How My Brother Died In Your Church- An Open Letter to Rev. Olukoya Of Mountain of Fire Worldwide Ministries

Rev. Daniel Olukoya
By Taiwo Omotosho

Dear Reverend (Dr.) Daniel K. Olukoya: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ - The Redeemer of my soul. I am the only sister of the late Pastor Olugbenga Omotosho who was summoned to Lagos by you from his base. I am absolutely amazed by how you and your team have handled the issue of the sudden death of my beloved brother.

I cannot believe the ordeal that your team have put my family through, together with my chosen representatives. I always esteemed you highly, not only as a very educated man, but as a Man of God. I would appreciate it so much if you could personally provide me detailed information on the last four weeks of my late brother's life.

I would also like to know what transpired in the last two weeks of his life, especially since you summoned him to your headquarters in Lagos. I find it absolutely shocking that you did not fulfill the promise to call me while you were here in England this week. I understand that my brother's body is somewhere in Lagos and you are concerned about the financial aspect and spiritual aspect of the burial.

I will appreciate you contacting me directly to discuss your concerns with me.Your team has not been organised and has given conflicting information. I would like an independent autopsy performed on my brother's body. I would also appreciate that you respect my family's wishes. MFM HAS MADE IT CLEAR THAT IT IS TOO POOR TO PAY THE AIRLINE FARES FOR CARGOING HIS BODY HOME, etc.

Please kindly detail the terms of my brother's employment and service with your ministry. As far as I am concerned, my brother was overwhelmingly overworked in your organisation. He was on many occasions serving the ministry without being allowed to spend time with his family. It was even difficult for us to reach him on many occasions. A SIMPLE ONE MONTH HOLIDAY TO REST OVERSEAS AND EVEN HAVE A DOCTOR'S PRIVATE CHECK UP IN THE UNITED KINGDOM WAS TURNED DOWN BY YOUR ORGANISATION.

I  am demanding answers from you as the founder of the ministries because your team has been very uncooperative and uncaring, apart from a couple of pastors who went out of their ways to assist. I would like to thank you for not contacting me in London, even though you were just a few steps away. Also, I would like to thank Bimbo Fatasi, your MFM London Thamemead International Headquarters, for leaving a message that she was on holidays.

Thank you so much Rev (Prophet) Olukoya.

Rev. (Dr.) Taiwo Omotosho


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who are you calling crimnals

Mr people are dieing in every family. we all feel sorry and sorrow for them .than does not make us "mad dogs"

Nahhh Man

Ya'll people need Jesus

The cry of a soul in anguish

I do not condemn the writer of this article because it is evident that the sorrow of loss of a dear relative overwhelmed the person.

However, I make bold to say by my personal contact with the General Overseer of MFM and other things I know he has done for people not as close to him as this 'pastor' who is reported to have died, that he is a man of compassion. Dr Olukoya whom I know has a large heart.

I am afraid that the writer and other members of the family handled this matter in the wrong manner. Since the person didn't receive the promised call, why didn't the person visit the general overseer.
Well, this is not how scriptures says we should settle scores within the christian fold. The Bible says we should first of all report matters to other believers whom we think should be able to assist. There would have been better means of seeking a redress than ask questions that incite the public.

Please - DO NOT conderm the writer

This is a sad story. When church issue develops like this - it can be heart-breaking. Whatever the case, it would be better if the church and the top leaders assist by contacting, explaining and consoling the family of the late church-worker. Please - DO NOT conderm the writer but write kindly to her. They must be going thro a hard time - I pray for peace of mind for them. God knows everything and can not be fooled. This is really sad.

Why all the fights against Rev. Omotosho?

Why all the fights against Rev. Omotosho? Is it now a sin to ask questions? Nobody is above questioning...Why do we allow little issues to degenerate? Curing ringworm leaving leprosy? I expected MFM to have contacted Omotosho on the pertinent and issuing her a formal explanation to the cause of death of her late bro instead of being evasive. Remember, pentecostal business is highly sensitive and volatile..any stone unturned could leave the church's name and ego in great Jeopardy.Not long, I overheard some pastor of MFM crying over a poor welfare packages. I tended not to believing him but he went further by saying that 90% of the proceeds from the branches goes to the headquarters. These could be untrue, but issues like that of Taiwo Omotosho further get me more confused. I love MFM than to see her name goes down the mud like the Lion of .............. Thanks

Rev. Omotosho comment

my dear sister, Dr, Rev, Taiwo, It beats my imagination that the only brother you have, love so much that you can go to media for action to paint mfm church black. if I may ask when did you see your brother last? i learnt that you have not seen your brother for over 20yrs. When you lent that Dr Olukoya was in London why didn't you make out time for your brother and go and see him, rather you sit down and wait for him to come and brif you. Even now you have not gone down to Nigeria to see your brother wife and your parents to know how they feel, you sit over there waiting for somebody to brif you. wake up

Where is your faith Rev,Mrs Taiwo.

