Is Governor Fashola Becoming A Bad Governor? By Uzoma Ahamefule

By Uzoma Ahamefule

How can Nigerians be governed with this high level of cruelty by means of obnoxious laws here and there? Why is it that laws are executed with the speed like that of an angry hunting lion when it has to do with the poor in this country but when it concerns the bigger criminals in the name of political leaders and elites every government begins to form committees that never find them guilty? Why this impunity of recklessness?

Why is it that Nigerian leaders at various levels are very insensitive to the cry of the people, but yet expect to win the war against crime and social vices? Objectively speaking, how can Nigeria’s “vision 2020” policy of being one of the world’s leading political and economical powers in 2020 be realized when average Nigerian citizens still live under $1 per day and their leaders do not see them as partners but rather treat issues concerning them like masters and slaves?

What have we Nigerians done wrong to our leaders?

Who is advising Governor Fashola with this heinous law to ban commercial motorcyclists popularly known as ’okadas’ in Lagos State without first of all honestly providing an alternative? This law is nasty and has got no human face. I was shocked and felt sick when I saw thousands destroyed motorcycles proudly displayed to news men/women as an achievement by the agents of Governor Fashola as ’okadas’ of those that failed the traffic laws. Oh, my heart bleeds! I do not know if Governor Fashola is aware that as his agents destroyed those thousands of 'okadas' that they also destroyed many homes, shattered many dreams, jeopardized the future of many children and created more hooligans and criminals.

By Nigerian standards of governance and development, Governor Fashola is one of the very few governors in Nigeria that I still respect and that is why I am making my stand known. Can somebody please tell Governor Fashola that he has at this juncture woefully failed the people because the reason of banning ‘okadas’ is shallow and laughable? If part of the reasons of banning commercial 'okada' operators was because many of the riders were engaged in nefarious activities with their ‘okadas’, can we now say because of some people that may be thieving politicians in Lagos State that we should stop having a government in the state?

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said that there are rogues and thieves at the National Assemblies. Can we now ban law making in Nigeria because of many of these merciless Nigerian law makers in the National Assemblies whose primary interests as evidence has shown have always been to increase their salaries without recourse to its effect on the nation and without plans to make laws that could rehabilitate the shameful health system in Nigeria or to build railways or undergrounds in order to make the everyday agony of life for poor Nigerians easier that ignited the 'okada' business? Can we say because there are too many air crashes in Nigeria due to the fact that a few individuals assigned with the responsibility to certify that planes are in very good conditions before they are put in use have collected bribes in order to allow coffins to airlift Nigerians ban the use of aircrafts? Or can we because of numerous motor accidents in Nigeria as a result of the failures of government at various levels ban the use of motors?

Governor Fashola said that it was because of many ‘okada’ accidents that made him ban commercial motorcyclists. What did he do to reduce the number of accidents before this unfounded action? Is it not the responsibility of every government to find out the causes of problems? Did Governor Fashola’s government try to find out why there were many 'okada' accident cases? Do the agents of the governor, ‘LASMA’ who is the body of the executioners of this unfriendly law have the ordinary alcohol testing instruments in order to examine and know who is driving under the influence of alcohol on Lagos roads especially when an accident occurs? Did the government of Governor Fashola provide standard traffic signs and speed limits on all the roads where he has banned ‘okadas’? Can Governor Fashola scientifically prove how many of these ’okada’ riders are qualified riders or that are mentally stable to use motorcycles?

Take sentiments and emotions away from the fact that there have been 'okada' accidents and ’okada’ related robberies and look at the issue critically. If Governor Fashola did not carry out all these vital elementary assignments, how sound would it be for him to stand up one morning and ban ‘okada’ operators? If Governor Fashola cannot comfortably provide answers to the aforementioned questions; can he now see that the people did not fail but rather the inability of the Lagos State government not to have thoroughly viewed the issue and come up with an impeccable solution that failed the masses? The social implication of this decision is devastating on the people and can never address the issue of accidents he raised until his government takes a very reasonable measure to control and discipline many Lagosians whom out of ignorance or stupidity have formed the habits of navigating bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles or motors under the heavy influence of alcohol, hard drugs or without licences.

