as the extremist Boko Haram sect was scaling up its deadly attacks on Nigeria.

At the time, militants in the restive Niger Delta region had just embraced amnesty and the country was battling to repair its oil-dependent economy, largely crippled by the militants.

While in office, General Azazi supervised the expenditure of not more than N304.552 billion of public funds allocated to the intelligence community to check the growing insecurity in the country.

During his tenure, he was severely criticised for presiding over the spending of several billions of naira on security while delivering little or nothing, especially with insecurity spiralling out of control.

Some critics even suggested that a huge chunk of the funds allocated for security went into private pockets of officials.

In his first year in office, Mr Azazi supervised what was left of the N75.047 billion allocated to the intelligence community after he took over from Kayode Are who acted briefly as NSA after Aliyu Gusau left.

In 2011, the security budget surged – just as the Boko Haram terrorist activities too – to N105.240 billion.  Mr Azazi supervised the spending of the funds.

In 2012, the intelligence community got even more money, a scandalous N124.263 billion – just as internal insecurity grew worse.

In the 21 months Mr Azazi served as National Security Adviser, the security budget almost doubled and he supervised the utilization of not less than half the total sum budgeted for the community in those years, 2010-12.

While the worth of Azazi’s favourite home is over 27,000 percent higher than his annual salary, it is a meagre fraction – 1.4 per cent – of the public funds he managed in 2011 alone.
Azazi reacts

When PREMIUM TIMES sought explanations from Mr. Azazi on how he acquired the exotic properties, the general flared up and asked our reporter to “go to sleep.”

“You call me on phone from PREMIUM TIMES to ask how I got money to buy a house?” he asked.

“Go to sleep!” he snapped and then dropped the call.
Later, Mr Azazi sent a text, saying, “Go look for facts my Premium man. I ran Weiboro Properties for over 2 years before I went back to government.”

Since he terminated the call before we could ask all our questions, we were unable to get his reaction to suggestions by some critics who believe that he left the NSA post far richer than when he got in.

 Mr. Azazi is one of Nigeria’s most decorated soldiers. Between May 2006 and June 2007, he wore the ranks of Major General, Lieutenant General and General.

He became the Director of Military Intelligence in 2003, his first major command appointment. He was appointed the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 1 Division, Nigerian Army in January 2005, and subsequently served as Chief of Army Staff (COAS) between 2006 and 2007.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo appointed him Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) in May 2007.
On August 20, 2008, late President President Umaru Yar’Adua retired Mr. Azazi’s from the army.

He however returned to public service in October 2010 when he was appointed the National Security Adviser by President Jonathan.

His stint in the corridors of power ended sadly in June 2012, when he was abruptly sacked by Mr. Jonathan.
Under Mr. Azazi’s watch, Boko Haram grew into a full terrorist sect, carrying out suicide bombings and engaging security officials in daring gun battles.

In an audacious comment that irked President Jonathan and the ruling party, the retired general blamed the political infighting within the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the growing internal insecurity in Nigeria.

That speech triggered extensive political discourse and triggered the beginning of his exit from office.

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Vanity upon vanity

Vanity upon vanity


When PREMIUM TIMES sought explanations from Mr. Azazi on how he acquired the exotic properties, the general flared up and asked our reporter to “go to sleep.”

“You call me on phone from PREMIUM TIMES to ask how I got money to buy a house?” he asked.

“Go to sleep!” he snapped and then dropped the call.



When PREMIUM TIMES sought explanations from Mr. Azazi on how he acquired the exotic properties, the general flared up and asked our reporter to “go to sleep.”

“You call me on phone from PREMIUM TIMES to ask how I got money to buy a house?” he asked.

“Go to sleep!” he snapped and then dropped the call.


Azazi Made his Money From Guns and Bombings

Although I strongly doubt the use of the name of Dim Ojukwu as the author of this comment, the comment on Azazi confirms our (Nigerian Muslims) concern over the bombing of UN building, Abuja, Madalla, Jos, Kaduna, Bauchi and other bombings, which were associated with Muslims and 'Boko Haram'. The sad thing is not only the terror meted at innocent citizens or the evil hands of an individual but the hypocrisy of government and its agencies. On any occasion that non-Muslims were confirmed or arrested as the perpetrators of terrorism the information was deliberately suppressed. At most times Boko Haram were announced as having claimed responsibility for the terror.


People are dying of hunger, insecury,but our leaders all they do is looting! I'm fade off with nigerian leaders.

Good for Nigerians

Solaside thank you so much for your comment. Nigerians voted religion over commonsense.

