The Futility of Emergency By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

Chief of Army Staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika
By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

The President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has just bought another dummy called state of emergency from his security chiefs.

He thinks it will work. I think it will not.

Jonathan’s state of emergency is different from that of Obasanjo. Unlike under Obasanjo, this one keeps the offices and privileges of political office holders intact in the states where it will operate. The only difference is that the security of the state will be vested in the hands of the military and some constitutional rights of citizens of their citizens will be suspended. This is the interpretation I just heard from Yahaya Mahmud, SAN, on the BBC.

If these are the only differences, it will be difficult to see how they will afford the military victory over Boko Haram.

The military has enjoyed full access and support of the governments in the affected states, effectively subordinating the governors at every given point. Governors had no say in anything, if I can remember very well, except in standing straight to be milked by the khaki boys for logistics, providing relief to victims and appealing to them to accept violations of their rights in good faith, a fate from God or a national sacrifice.

The military also enjoyed the full privileges of using force – many times excessive – on any citizen they without hindrance from the state governments in the past two years. No father has ever taken the JTF to court, to my knowledge, over the arrest of his son who was detained without charge at Giwa Barracks – the Nigerian version of Guantanamo. The son that may not have anything to do with Boko Haram. Nobody has taken them to the International Criminal Court in spite of the war crimes that have been documented by local and international human rights groups: the extrajudicial killings of suspected members of Boko Haram and civilians, the detentions without trial, the tortures of detainees, the burning of neighbourhoods and sections of towns, the alleged rapes, arson, the ransacking of homes, etc.

And I doubt very much if the police, from the Inspector-General of Police to his Commissioners in the states, have constituted any obstacle to the operation of the JTF. Instead, the police have wisely remained pegged in their paramilitary positions in the JTF structure and operations.

Finally, a quarter of our budget goes to security, the largest portion of it obviously to JTF operations. Most Nigerians believe that if any government agency should complain of underfunding, it must not be any of the JTFs. They get money from the federal government above, from the state governments below and from sideways when we citizens make the mistake of falling, or are forcefully dragged, into their net. An idea even occurred to me that one of the best outlets for my Country Yoghurt would be military and police barracks. I will soon be there collecting my own share of the booty before the politicians start their campaigns in 2014 – if Boko Haram will approve them permits!

So what exactly has hindered the military so much that they needed to compel Mr. President to give them a state of emergency to operate under?

The state of emergency is also futile from the records so far. Two days ago, a senator from Borno State revealed that 23 to 24 of the 27 local governments in the state are under the effective control of Boko Haram. If despite the resources, the personnel, the Giwas, Bagas, Maiduguris and Damaturus, government has lost 87% of the territory in Borno to Boko Haram, I wonder what additional powers to the military would achieve.

A significant shift though would be the mass deployment of soldiers to the affected areas. With the sophistication of Boko Haram, our sons in the military will just be turned into cheap targets. There will be so many of them to aim at easily, more to destroy in a spot.

I am at loss here – completely. What has the state of emergency achieved when it was declared under this regime in some local governments including those now under Boko Haram occupation?

I would like to conclude this article by stating a woeful statistics on the incapacity of successive governments to solve our national problems: Government in Nigeria has not been able to solve a single problem in various areas of governance and the economy, to my knowledge, in the past 28 years. A problem at the beginning of a regime will remain there until it ends – accompanied by many news ones. And so our wahala continued to pile up.

I need to be convinced how declaration of the state of emergency could make Boko Haram an exception.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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At least Dr Tilde has been consistent in his write ups all through on BH. Pls check his blog. But the truth remains that if the govt with all the resources and support of the state govts could not achieve success in the past, it is difficult to achieve anything now. As Dr rightly said, our resources will just fritter away and our military personnel will be easy targets on a spot. We lack intelligent gathering...

The "Futility" of Emergency

Thats a smart and intelligent critique by Dr Tilde. You have said what will NOT work, now tell us what WILL WORK. Anarchy? Or allow the monster group free space to annihilate your innocent kinsmen?