What Lagos State government or other states where they have banned ’okadas’ should have done in this situation should have been to research first and then look for a fair and logical method of arriving at a resolution that should not be more harmful to the society than the problem/s they were trying to avoid after also due consideration that it was unemployment that led to the ’okada’ business in the first place. Because even up to the late 80s we did not have commercial ’okadas’, therefore, government agents should have figured out carefully on how a few miscreants in their midst should have been identified and dealt with accordingly without raising tension instead of this indiscriminate ban.

If Governor Fashola continues to refuse to reverse this anti-masses law, the governor may have indirectly advocated that Nigerian banks should be closed because there are some bank managers who cooperate with fraudsters to steal millions or some workers of some banks who work with criminals by informing them when, where and how to break their banks and steal monies. If this obnoxious law is allowed to stand, Governor Fashola has equally advocated that the Nigeria police should be closed because there are many criminals and bribe takers in their midst whose work also has been to gather false evidences against helpless poor Nigerians. Some Nigerian military men/women have been dismissed from service, charged to court and found guilty as criminals. Consequently, the military should also be scraped in Nigeria because they are equally a failure since some of them supply sophisticated arms to armed robbers to kill and wreak havoc on Nigerians in the night in return for money while some of them have been accused to be sponsors, informants and trainers of Boko Haram.

I feel pained to see that Governor Fashola has quickly started to play over our collective intelligence with a massive campaign that since the ban of commercial ‘okadas’ that the number of accidents has reduced in Lagos State, but decided to remain silent whether crime reduced or increased.

Governor Fashola, do not forget that directly or indirectly you used the same ’okada’ people during your election campaign for votes. Why did you not ban 'okadas' before the 2011 election? Contrarily you made a law for all 'okada' riders and their passengers to be within certain safety standards before they could operate in Lagos State? Could that law have been a mistake on the side of your government or a calculated attempt to deceptively win the confidence and the vote of the 'okada' riders? Most of the 'okada' riders who bought their motorcycles under credit or ‘higher purchase’ borrowed money to comply to your order and now that you are comfortably sitting as the executive governor of Lagos State not only that you have stopped their source of daily bread but have also destroyed their production companies ('okadas') leaving them to gnash their teeth in pains and agony without anybody to turn to.

Because in Nigeria everything is possible, therefore, dear Governor Fashola, could it be that the idea of safety gadgets was not well thought of when you came up with the policy or that some people in your cabinet could have imported helmets without your knowledge and had mounted pressure for the implementation of the helmet law through advice so that their business could flourish? And now, perhaps the business of helmets seems no longer lucrative they have again channeled their deceptive policy somewhere and ‘okada’ operators and their families can go to hell.

Dear Governor Fashola, this is a message from your fellow governor who also happens to be in the same party “ACN” like you, Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State , “I think it’s, for me, a class issue and I belong to the working class, so I cannot ban ‘okada’. First, I believe that ‘okada’ is a response to certain deficit in our intra-urban transportation system. From the 60s to the 70s to the 80s, we never had ‘okada’. If you ask a lady to take a ride on a motorbike it was like a taboo. Now it has became fashionable to have a woman and two children on top of a bike. It is not a culture choice. It is as a result of deficit in our intra-city transportation system.”

Dear Governor Fashola, I appeal to you like many others to please reverse this policy because a good leader must have good listening ears. Do not allow us to begin to compare you with the worst governor in Nigeria , Dr. T. A. Orji of Abia State who has unnecessarily channeled all his energy in social attacks against Dr. Orji Uzo Kalu instead of working for Abians.

A governor that one of his best achievements so far was the sacking of all non indigene workers from other eastern states because of bad advisers should not be the kind of governor we should compare Governor Fashola with. One hopes that Governor Fashola is not taking this direction and is listening to the voice of reason.

The ban of ‘okadas’ from Delta State to Lagos State or anywhere in Nigeria under any guise is an economic murder on the part of the poor masses. However, if Governor Fashola insists not to heed to the plea of the people, well, we will grudgingly and helplessly succumb to his wish, but he should understand that he has only used his position and might against us but has not won our respect and that a day shall come when Lagosians will remind him this issue like the way Nigerians have kept on reminding IBB the annulment of June 12 that has irredeemably murdered his political return to ‘Aso Rock’.

May God bless Governor Fashola, bless Lagos State and bless Nigeria!

