Governor Mimiko's Legacy Is About To Be Written

Segun Mimiko
By 'Dapo Osewa

To me, Governor's Mimiko's enduring legacies will be written in the next twelve months.

It may be legacies that automatically entitles him to another four years at Alagbaka as Chief Executive, or it may promise a roller-coaster ride that will be rough for him, by the cheer shenanigans of so-called political forces that are aligning against his own.

But the central problem facing Governor Mimiko's tenure will not be that of the political forces. The people of Ondo state are no fools as they have proven time and time again. They know how and when to separate chaff from the real deal.

The problem of governor Mimiko will be himself.

Already, on the official website of the Ondo state government (which reads more or less like OSRC in its glowing sycophancy ), a so-called Iroko 2013 group has already proclaimed Mimiko's achievements as unprecedented in Ondo state. With the report ( you can immediately sense what Mimiko's innermost circle of men are telling him..

Word to the effect that "the only former governor that could be compared to Mimiko in terms of performance was the late Adekunle Ajasin" is quite frankly nonsensical. To think such is being published on the state's official website is unnerving to the appropriately informed mind.

It is nonsensical because, it exposes a frightening misunderstanding on the pact, impact and visionary leadership that the era of Pa Ajasin represents in the political history of Ondo state.

It only takes living in Ondo state to recognise that the state, right from Alagbaka through to Ogbese, to Ibule is a living portrait of stagnation. The quotient of development that is in Ondo state is exactly at the level Pa Ajasin's leadership class of glorios yesteryears left it.

If the people milling around Governor Mimiko and the people responsible for the official website, do not realise that you cannot be the student, be the judge and then be the writer of history all at once, then Alagbaka is in serious trouble.

Here are few simple but telling realities:

Today, If you write an official letter today for-the-attention of governor Mimiko, there are no guarantees you would have any response, nor acknowledgements. What exactly therefore, are the responsibilities of the hundreds of men who mill around the governor day and night?

What guarantees you will receive any response, let alone positive treatment were you to write an official letter to someone in a ministry somewhere? And there are at least twenty three government ministries in Ondo state.

During the era of Pa Ajasin as I learn, it is standard procedure just as it is elsewhere in the world where governance is not about smokescreens, to expect a reply back if you write any letter to any department of state.
As a matter of fact, most government department have minimum service-level-assurances on how quickly they will deal with your correspondence. And you are pretty much entitled to sue if they fail on such service levels assurances.

It is not open to debate further therefore the quality of the leadership that obtains at Alagbaka if official letters, from citizens do not get the appropriate degree of treatment, starting with a due and diligently dispatched response.

Governor Mimiko’s premiership is more than three years old. It beggars the question, how hard can it be to reform the civil service?

Two, there is a feeling that Alagbaka has substituted the launching, or as as they say commissioning of project X and project Y for the notion of development in itself.

To think that a government that cannot connect the dots, and link the chains of interdependent growth in all sectors of her immediate society that actually drive development - true development, is letting herself be compared to the other ones, is quite frankly tragic. It’s bizarre.

Last year, governor Mimiko announced that a 'dome' building project is to be completed to the tune of N1.5B on 34 hectares of land somewhere in Akure. The governor added the project will be completed in five months at the time. ( It should be time someone asked, where is the dome ?

And in the wider scheme of things, how much sense is it to invest N1.5B in a construction job where most of the raw materials are likely to be imported?

Alagbaka perennially organises one conference or the other in relentless and constant search for the economic blueprint of the state but there are no extractive industries in the state that may reduce the extreme unemployment in the land. Oluwa glass Company remains a proposition of seemingly distant history; And Governor Mimiko's people are busy trumping him as the next best thing since Pa Ajasin?

Such delusion!

Perhaps more importantly, why is it inherently hard for the trappings of power in Ondo state - post the golden years of Pa Ajasin, to understand that Ondo state's strongest and most potent assets lies in the vast agricultural bases that underline the state's underbelly and apply more and focused mental thought towards redefining the enterprise and economic model of the state, based on these assets?

To me, it’s either insincerity, laziness or a combination of both. But Ondo state people will always figure that out. And in the case of Governor Mimiko, it will be soon enough.

Take the Gani Fawehinmi’s diagnostic centre [GFDC] inaugurated after a whopping $5.2M had been expended ( Now, you cannot speak of Chief Fawenhimi without immediately transporting your brain cortex to the realms of extraordinary and greatest reverence. As such, whatever Ondo state chose to invest in his honour can only be ever so little.

At the commissioning of the centre in February, the Governor stated “This centre parades state of the art diagnostic equipment that can diagnose diseases of unimaginable kind and unbelievable accuracy because first class expertise has been deployed from design to operations”. You can only forgive the pomposity, if not scam of those words. Governor Mimiko is a well-trained medical doctor. There is no such thing as unimaginable disease and he knows it.