Proper Yoruba man

Just one word for you,Fool .thats what you are.

I thought you will profer

I thought you will profer solution against what Tilde posited, but you spoilt the whole by attacking and abusing him inadvertently. What an educated illiterate! are the blind fellow definitely

There is every sense in what he has written. Based on facts he presented, it is hard to see how the said state of emergency will solve the BH problem. Stop this bias Nigerians...judge his writing based on the content...don't bring his ethnic origin into it. This has been our problem....judge cases as they are. There has been state of emergencies is some local governments in Borno....state clearly how that has contributed to solving the problem. It is a simple exercise....what educated people will do is to explain to him how the declared state of emergency will solve BH problem....stop assuming. There is no law that said it was out of order for people to differ in opinions....but educated people will find ways to make others buy into their point....explain to him not abuse!

U see the Dr tolk with

U see the Dr tolk with references but u, u just tolk bla bla bbla. Don't be sided come out and tolk true as true will set you freea. The Dr didn't says what BH is doi is right but at the same time govn't should not be biased in handling the issue they should know that BH are not up to 2 to 5 percent of the total population of Maiduguri then why condemning the whole people of the state ? U need to visit that state and find out what we are tolking about only then you will know who is BH sponsor, the Dr or your gov't ? We are aware of the huge amount of money gov't is stealing in the name of fighting terrorism that is why is issue is still on since its now a gov't investment, but we will continue praying that Almighty will bring an end to this problem insha Allah.

Blind to Common Sense

It's just so unfortunate that so-called Doctors and Professors make comments that after wasting time to read, doesn't benefit common sense. So because he's GEJ, everything he does would never work. Everything he plans would come to futility. I just wonder loudly too, that if a Northerner were to be President today, would you wholly support him if he took this same action to quell this uprising that you, going by your comments, are in full support of?

Dr Aliyu is Boko Haram's agent for saying this.

I want to believe that Dr Aliyu is Boko Haram's agent.All the point enumerated are flawed and I smell a rat.We are talking about men who have volunteered their services dying as if they are bastards.Look if you want cheap recognition I think you should please go to the market and rant all you can.At least our president is showing that he's got balls.

@Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

@Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde: Since you served in the NSO, renamed as SSS and got your education to Ph.D level or while still collecting salary from the government, (whereas by law, if you are undertaking further education, you are not permitted to work, during that period), and until now, you have nothing to show for your western education.And you have not believed, nor considered that if your uncontrollable Boko Haram Islamic terrosists had been loowed to receive western education like yourself has beeen educated, that their islamic terrorism would have been minimised or not occurred, then it is clear you are the intelligence leader of Boko Haram islamic terrorist. And that is why you were so loyal to the empty seat of the corpse of president Musa Yar' Adua, rather than obey the constitution of Nigeria or the Resolution of the National assembly over Musa Yar' Adua's vacation from office of the president of Nigeria

A question for Aliyu Tilde

Question for Aliyu Tilde: did Alhaji Tafawa Balewa’s declaration of a state of emergency in all of Yorubaland in 1962 sensible and effective, over a scuffle in Ibadan, and if it was not, why have you been tight-lipped since 1962 to condemn Tafawa Balewa for his silliness, whereas it took you just 3 hours to rail against Jonathan’s declaration of similar state of emergency for more convincing reasons of Boko Haram’s armed struggle claiming 5,000 lives already?

Anyway, in the region of the blind a one-eyed man, like Aliyu Tilde, can be king. Aliyu Tilde is not an intellectual because an intellectual means someone who searches for the facts of the truth wherever it leads. A person who however first pre-decides the truth, like Aliyu Tilde, and then invents cynical arguments to bear it out, is a rabid fanatic to be ignored.