Uzoma Ahamefule
A patriotic concerned citizen writes from Vienna, Austria

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It seems you assume that

It seems you assume that Fashola at in certain was a good governor, you are probably referring to his first term. In Africa, we most of the time consume poison and mistake for champagnes, sparkling wine from France that is now world famous. Lagosians are a good example. They feed into the propaganda machinery of our politicians. Most Lagosians are not educated in the true sense. Many do not know what is good or bad, right or wrong, what to like or dislike.

But you, Uzomaa, are suppose to know better. Fashola is a rotten governor, even by African standards. No governor has looted the commonwealth like the Lagos governor. This was all done in his first term. Lagos is currently owing 2billion dollars. Fashola also has many construction companies he uses to launder Lagos money. He has given contracts to all his friends. Being completely reckless in handing the resources he is entrusted with. I could go on and on.

your opinion

thats your opinion mr j boy. its a democracy. More people support our model governor than a few self serving jokers like your self. He does not need your votes. its not a popularity contest but about doing what is right for everybody. He can please you to derail the overall vision of transforming the city of lagos to a world class city.

why are u surporting fashola govt

why are u supporting this unlawful govt why cant fashola ban the police officers in the state for collecting bribe and even killing because of 20naira.....fashola is not after anybodies vote again that is the reason for is stupid actions for me evrything in this Nigeria is just wrong

Enough is Enough


I WILL START A 2013 campaign in lagos. " unhappy with Lagos? Go Back Home"

Enuf Is Enuf.

You got it all wrong....Continues

Many innocent and decent people have lost their live in similar situations, no thanks to okada riders. Many of these riders will do well in their villages practising subsistence agriculture and reduce the misery of the nation. What BRF has done is well pleasing to all well-meanng Lagosians. I hope when you return to Nigeria will like to live in Lagos without fear.

You got it all wrong

Uzoma, this indeed a good wrte up, unfortunately you missed the point, and I can see the reason for that. You are not resident in Nigeria, so you may not understand the issues you have raised. Before I continue, you need to know that I have a house in Papa Ajao, Mushin, Lagos State. So, this should give you the assurance that my testimony will be valid. Firstly, you need to understand that okada riders are only restricted to some areas and not outright ban. Okada riders have become a serious menace to Lagosians; you have armed robbers among them; 90% of them are not licenced. When they were banned by the FCT, many of them found their ways to Lagos, so it bacame an all comers affair. I will want you to visit Nigeria and drive anywhere okada riders operate, have an altercation with just one of them and you will become HISTORY, becuase they will all decend on you, burn your car and mob you to death.

I recently watched a

I recently watched a eye-openning & educative 2-hr documentary on the history of Nigeria right from 1914 to post Obasanjo era titled "THE REAL STORY OF NIGERIA" by Jide Olarenwaju. It was a very well produced documentary that every nigerian youth ought to watch to understand where we came from and how we got to the mess we are in today. The bottom line is that we have had spineless, selfish and greedy leaders who don't give a damn about the people they lead. The Buhari/Idiagbon govt had the best of intent at heart for the nation, but we complained and we got what we deserved in the Evil genuis we all know the rest of the story. BRF has the best interest of Lagos at heart.It is unfortunate that Nigerians want what is good, but we not ready to pay the price of investment to achieve this.


I totally disagree with the writer. Must people break the law because they have to make a living. 80% of the Okada riders are there because of laziness, tell me is unemployment that drag all the farmers from Adamawa to Lagos to become Okada riders while Nigeria now import Onion and the likes from Niger Republic? An able body man that leave is fishing job in Epe and over night become Okada rider? More of these people are in the trade because of laziness and bandwagon effect. Looking for quick money rather than wait in the farm for harvest time. Why are Nigerians always want to provide cheap and degrading alternative where their government is failing. Can't they stand up for once and demand that their leaders provide them their rights?
Please wake up my people and let us endavour to, call the spade a spade. Let us demand for the real right from our leaders and not asking them to legalize all this nuisance and eyesores we called remedies.