However, the real pertinent question is, what has the governor and his people at Alagbaka done in the last few months to ensure that the first-class expertise so deployed from design to operations in the construction of that facility, can replicate itself?

What are the governor’s development plan, for a new, perhaps University Teaching Hospital in Ondo state?
How are the ministries of Health to coordinate the potential for duplication of responsibilities between the GFDC and the rather disgraceful Ondo state central hospital?

The logical questions are limitless.

Development, the health and fate of the people is not a function of the number of mega schools or hospitala that you ostensibly build in itself. What it takes to develop the mind, soul and body of the people is much more than physical structure and the governor knows this.

Despite, having invested billions of Naira on a new healthcare centre, there is no doubt in my mind that if you ask my grandmother to compare the state of healthcare in Akure today, to what she experienced in 1980 – just her general perception - there can be only one winner. In 1980, I was not even in existence…

If you cannot begin to see the problems facing the people of Ondo state, from a holistic angle, and put the machinery of state towards constantly finding a way to solve them, day and night, then it would soon be immaterial the number of pages on the world-wide-web that you or your agent proclaim you as towering with the best of the past.

And in time, you would start to see intellectual jokers as Jimoh Ibrahim and his current PDP fool-mates as credible ‘opposition’ to your second term ambition.

The colour and nature of Governor Mimiko’s legacy, would depend on how well he is able to seize the urgency of now, to rediscover his mission and billing at Alagbaka.

He probably needs to decongest his office and mental space from the myriads of sycophants that surround and delude him daily.

There can be little doubt that he would like to gain a second term as the chief executive of Ondo state.

All he needs to do, between now and the next Gubernatorial election in Ondo state is discountenance the most of his team, most definitely disband the groupings comparing him to Ajasin, and focus on having a full return-on-investment on all those mushrooming projects that he has invested a lot of Ondo state’ petrodollars on. He surely can do more to redefine the concept of service delivery in his government’s civil service. This is so central to the successes, or otherwise of governance that it is key. People talk about Governor Fashola’s brilliance in Lagos – and I am yet to see it, but there is little contention in most quarters whatever trappings of positive impact Fashola’s government offers in Lagos can only be due to some of the structural organisation Mr. Bola Tinubu’s premiership facilitated previously.

The politics of Ondo state is one of the easiest to participate in Southwest Nigeria; Yet it is one that can be easily misunderstood: Act in the people’s greatest interests, and be seen to be so acting, and they will troop in time to validate your entitlement to continue. It took Late Governor Adeferati of then AD a lot of years, actually twenty-four hours to the guber elections in 2003, to realise that the people of Ondo state, do not mind to excise so called Awoists, in favour of the sons-and-daughter of Obasanjoism, if they have to go that far to prove they are no fools when contemplating the central management of their affairs. It was too late.

The governor may need to revisit his history books on just exactly why Ondo state ‘boiled’ in the defence of Pa Adekunle Ajasin’s mandate in 1983.

And when he so does, one can only hope he actually takes the lessons therein to heart. He will need a radical change of problem-definition-and-problem-onslaught. And above all, he needs to get the people around him to work for Ondo state, and no more.

Time is already running out and the preamble pages in Governor Mimiko’s legacy sheets are dangerously pointing to nothing but a colossal whitewash…


'Dapo Osewa


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Silicon valley promised a̶̲̥̅̊ŋd failed

Mimiko has done more dan enuf in akure, I tink he shld focus on other towns: owo, okitipupa, ikare nd most importantly Ondo bcos he is frm dere. The silicon valley he promised has failed, pls mr mimiko jst conplete d dualization of ondo township roads b4 it bcums too late tanks I knw u are workin, buh it is not evenly distributed


The programmes that was cancelled by this administration are many, the Oluwa Glass, The Rice Plantation and The Palm Kannel Project. These are economic, productive and labour generating projects.
He promised bringing in projects including the vehicle assembly plant (I understand he was duped on this, by his town people) hence the difficulty in starting it. Why will someone start an assembly plant in Ondo town? When we have the Olokola Free Trade/Deep water zone. The labour utility alone is up to 1000 employees. I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with one of his Commissioners, the guy was sleeping while I was holding a meeting with him. So, I normally will pause for him to wake up before I continue. To make it worse, he lost my document within one week.


majority of Ondo state peple will stop Mimiko 2nd term the way he scuttled Chief Adefarati and Agagu continuity this is a priority agenda.People are alraedy aware of his propaganda and waiting for him.he is a liar his cooked propaganda has failed by trying to bribe people with creation of Local govt by virtue of 1999 consititution no state has such power.mimiko is a bundle of disappointment.Ondo State people are brilliant,educated and intelligent.he depence on political jobbers whom he has bribed so much, some of them does'nt have there family registered to fact they will disappoint him nemesis will catch him.the way he was closed to Adefarati and Agagu before he disappointed them so his closest loyalist will disappoint him, some of them are alraedy having meeting with ACN and PDP strategising how to deal with him.