Corupt leaders and hypocrite followers

Nobody disclosed the corruption of Azazi till he is announced dead. Nobody will announce the corruption of others till they die or leave office. No corrupt person arrested by EFCC or ICPC has been actually convicted. Anybody who wants to be a hero must steal and steal mercilessly. He will be celebrated and worshipped. The dead end will soon come. The world is a cul de sac. The sad thing is these days when they steal and rob Nigerians, they feel unsafe to invest at home. They transfer the funds in capital flight to Europe, the land of their masters, depriving Nigerians even of the crumbs. Nemesis will continue to catch up with them through 'global economic meltdown', 'financial crush', 'tsunami', 'typhoon', 'etc. They are wicked and stupid people called leaders.

But we had the Opportunity of Ribadu

I quite agree with you Corruption should be completely discouraged and made distasteful, The current government amidst the myriads of problems bedeviling this nation is pursuing a singular and fixed agenda, which unfortunately does not include corruption. Maybe if we had voted the likes of Ribadu things may have taken a different turn. Nigeria is deeply ingrained in corruption especially the Political office holders

Nigerian are in full support of corruption

The greatest problem with Nigeria is not only our corrupted leader, but we the stupid citizen's who support corruption and my greatest happiness is that we all surfer the effect of corruption both the leader and the lead. We all live in fear, It time for the lead in Nigeria to say NO to corrupt leader and save our unborn generation....

Good for Nigerians

They voted for ethnicity, religion, emotions. They prefer Goodluck to Hardwork. Good for you. goodluck 1- Nigeria 0

Kunle you are a bastard

Why don't you refer useless OBJ to EFCC.

tHE CRUDE oil all you idiots are dying for came from this same Aziza village.

EFCC should start from Gwazo, down to OBJ to Tinubu before Aziza


Larmode at EFCC, over to you.Nigerians would like to know the total turnover of Welboro properties Owoye Azazi ran for two years before assuming office as the NSA, How much profit the company made in those two years, How much tax was paid on the profits, and how much of that profit personally accrued to Owoye Azazi.These answers should be easy to provide in a matter of days. GEJ should also be held accountable if he does not personally order the investigation and prosecution of Owoye Azazi.THE TIME FOR A REVOLUTION IS WELL OVERDUE IF WE REALLY WANT PROGRESS IN NIGERIA.


Ds person or dt person embezzle d s billions of naira&bcos he is my ki nsmen, i cannot criticize him bcos he did nothn bad, he only cuts aw ay our own share of d national cak e which is there 4 anybody who a v d opportunity 2 cut afteral some dt are nt d owner of d cake or d so urce of it av bn doin d cuttn al ds while why we d owner are watch n helplessly&now it is our turn 2 c ut even if it means cuttn everythn or d pples are dying frm d impact. Some pple av 4 get dt everythn on earth is bound 2 finish 1 day, if u'r e 1 of those dt feels oil wl b there 4ever or u're relying on d lies abo ut oil&gas reserve figures fed 2 na ija by d criminal foreign oil firms t hen u're a joker or if u're 1 of thos e dt feel dt correctns dt are unable 2 b done 2 our failing system can b done when naija disintegr8 then also u've also got it wrong, since 1 999 nobody av bn d problem of a nybody other oneself or ur kinsme n.Correct wat can b corrected now as failure 2 do so wl spell doom 4 ds country.

Southerner or Northerner - A thief is a thief is a thief

I am ashamed at the Southerners on this forum who defend corruption and stealing simply because someone else has done it and was not caught or because the thief in question is our brother. A thief is a thief is a thief. People think corruption is a victimless crime but that is far from the truth. Like someone else said on this forum, that little bot that dies because there is no money for malaria drugs in Government hospital is traceable to corruption. The road accident that claims multiple lives because the roads are bad since someone stole the money is due to corruption. PREMIUM times has done what it is supposed to do. If Azazi thinks it is not true, let him go to court. And you, Ijaw man, that accuses El Rufai, please publish your own as well rather that saying Azazi should be left alone. Transparency is the best cure for corruption.

Chop my money

Chop my money ! Chop my money! I do care.

@ Sanusi A. Yaradua, a tip of my hat to you and a wag of my...

"They said the oil is their forefathers' piss, therefore if any of their kinsman stole money he has right to do so. Then why Azazi built the house in Abuja not in the creeks or on the oil well in the middle of the bush where there is highest population of people not goats and donkeys which are included in the counting during census?"

@ Sanusi A. Yaradua, a tip of my hat to you on what you wrote here and a double wag of my finger to the southern nigeria people. The south has always been hypocritical, too bad!

@Idris Maigoro UR UNCLE NA THIEF

Obviously your uncle is one of the crooks that is destroying the country and Almighty God will judge them all one day.And am sure they will all root in hell.IDIOTS.

