Help!!! Criminals On Pulpits By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

"All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions." - George Bernard Shaw

"Truth lives, in fact, for the most part on a credit system. Our thoughts and beliefs pass, so long as nothing challenges them, just as bank-notes pass so long as nobody refuses them." - William James

The media has been awash with news of pastor (or is it Bishop) Oritsejafor's 'gift' of a private jet from his 'beloved' church members. There have been criticisms from those who felt things weren't right. Other people have come out to say there is nothing wrong about it. I have however taken my time to ponder on this issue, and my ponderings have finally given words to my thoughts. It was Steve Barry who said, "The problem with writing about religion is that you run the risk of offending sincerely religious people, and then they come after you with machetes." I'm used to criticisms and I love being controversial - in fact, I thrive on criticism, and that is why I'm prepared to pour out my mind on this issue of criminals that have hijacked our places of worship. For those who care to read with an open mind good for you. And for those who have closed their minds, good luck to you.

Pastor (or Bishop…whatever) Oritsejafor isn't the first pastor to own a private jet. No, someone beat him to that. The man called Bishop Oyedepo (remember him, yeah...the one who used slap to cast out demons...yes, ehem) beat him to that. The mixed reactions however, are a clear indication of the fact that Nigerians are still undecided about what is right and what is not. I have always made my stand clear on religious leaders that get rich on account of the tithe paid by church members, and then have the audacity to declare it as a personal asset. These people, I've found, always twist the Bible to suit their decisions and actions. I don't know whether it's not in the Bible that tithe belongs to God, why then are these people declaring as personal assets money that belongs to God? Did God appoint them as His minister for finance?

Yes, judge not, that ye be not judged. That is a saying that has been seriously misunderstood. Touch not my anointed...that is a quotation that has been misinterpreted to continually submerge people in slavery. The same preachers who echo the 'judge not' gospel are the same people who hammer every Sunday that "be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers" and that if I do, I am going straight to hell (as if they are the mobilization officers for heaven). The same pastors hold presidential prayers at ASO rock, and collect millions of taxpayers’ money as 'transport fare' back home. Tell me, if those
robbers at ASO rock are not unbelievers, then who is? The same pastors that condemn me for 'loving the things of the world' and not 'setting my affections on things above' are the same ones who gallivant about in exotic cars and jets. We have all broken the 'judge not' rule, so I might as well cast my own judgment too.

When they said Pastor Oritsejafor's church members gave him a jet as a gift. I believe them. Seriously, I do. But I refuse to believe that he had no foreknowledge of that gift. Will 40 million just disappear from church account and no one will ask where it 'flew' to? Or is it that
a private jet has become like a bicycle that you can just buy at any corner? I refuse to believe he had no hand in it. And when they tell us that church members bought it for him, I doubt if a man who is yet to eat breakfast at 4pm all because he has no money will agree to that kind of wastefulness. Why the need for private jet? Is it that he has become so holy that he must not travel with mere mortals again? Nigerians, shine your eyes.

I have always said it, and I will continue to say it till I breathe my last, that these pastors need to be challenged. It is a pity that all you need to be a pastor that draws crowds today is to have a past so dirty that it will take the blood of Jesus to wash it 3 or 4 times before it can be clean. They use tithes of church members to build universities and then raise the tuition so high that the children of those who paid the tithes have to forfeit university and opt for just anything. They use tithes to buy jets and fly around the world while those who paid the tithes continue to die off and lose children to hunger-related diseases.

Nigerians must throw off the garments of gullibility that they have on them. Enough of having a pastor interpret the Bible to you, you have brains too, interpret the Bible yourself. Enough of sending a pastor to God to help him pray for you, if God is your father, approaches him as a son would approach his father. Enough is enough! We must reclaim our pulpits from the criminals who have hijacked them. Robert Nesta Marley has said it all, "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery..."

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So called preacher thieves.

The bible says dat it is more difficult for a rich man to make heaven dan 4 d camels head to pass tru d eye of a needle? I condemn d preachers and heads of these churches because they know more and they have no excuse. A man of God must have a very simple heart to be able interpret d message of God to us so how simple can his heart be with all the waste? Dey know what to do but they are lost in sin like every other corrupt person. The saying that touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, is not applicable to these criminals because they have decided to commercialize the words of God in order to enrich them selves and live like Gods. They control so much wealth, they come in contact with all sorts of like minds (criminals) that they are no longer on the journey to purity, instead they are now working hard for the opposite force. Let's start by taxing these businesses sorry churches.