micah and uzoma are okada importers

I am sure that uzoma is from one of the south eastern states. please go and lecture your governors first before talking about fashola. he did the right thing. these useless armchair critics just write rubbish including the foolish micah. fashola is being civil by promulgating a law before banning. the other states governments especially the PDP states did it by executive fiat. Why not take your war to those states. most of the useless criticism of fashola is by PDP thinking they can use okada riders and their few apologists to win lagos state. fa fa fa fowl. Lagos is not for looters who cant even run a nation, even the states where lots of oil funds are beign deployed. Fashola has done the right thing and anyone not satisfied should pleeeeease relocate and leave our lagos which is on the way to becoming the mega city of our dream

No Okada

I agree with Gov Fashola that Okada be restricted on where they can ply. This is not enough, rather a total ban is what is needed. Okada is the preferred mode of transport used by criminals, and the number one cause of injuries on the roads. The writer claims he resides in Austri, but I beg to differ. He lives in India and sells motorcycles, so the bottom line is hurting. Why copy BAD, when those three legged motorbikes are eyesores enough, yet you are proud to advocate piling mother and children atop a motorbike and to hell with the consequences. The orthopedic hospital at Igbobi was full of careless victims loaded on the backs of motorbikes that plied the highways. Ask yourself if it is safe to place 2 or 3 people on the back of a motorcycle in major traffic? Okada should be banned outright, and govt should increase rail, water and road services to create more jobs.

The SAN lawyer

BRF is using the excuse that since other state governors ban okada and the people there did not complain why should lagos be an exception.Did he ask whether the riders have other means of livelihood that is why they did not complain?He is using security men to intimidate the people because they have the legal means to carry arms while we do not.BRF does things to prove that he is a SAN lawyer and nobody can dare him.I can see that he is using a military power against the people but when the uprising against their bad policy start he should not flee to US or london.

Not obnoxious law. Fashola has shown he is a responible govnor

@ uzomaah

is it obnoxious to ban a non licensed rider,carrying excess passengers, all without helmet from the highways? we all cannot deny we don't know they were not banned from the smaller inner roads! lets us avoid the propaganda of the opposition to ACN.
Most of the Okada riders are not even licensed nor can they ever be licensed to ride a vehicle in a sane country and you want us to continue to live like we are in a jungle; lawless society? Do we forget that okadas are vehicle? they mostly don't obey traffic lights and are generally inconsiderate of other road users including pedestrian. the law is to protect the public from themselves and that is what any responsible govment will do. There is and always will be alternatives to riding okada on the highway. we moved around 10 years ago when okadas were not on the highway! And as for the okada riders, let them go back to their villages in the north, east or west and farm or labour. we all can't live in the cities!

Totally Misguided

Uzoma how many okadas are plying the roads in Vienna where you dey?
The road to transforming Lagos from the slum it is now to a livable city has to start from somewhere. The okadas are a complete nuisance to the development and wellbeing of the people of Lagos. However, I agree more must be done to provide adequate mass transit system in Lagos.

Is Gov Fashola becoming a bad governor.

1. Uzoma you don't stay in Lagos so you don't know what operates, these Okada don't just cause accident and rob innocent citizens, but are also a menace to the society.. The don't obey traffic lights ( yes Uzoma we have traffic lights that work) ,they hit people cars and are quick to gather to mob people to death.
2. The so called ban isn't an outright ban, they were asked to operate within certain roads and this is why they came into existence in the first place. They were to help people whom their homes were very far away from the bus stop. However, it has been abused as they are so many on major highways, thereby increasing the risk to human lives, both the Okada riders, their customers and the other commuters on the roads of Lagos. So get your facts right.
3. Lastly Uzoma in Viienna where you stay, Okada dey operate? and if they do, are they for commercial purposes.What stops Lagos or even Nigeria from been as good as these developed countries. It's time to develop our country.

Uzoma Ahamefule: Keep Quiet

I remember very well that you once wrote about Allison Madueke' $20 million property in Vienna. You then came back to contradict the story.

Your words mean nothing in this forum.

Governor Fashola should repent.

As far as lm concerned Governor Fashola is the worst Governor that even rule Lagos State. he is not concern about the wellbeing of Lagosians, considering the fact that they voted for him.He must repent becouse his days are number.Thank you.

Re: Is Governor Fashola Becoming A Bad Governor?