Hmmm This is not good.

Mimiko after much political appointments and noise was 'voted' in by our people. He was voted in becuase people were tired of the underachievements of Agagu. We expect much from Mimiko. Dualisation of roads might be good when well thought out. But then if as stated here civil servants are not being paid, hen there is a major problem. He should watch himself.

The return on investments to

The return on investments to the government on those markets would be nil. If he had invested that 50-200 million in agricultural productivity or small scale industry managed not by chop chop politicians but seasoned managers as a starter towards a blue print for market centers in his second term it would make more sense.

FCC/Homan are rumoured to be

FCC/Homan are rumoured to be doing a bad job by Akure/Ondo engineers and if it is true and it turns out those new construction works that are part of his ongoing legacy are just conduit pipes to siphon money by the government and contractors then Mimiko should be ready to go. He should remember what happened to the billions Agagu and contractors siphoned towards his end and the effect on the new stadium(no stadium, after part payment), Owena dam(50% payment, Agagu supposed to have chop 25%), Auditorium or event center and various road construction works, that was partly paid for. Mimiko's market ideas are also controversial although not in Akure, he is building large 50-200m naira markets in small towns in the state. But like the author said, did he look at the agricultural productivity in those towns to warrant such huge investments.

Mimiko's admnistration is

Mimiko's admnistration is just a replica of the dearth of productivity of ideas and industry in Ondo state right now. I am a resident of Akure and apart from some trading only government commissioners and their friends are residents making millions. Mimiko's is sadly insulated from genuine ideas on progress for the state because most Akure based politicians are the chop chop politicians. And I think Mimiko's administration mirrors that mindset.If not chop chop, he would have not found a way to make Adesida rd look badly managed with the works going on.


FRom this write up it is very easy to deduce that the writer is myopic in his view, if you say that the state has ot left the state Pa Ajasin left it many tears ago it implied that Agagu 6yrs in power in the state is zero,not to talk of when the WORKING Governor got there, i think it is good to be realistic at times though am not in support of MImiko's second term in office because it is a legacy in our state not to allow anybody to serve two terms but Mimko is working as Agagu also did his best during his time,it is now the turn of the AKOKOS to serve the state

Mr Dapo or what you called yourself you are not being realistic.



Dapo! Indeed, this is piece is one of the most honest assessment of the empty government of Segun Mimiko that is devoid of any substance but sheer propaganda. The lack of ideas and confusion of Segun Mimiko is beyond any one comprehension. Ondo State people put a lot of trust on this man, but after about 3 wasted years of sheer propaganda, to say that total regret and frustration is the lot of Ondo people today will be understating the obvious fact. In 3 good years, Segun Mimiko did not create a single vacant position.


Today, thousands of graduates roam the street totally hopeless of ever getting a job. From the Indian Lister gari engine, which defines Mimiko’s industrialization’s goals to the aimless destruction of houses and business in the guise of building useless 2 lanes roads in some towns of the state, I make bold to predict that Segun Mimiko’s days are numbered. Ondo citizens have seen enough of this fraudster. Mimiko will be voted out in the next gubernatorial election in Ondo State. He’s done enough damage already.

@ladunjoye, face fact,no 2nd term 4mimiko

Except mr oladunjoye is a beneficiary of d current rot in ondo. State,I commend dapo for speaking d mind of an average ondo citizen,we don't brook insolence,the major road in akure has been awarded for a while now,with no appreciable improvement,my alma mata, spussa, amongst other government school is in ruins and mimiko is buliding fake mega school.2013 is here!

I have been to Ondo State

I have been to Ondo State letely - in fact, I live in Akure. There is no achievement by Mimiko outside the market stalls he is building. I can also assure you that he has buldozed the good Oba Adesida road. He removed the good street lights. He is working to now again put asphalt on the same Oba Adesida road and put new street lights and call it a new project!!! Talk about grand deceit. Another acheivement of Mimiko is that he has about 600 political appointeess and yet he cannot pay us poor civil servants N18,000 minimum wage. I can also add another achievement of Mimiko, all members of his family have become billoniars. His wife's junior brother who graduated 3 years ago own the biggest and most beautiful house in Alagbaka. His junior brother who is the VC of Akungba now own the most beautiful house in Ijapo. His Chief of Protocol lives and own the most expensive house in Akure. The list of Mimiko's thieveries is endless.

Mr Dapo,have u been to Ondo

Mr Dapo,have u been to Ondo state lately,reason why im asking is because from ur write up is either u dont know what is happening in that state or u r from the opposition party.Governor Mimiko is doing a brilliant job in that state,im really surprised at u condeming everything that the governor has done.Pls get ur fact right b4 heading to print media.