Well its a pity that someone who called herself a servant of God is demanding inquiry from God why He take home his son.Is irony because i dont know what you preach,Maybe Life without death..God have mercy on us.But my advice to you is to stop chasing shadows because the reality is that we must die one day...just always be prepared.That is what the bible is reminding us,that death comes like a thief.Some of your relatives that doesn't attend MFM will they live immortal? May God guide his family nd be a father to his children.

Deffending God or Omotoshor

One day I will die, You the reader and writer will equally die. Do you know how u will die? MFM is now killing church bcos one her pasores died of sthmatima...terms of employment and services with the ministry now that he is late? Ah! God have mercy

Where Do You Belong?

The late pastor won many souls for Christ before he got translated (believers doesnt die); he has finished his work here on earth, won so many souls for christ. You (I dont know the camp u belong: Omotosho or MFM camp) do u know the door God will use to bring u back home? How many souls have u won for Him? Are you deffending Omotosho family? Did God mandeted you to fight His battle for Him? Remember that our God is a man of war. Are u deffending MFM? Sorry, I know MFM very well: they beleive in prayers, even the G.O is a quite man ( he doesent believe in open combat), they dont need any body to speak for them or fight for them. Let see what we will do to aid the family



Na wa for you ooo!do you want

Na wa for you ooo!do you want us to be continously blindfolded?

But where arte the other Pastors that can cure asthma

My own comment go go the other pastors that flood our hearings and seeings with claim of miracles that can cure even more complex ailments allow a young promising man to die of Asthma or go about with Asthma drugs.I hope their claims of miracle proweress is not DECEIT TO MILK PEOPLE OF THEIR HARD EARNED INCOME.GOD IS HIGHLY WATCHING ALL.

Im a member of MFM & Im used

Im a member of MFM & Im used to Port Harcourt Lagos & Abuja Regions.I know the deceased & his parents.He was one of the newly promoted AROs & his region is in Port Harcourt.He has always been an asthmatic patient and goes about with his drugs.After attending a 3-day introductory course for the AROs in Lagos,he went home to spend the weekend with his parents in LAGOS.He got ready for the airport on Monday morning & slumped in the living room of his parents.His parents were witnesses to his death at home.HE DID NOT DIE IN THE CHURCH AS REPORTED BY REV (DR) TAIWO OMOTOSHO.Members of MFM have been visiting the family since the incident.The family requested that he should be buried in his station in Port Harcourt instead of Lagos.The church had given approval that all expenses for his burial,including transportation to Port Harcourt by air will be borne by the ministry.I CAN CONFIRM THAT THE PARENTS OF REV TAIWO OMOTOSHO DO NOT SUPPORT THE PUBLICATION & HAVE DISSOCIATED THEMSELVES FROM IT.

“How My Brother Died In Your Church"


Re: How my brother died in your Church

I read with shock, the death of your brother who was a Regional Overseer of MFM. As d pastor from PH said, he was invited to MFM hqtrs because of his promotion. MFM pastors are not known to be poor becuase the church takes very good care of them but if he was, then, who can question God. The MFM owes it a duty to give the late pastor a befitting burial and give support to his family. Rev.Taiwo should know that MFM will relate with the late pastor's wife and if it were the wife who posted the writeup it would be easy to believe. You should leave your brother's wife to relate with MFM on the burial arrangements.We should be happy that ur brother died in the Lord since death will come when it will.

God Bless you Rotimi.....

Thanks Rotimi. People feel its easy for you to smear Men of God or leaders of Big organisations as they already have many enemies anyway. Thank God we have an eyewitness account.I do sympathise with the family of the pastor though. It is a tough time but does not warrant the way this Rev Dr has spoken. I am sure your late brother will not approve of it.

Please accept my sympathy

if we always live in the conciousness that this world is not our home, if we truely understand the body, soul and spirit component of man and if we do depend on God as the final judge, then things will never get so messy. Death is our inevitable end no matter where or how. In as much as i empathise with the writer, i also want her to realize that the brother is gone and not going to benefit from whatever actions. See it as a time of test, let it be the test you must pass, thank God we have good christains invoved. simply give urself a break and God Almighty will talk to u on this issue. Please accept my sympathy.

This is an objective

This is an objective assessment of the matter and it is a welcome development.

As Christians, we should be objective in whatever we say or do. If the Church or those who have sympathy for its founder feel that what the Reverend Doctor said is not correct, they should state their own side of the story since the matter is now in the public court. There is no need for hide and seek here.

Re: How my brother Died in your Church

Matt12:13 But I say unto you, that EVERY IDLE WORD that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement".
Dear Rev. Taiwo, I sympatise with you on the demise of you brother,I am a member of MFM & know your late brother very closely. He was the pastor of the Omoku branch recently appointed an Assistant Regional Overseer of a newly created Region.
Ur brother went to Lagos for his induction training with others based on his new appointment which he completed successfully and left for the family house also in Lagos
Pls confirm to the world that your brother died in your family house before his two parents & not in the Church.