Truth We stand.

this is good piece

Mr. Tilde, You Sound As A Boko Haram Yourself

It has been my conviction that ALL Hausa/fool-ani moslems including Dr. Aliyu Tilde and Mr. Sambo who was implicated by Sen. Ndume as being in the privy of Boko Haram activities are sympathizers or at worst latent boko haram members. Was'nt a boko haram member who is Sen. Zanna's cousin caught in Sen. Zanna's house? and Sen. Zanna claimed that he knew nothing about it. Even pres. Jonathan said that boko haram members are in his government.

The solution, Dr. Tilde is to divide Nigeria along religious and ethnic lines so that the 12 sharia states of the north should form their Taliban Islamic Republic of Arewa and practice their religion freely and as they wish and stop killing Christians.

Sapele water youre correct

Sapele youre correct. Dr Tilde should be investigated.

Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde you have missed the point again

Tilde you always seem to miss the important point made on issue of national importance like this, it is either because your sponsorship of BH has not produced any fruit or your days of sponsoring them is numbered. What ever you which for the innocent people of the nationa as it is now will be passed upon your whole family.

Bad leaders like you are the reason the north is far far behind in every work of national life.

you got to use what you have

Mr president has just used the legitimate tool or weapon. No one can predict the outcome. but it is certain those states will never remain the same at the end. if u and i want one Nigeria i think its not too much a sacrifice..

The futility of Emergency

A good write up, but the concern here is you have also contributed to the problem in Nigeria, by delibrately refusing to give your suggestion as to solving the BH. When you only see problem and not solution, then you are aslo a part of the problem. Nigerians look forward to your write up on the way forward.

Truth We stand.

Aliy, this piece sumounts what leadership in nigeria (past and present) entails. They never solve any one problem during their lifetime. It it a pity that nigerian believe that they exist in a vacum rather than belonging to the rest of the world. The ill vices and other issues as they are witnessed today are a creation of longterm neglect of the "leaders" of the country. They never see ahead of time like other modern countries do. They are busy stuffing money meant to properly run the country into their "hole ridden" pockets when other countries use their money to put structures in place that effectively aid security. It is sad that Nigeria as it is today appears to be "very Very" vulnerable to many ill vices yet unknown becuse not had been organised and planned.

God save nigeria, My "country".

Truth We stand.

Aliyu, this piece surmounts what leadership in nigeria (past and present) entails. They never solve a single problem in any of their lifetime. It is a pity that Nigeria does not seem to understand that their country as it is today is "very very" vulnerable to ill vices that are not yet known because of neglect and lack of will to properly run it as a modern state.
The events and issues that are witnessed in Nigeria today are there because nigeria as a country believed that they exist in a vacum rather than as member of the rest of the world. Other countries see ahead of time and make preparaions, but corruption has made it impossible for "presumed leaders" to use the country's money to run it and put structures in place that would aid secure the country at a time like this. God save nigeria, my "country".

state of emergency

Aliyu Tilde is a big Northern boko haram full that has nothing good for his people.

2. BH. are prisoners of war

2. BH. are prisoners of war that did not deserve to be tried in civil court but military marshal laws( e.g guantanamo detainees by US). Let me tell you the fact, no any judge in Borno or Yobe wl hand down a trail not in favor of BH to go free, is just a suicide. The judges wl rather resigned than pass a judgement not info our of BH no matter what evidence was presented by the prosecutor. So the way you see it is the best way to handle the situation. The most disturbing thing here in maiduguri now is the kidnapping of young girls and turning them in to sex slaves by BH. I wl rather die (killed by the JTF while fighting BH) and my little daughter to live in peace thereafter than to live while my daughter is turn to sex slave by this terrorist. Let me tell you there is nothing even close to good about BH. They just need to be crushed at whatever cost. If FG is spending 1/4 of its budget in 2 state, then we need to be thankful for the care and concern.