Thank you Mr.Uzoma for your well written comments and suggestions.At least am happy we in diaspora still wake up daily to read about the happenings in our dear country.I have heard so much the recently enacted law banning Okada in Lagos state and I felt that was a misplaced priority.It is unbecoming of our politicians now to "turn tigers" after being rigged into power and continue to punish Nigerians.
Fashola did not think of alleviating the suffering of the poor masses. He was thinking of the discomfort of the thieving class on the road when they have to share the road with "ordinary" okada man. As am writing this rejoinder , there are thousands of Lagosians who are rejoicing over the the "messianic intervention" of Fashola to rid the society of crooks and vagabonds Okada men. Brainwashed! Meanwhile, the looting at various government houses continues with the cutting of "commissioning tapes" shabby projects!

FASHOLA, has always been a

FASHOLA, has always been a bad governor with his anti peoples laws-tinubu is his mentor so how do u expect him to achieve results?

Re: Governor Fahola

I am not in the least surprised that such comment is posted by someone living in the comfort of a foreign land. The problem is that we, Nigerians, have decided that lawlessness is "a way of life". As part of my social duty, I visit the orthopaedic and psychiatric hospitals at least once a month. At the orthopaedic hospital ( IGBOBI), over 40% of the patients have injuries caused by these "OKADA" riders. 90% of the operators are people who have absolutely no value for life. They are of no fixed abode, are illiterate and have disregard for all other road users. The partial ban is NOT good enough. I support a total BAN and I assure the Governor that heaven will NOT fall.Since the partial ban, I have not had my wing mirrors damaged nor have I driven my car with fear of being pursued by armed robbers on okada. Eko is working and Fashola remains "PRIMUS INTER PARES". GOD BLESS OUR DEAR GOVERNOR.

Fashola is an autocratic leader

I used to hold Fashola in high esteem until the day he started making all these draconian laws in Lagos. laws against the residents of the state. Laws made n implemented without any iota of thought. No conscience. Words spoken without given a second thought such as all non Lagosians shd go back to their villages if they cannot abide to the draconian laws of Lagos. How about the controversial issue of toll gates on the Lekki Epe road? Where in the world can you toll heavily used and congested road if the govt is not wicked? However I will commend the state govt for cleanliness of the roads compared to other states. In this aspect, they have tried. However, u dont have to kill Lagosians to perform some civil duties. Why are we paying tax n some other levies? I see this govt as been insensitive n not different from Abacha n IBB. If we allow them to get to the central, they will tell all Nigerians to leave the country n relocate to Togo or Benin.

Uzoma, there is no

Uzoma, there is no development without pains, we only talk about d itching part of d shoe, but never mention its beauty, its painful for those of us that lost our job, houses and business thats the price we have to pay, development is the job of everyone we have to give our support direct or indirectly.

I v gone thru d entire gamut

I v gone thru d entire gamut of dat Law, there is no section empowerg d govt to crush any Okada seized, if there is I challenge d relevant govt agency to show us. Also, I wonder why Fashola has to sign that Law hastily in view of d pendency of d suit instituted against d govt on d validity of d Law. Will it be too much for Fashola to abide d outcome of d case b4 signing d Law? Or has he forgotten the principle of Lis pendis so soon?

Alternative Transport

Nice piece Uzoma....I have been to places as crowded or as populated as Lagos. I lived in Istanbul for almost 6 months and I can compare the hustles and bustles with that of Lasgidi. But the big difference is the transport system. Istanbul has almost 19 million people with all types of transport systems...water, rail, road and sub way.
To the issue at hand, I feel strongly that an alternative means of transport could have been provided, and its Lagosians that will stop patronizing Okada themselves....
This democracy we have is not for the people or the masses...Its Government of the few for the sad:(

Leave Lagos Alone

I quite find it very distasteful for an 'Uzoma' to start running his mouth about Fashola's approach in running Lagos state, to make it worse you live and write from Austria! Please can this ngiigbos leave Lagos alone and stop bashing Fashola at every given chance? Kilo kan agbero pelu overload? Seriously, there are more deadly issues worthy of write ups like this in the south east.

Okada was banned in Abuja and heavens did not fall, Let smart business men join hands with the government to develop the metro transport in Lagos, as long as these tough decisions are not taken, we will remain in the dark ages, that's what Fashola knows best and he is doing his best to change things, its badly needed.

So carry you ill-researched write ups to the kidnapping caves of the south east and stop disturbing us. Lagos is obviously working and It will get even better! Eko Oni baje!