The Truth is

Ignorance is a curse, poverty is circumstance. So d real cursed ones re those who re sold d prosperity gospel by these con men who call themselves pastors. One basic fact most people dnt know is that d happiest people on earth U'll find among d poorest. Can U deny happiness is d greatest wealth?

Spot the Difference


None, Absolutely None!



I must thank you for your exposition. I assure you that some of us have known this and are challenging them. What they do is to throw us out their churches. God will catch up with the criminals soon

No respect for them

These so called men of God have lost my respect. When the people who brought the gospel to them had just what they needed to survive, these shames thieves on the altar have converted spreading the gospel (a command from Jesus) to a business line. Success in ministry now is not how many converts you have but how much your account swells with each service. I agree with you that we need to confront these thieves NOW. Wolves in sheeps clothing. Wicked shepherdss feeding fat on the flesh of the flock they are meant to protect.

Money Laundering Church (Part 1)

Hahaha, you have stirred up the hornet's nest, soon daggers from gullible-brain-washed-faithfuls will soon be flying. Unfortunately because of the greed of the pew all they want is a prosperity preacher, and fire on the enemy prayer with no desire for eternity and the cost paid to get there. The "judge not" quote in Matt 7 is referring to Hypocritical Judges. John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul etc, out of a pure and sincere heart, in several places called the church to order.

Considering the vast amount

Considering the vast amount of people attending fire on the MTN revival, Holy Ghost night, oyakilome, oritsejafor, Yidis, etc, by vague estimation constitute 60-70% of the populace, yet Nigeria is in a moral state worst than infidels, i.e. 20-30% of US or UK population are religious, but morally they are better than us. The same people who attend these places of worship would close the gap when u indicate to change lanes when driving. So who is fooling who? Why is the church involved in money laundering, white-washing ill-gotten wealth in the blood of Jesus, why are our places of worship becoming safe havens to Legislooters & bank CEO den of robbers? The misquote from the bible now in vogue is Isaiah 60:5 ‘The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you’, as a preacher normally says, when a soul is adamant on going to hell, it will find a verse in scriptures to support his evil deeds. Preach on James Ogunjimi, you are on the ball!!

i believe you

the author hit the nail on the head. these god of men use hypnosis on the congregation, so when they are told to bring tithe they respond like zombies. I believe in Jesus Christ but I sorry for christains. Nice article

re: criminals on pupilt

continue the good work of exposing this criminals standing as men of God. that God said judge not that ye not be judged, he also said that THOSE THAT SIN, REBUKE THEM PUBLICLY THAT OTHERS MAY FEAR 1timothy 5v20


If planes had been around, Jesus would have flown in them-Sad to have syndicated beggarly writers turn a religious piece into a campaign issue-for bakare and Buhari. Pastors in 9ja have been known to own private jets until a man from the south south oil producing enclave, was (gifted one)-then and only then did satan from the animal kingdom rear his ugly head from hell to defend Bakare! Bakare it was who advised Abiola against contesting the June 12 elections. Yet went on to allege that Abiola gave him money-to enable him preach the gospel-Yes it was right then abi? Given the zone that he hails from Orit, was supposed to have had an aircraft long before now-the story of the Bible in filled with rich people honoring leaders including Jesus Christ with their wealth-so the issue of a pastor from the SS, attracting demonic flies to himslef for riding in a plane instead of a dug out canoe, should not be our portion.

I'll Build My Church...

Is the private jet more costly than the $680M FaRogue stole from 'Odetola'? You cannot hide your true identity for too long. Wolf na wolf. No bi today we know sey you be stooge for the Hausa-Foolanis. They are even tired with you because your efforts have not yielded the anticipated results. Fatwa!

Criminal Pastors

The devil has taken posession of our churches.Join me in prayers for God to anihilate these evil men in dog collar and cassock.If you support this prayer please say Amen.


'Will 40 million just disappear from church account and no one will ask where it 'flew' to? '

You article would have been great BUT for your ignorance.

The Church purse is controlled by ONLY the SENIOR PASTOR, and one / two HIGHLY TRUSTED Associates. So no one asks any question about the Church Funds.

No church member bought a

No church member bought a gift. The "gift" came from that derelict and corrupt to the bone egghead in Aso Rock. That's a fact and it's known all over Abuja! It's their oil and they want to make sure they still as much as they can before he got kicked out or way or the other.