I have a feeling that you had issues with ur brother working in MFM or the church & saw this as a good opportunity to take a pound of flesh, if this be the case may the good Lord have mercy on you & for the several commentators who neither sought counsel nor asked for the truth before commenting see Matt 12:13


They did more than this to Jesus Christ. They just dont want light so that they may continue with their evil deed. If a pastor is poor, they are eager to abuse such; if he is rich, they accuse him/her of defrauding the follower. Let these characters come out n let us see if they are worthymen that can be emulated. We know Pastor Adeboye, we know Dr Olukoya, let us see your life and see if you have better things to offer so we can follow you. NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO PREVENT THE LIGHT FROM SHINNING! Your campaign against the men of God would not be the first and surely it will not be the last. But you will try but always fail because God is real.

Well all said and done, you

Well all said and done, you Rev Dr. and all that has responded to this post, I strongly suggest to you all to fear God. There is a God in heaven that knows all things and He will surely judge all things.
Rev., you know fully well that all you said is nothing but a lie. Your brother died in his parents' house. Very soon, the contact of your father and mother will be posted online for those who care to call them and ask questions.
When people begin to see the wrath of God, they will not remember where they missed it.

I agree wt u. the woman is in

I agree wt u. the woman is in agony at the loss of a brother and at the pains of illtreatment.

Are You Now Consoled

I wonder if all these Comments on SR are consoling to you. As a Christian, are you comfortable with all the insults many people have meted on men of God & body of Christ because of your letter? (Luke 17:1-4) Hmm! Rev, Regardless your denomination, if you claim to be a Christian, the Bible should be your guide. It clearly stated the way to go about issues when offended and non of its recommendations agreed with your method. Careful Christians!

@ Kalli Uche - Well Said

I read this story yesterday and also wondered if the writer, the so-called 'Rev' (Dr) Taiwo Omotosho was actually a Reverend in the House of God. Well, she may have under-estimated the implication of her action, but,dear 'Rev' Omotosho, you have done what a true believer should not have done. Are there no other ways of resolving this conflict? Is this the kind of counsel you will give to your fellow christian sister who was in your shoe - to write on SR to scatter the Church? Check your Christian status please and be sure that you are standing firm in the Lord because the Bible says that "he who thinks he stands should take heed lest he fall". The greatest test of the Christianity we profess comes in the times of our affliction. I KNOW YOU ARE HURTING OVER THE DEATH OF YOUR BROTHER, BUT THIS SINGULAR WRITE-UP OF YOURS CAN LEAD TO THE DEATH OF A THOUSAND SOULS. LET US AS CHRISTIANS, BE CAREFUL BECAUSE WE SHALL ALL BE ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD ON THE LAST DAY.

you shouldnt be this shallow

you shouldnt be this shallow minded, wether a Rev or not, what is wrong with the person posting this on SR for the world to see??? Its called enlightenment. You are completely unaware of the fact that it is possible she must have been trynna get through to them in private to no avail and that is why she decided to use this medium. Besides, a clear conscience fears no accusation. I would love for the Church's reply to be here too so we can all see what they have to say for themselves.

SR is not the place for this letter

Dear Rev., posting this letter on SR would not bring answers but only cause more grief for you. just seeing some comments alone would aggravate your pains. If you need answers, go down to Nigeria and find out what really happened, instead of waiting for a call or a visit. If you are really mourning your brother, SR is definitely not the place!

Not Again

Just to drop a few comments. We don't know the facts of the story but from what we know, its a sad thing to read people's comments saying she should have gone to MFM to ask for what happened to her brother. How dare you say that?MFM owes the family every support they can get at this time of grief. You who said she should go to ask MFM rather than wait for presidential information...well well well...I pray you don't lose someone dear to you...but wait till it happens and you'll know how it feels to read comments like that.
If MFM hasn't been supportive to the family, then they should...if they have, then they can do more...if they've done more, then they can always do more and's hard enough to take in when you've lost someone...
I know you not but RIP and my sympathy to the family in question...Many thanks

The reason a hen.

Wahala or whatever you called your name, is it written in your bible of Quran that you judge people according to what you hear without doing thorough investigation. The bibles say go ye and possess the land for my wonderful work. Wahala, let not the wrought of God come upon by the works of your mouth the the man of God. Rev. (Dr.)(Mrs.) Taiwo, whom I believe loves her brother would have taken pains to find out the cause of the death of her brother rather nailing the dog in order to give it a bad name. Please wahala advise Rev.(DR.)(Mrs.) Taiwo to meet the General Overseer of MFM for discussion so as to avoid going on line to apologise for false allegation against the man of God. I am not a member of MFM, but a child of God who believe every of his words, that we must find our a m

I dont think the writer of

I dont think the writer of this request is a christian but one thing is sure death is bound to happen to everyone on earth whether now or later but the ultimate end is what we always pray and aspire-heaven. If this Taiwo is a reverend as he claimed he should be thanking God that his brother died in the Lord and later they will meet again.
I suspect that the man has been looking for opportunity to criticise MFM,I will advise him to watch his tongs so as not to attract the wrath of God. There must be a reason to have called his brother to the HQ as claimed but this is not enough to conclude that MFM as a church killed him. For what?

Bad belle

What´s your heck in this issue, are you crying over the land or commenting on the issue at hand, mind you those land were duly both and legally acquired.