Mr Tilde your submission my sound logical to the lay man but to the discerning it is full of vile and hatred for the person of Mr president and his decision to grant the military more powers to deal with the uprising in the North. Mr Tilde where were you when the military was let loose on innocent citizens in Odi? I challenge you to produce one single article you wrote then to condemn that dastardly act here you are condemning an action that every well meani9ng Nigerian knows is the best thing to do and long over due. BE OBJECTIVE MR TILDE. Its very unfortunate that your likes are playing politics with the lives of the people you claim to love. MR TILDE IS IT NOT RIGHT TO DO ANYTHING POSSIBLE TO RESTORE SANITY TO A COUNTRY THAT IS ON THE PRECIPE WHICH YOU AND YOUR LIKES SEEK TO GOVERN. Its very unfortunate.

1. Mr. Dilde I totally

1. Mr. Dilde I totally disagree with you this time. Please find time to investigate about the relative peace in Damaturu now, which we are enjoying for about 10months now without single gun shut, midnight slaughter and broad day assassinations. Alhamdullah we thank Allah and we must also commend the galant effort of the JTF. Having said that, I want to assure you adding more military men and force is the only way we wl get rid of BH. The men of JTF are seriously under numbered in maiduguri b4, and am telling you maiduguri alone need atleast 20000 JTF men to crush BH. So the Emargency rule is very welcome here to us, we that suffered first hand the incident of BH.

the End of Nigeria as we know it?!

So Dr Tilde, what do you suggest will work!!?
Much as I do not agree with President Jonathan in this case or have faith in the competence of his government. I believe it is a great disservice to the country when individuals like Dr Tilde who has been feeding from the system comes up with obvious criticism without proffering alternative solution; effective or not. Come to think of it..... so far I am yet to read or hear of any workable idea that that will solve the complex governing problem that Nigeria has become.
Contrary to all employed approaches so far, there will not be a quick fix solution. Rather the institutions of governance needs to be revamped, in an effective patriotic and selfless approach, unfortunately these are traits that are are alien to the mentality of Dr Jonathan and his gang of looters!

Hello Mr. or Alhaji Writer,

Hello Mr. or Alhaji Writer, what solution do u proffer, u cannot just write for the sake of writing. What are the alternatives?

State of emergency and

State of emergency and deploying of troops to these states is not the solution because Boko haram are residing and coordinating their insurgency in CAMEROUN and CHAD. They only come to BORNO if they want make their attack.

The Boko Hara/JTF will only

The Boko Hara/JTF will only double the civilian casualty in their bloody encounter. Both groups were engaged in kidnapping, looting, arson and above all murder of innocent citizens. After the killings that will surely follow the declaration of state of emergency, the bums will realize to their dismay that no amount of force can defeat any insurgency. The Russians/Americans are living witnesses to this fact, - AFGHANISTAN!!!

Security Crisis Under a Dysfunctional Government.

Mr. President ahs at last played his joker with The Declaration. What was not said is: "To what purpose is the Amnesty Committe Working now"?
The state of emergency may turn out to be the political joke of the year since the political governors have overawed the president and they remain in control of a situation started by them in the first instance. This mesn that whatever happens, the president hads acquisced to the 20 'Emergency Plan' of the Governors Forum, God save Nigeria from self-centred politicians, Welcome to the A P C at long last.

Re : State of emergency

Dear Dr,

Thank you for your illuminating article on the current saga in the failed leadership project of our dear failing country called Nigeria.
I think the men and women who fought and won independence will be turning in the graves and wonder how it turned into this mess.
Thank you for exposing the latest racket of Defence spending and security requirements. methinks we see the country as a big cake that must be shared and devoured using different powers or articles of state.
I cry for my beloved country. Nuff said.


way forward

you haven't suggested solutions that will be employed to tackle Bokoharam insurgency. since Bokoharam leadership have rejected undeserved amnesty offered them by federal government. increasing military presence in the affected states will be inevitable.


After all these, Oga SAN,what do you suggest?
Until you can proffer a solution, keep your mouth shut. Enough of criticism. We need a solution, FULL STOP.