No worry Jo them no you say

No worry Jo them no you say na real bad guy you be befor them make you NSA?you sabi steal even when you dey inside army.

@Stanley Igwe - a hypocrite of the highest order

" But here in Nigeria the press SR and Premium Times included have sold themselves penny and worth nothing.I do read their make believe stories but I don't take them serious". (Stanley Igwe)

If the stories are make believe, why bother to read them? Why even come to the website when you can read "authentic stories" on This Day or tune to NTA and FRCN. You don't take SR serious but SR is full of your comments to stories. That is the face of a hypocrite. Your day is not complete until you read SR and Premium Times. In fact it appears you are permanently hooked on to SR like Deri. No one will miss your exit and I dare you to take your leave if it will not affect your daily stipend of crumbs. Joker!


Just another of those common criminals called 'Big Men' in Nigerian parlance...

By the way, I was shown El

By the way, I was shown El Rufai's property in Dubai. Now that's dubious!

Premium times is just hell

Premium times is just hell bent on tarnishing the name of a good man. Azazi has been into property for a while. Please don't bring him down to you level, go make your inquiries and stop pandering cheap tales.


This is the same azazi that deri the clown has been campaigning for his reinstatement. It seems anyone connected to this gov't steals in billions. No wonder poverty has increased ten fold since this president took over.

Wither o you crumb catchers! How much of the billions this mad man looted have you been given?

Haba Premium Times

How much background check did Premium Times do on this report? Some of these generals are sold houses at very cheap rates. They the refurbish the houses to their taste. My uncle bought his Asokoro house for less than a hundred million and sold it almost seven times it's initial price. Is Premium Times a faceless organization?


Question: When will campus cultism be eradicated?
Answer: ?

u said no to ijaws-preferred fulanis to the SS-NOW U SEE

IGER Delta leaders, especially ex-creek warlords, on Sunday, came down hard on orchestrators of reports alleging that an annual payment of N5.6 billion was being paid by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to some ex-agitators in the region to protect pipelines. Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, founder of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), Chief Government Ekpomupolo (a.k.a Tompolo), as well as his Western Fringe commander, Chief Bibopiri Ajube (General Shoot-at-sight), all challenged America’s Wall Street Journal and its Nigerian collaborators to show proof of such payments.Besides, the ex-militants alleged that the report was the brainchild of “northern power mongers,” whose intention was not only to blackmail President -u never trusted a single ijaw man-nor helped one to grow in the system-now they are after u-Dickson and Amaechi will follow suit very soon-let them continue to give them settlers contracts in bayelsa state-

I supot u azazi waste d moni

I supot u azazi waste d moni the oil belongs to u,no be so? but asma broda said u shld have built it in bayelsa not abuja atleast it wil beutify d region,ha'ha'ha.

The Concept Of "Turn By Turn" Looting

It does not supprise me one bit. Nigeria is looted blind by does who claimed to be serving it. How can a chap earning equivalent to £6,000 monthly be able to buy a property worth SIX MILLION POUNDS STERLING (in cash)?

Can't the people of Nigeria see that they are being robbed? Can't the EFCC see clear 90% of houses in Abuja and Lagos highbrow area are bought in cash with Nigeria's oil revenue stolen via pure looting or embezeled contracts?

The honest truth is, the system supports this level of corruption. President Jonathan will see this and do NOTHING. The Police AIG will see this and do NOTHING. Even if it gets to court, a typical Court Judge will do NOTHING but throw the case out.

Even the poor and confused man on the streets DO NOT want the system to change because they have been brainwashed into thinking OPPORTUNITY to loot is a "Turn By Turn" affair.


Stanley i read your comments and did not get anything out of it. We need to educate you and azazi all the same. The risible excuse by azazi of a property company holds no water let me explain why? In a sanner clime you build a company over a few years with taxes paid and evidence of legitimate business done and that means arms lenght transactions not what azazi has where he set it up after retiring as a general and then used his ill gotten wealth to purchase them and then transfers rthem to a company and says he runs a property company.The press have rightly given us his salary estimate over his years of service and it doesnt add up. We or i know that as a security man he got voites thats he didnt account for thats why he was overwhelmed and swept out of office by the Boko Haram scourge. This is a story that is unbiased and based on facts which can easily be verified so you and yuour ilk should hide your heads in shame and just SHUT UP and do what you do best be YES MEN

Bad Belle People...

How did IBB get all his prime properties in Abuja? What is the value of IBB's hilltop mansion? How did the Abachas get all the billion dollar prime properties scattered all over the country?

Leave Azazi alone!