How A Total Stranger Delivered A Baby In My Toilet

Baby Emmanuel
Gbenga Gold and the baby boy delivered by a total stranger in his house
By Gbenga Gold

Dear people: In all my years, I've never seen this much excitement. Just as well, I hope not to see such anytime soon.

A gentle spirit (let's call it laziness) asked me to stay in bed for longer than necessary this morning. When eventually common sense won the battle, I moved my hump out of bed and went downstairs. Laying at my gate was a young lady of about 25 years old. Beside her, and aggressively but unsuccessfully seeking her attention, was a 2-year-old boy with a running nose. It was a sight beyond comprehension.

I engaged the lady in a light banter and she revealed she was coming from the Redeemed Camp and was heading for Sango Ota when lethargy got the best of her and the shade my corridor presented obviously seduced her. A short nap ensued, which I had rudely interrupted.

I gave her some change (looked like she could do with it), bade her farewell and made to close the gate when she made the unexpected request to use my toilet. That was when I noted her generous tummy. I went ahead to make good a toilet we hadn't used in ages downstairs and beckoned her over.

I moved to pacify her boy, who seemed intent to follow mummy to the loo. I was just explaining the finer points of being a gentleman to the wide-eyed kid when the scariest cry I'll ever hear graced my ears.
The cry of a new-born!

I thought, "No way!" and prayed to the gods the sound was an echo from far, far away. No such luck, people. The lady I'd never met (EVER) had just conjured up a little human in my toilet.
This blew my mind

I was thinking a billion things and developed a quick case of amnesia; I couldn't recognize my own voice. When I found it, she was already asking for a blanket to wrap the bloodied and mucus-covered littling. I remembered my family was upstairs, dashed there, informed my wife of our uninvited guests and went looking for a nurse. Before you could say "Baby" the entire neighborhood was in my humble compound and I was explaining to all it wasn't mine. Like a guilty accused, I showed all my own wife and kid as evidence of my innocence. Then, common sense kicked-in again and I went off to invite the police. Those clowns had the effontery to call me 'Baba Baby.' The next one that asks me for money will get an earful, I swear down!

Anyway, the lady cop that accompanied me back home must have been disappointed not to see the blood and stuff as the party had moved to the dinghy clinic opposite my house. There, Baby Wonder got his first bath and opened his tiny eyes for the first time. I found myself praying he wouldn't fix his gaze on me and accuse me of fathering him. Thankfully, he didn't and my wife, who'd disappeared for a while, turned up with fresh clothes for mum and child. That was when I found the courage to take photos of the boy. He is cute, even if I say so myself.

Daddy was a bit hard to track as he was said to be in class and not taking calls. My text to him got him to call back and he joyfully announced he was on his way from Sango. Turns out he's training to become a pastor. For the life of me!

In the end, it was kinda cool to see the happy family unite in joy. Even the new big brother (Emmanuel they call him; apt, no?) seemed happy. He donated a few moulds of feces to commemorate the occasion. The nurses weren't too happy; serves them right. They were calling the poor new-born Gbenga already. Who does that?

Daddy prayed, mummy smiled, baby cried some more, then my life returned to normalcy. Bliss. The fact that Arsenal beat Liverpool in the last minute just made the already great day super-great.
Would I do it again? Well, my wife gave me a kiss, so who knows, right? ;)


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It shows how much you love your fellow human being, some people would have showed them the way even if its glearing that she's in labour and in serious pain! im sure there's a beautiful reason why your home was chosen. Our God is a God of purpose and reason..he never sleeps nor slumber! probably, u were tested by God, who knows? but you passed! May joy never cease in your home and May God continually surprise you with his glory...Please endeavour to be at the naming ceremony. God bless you plenty...

Oluwatoyin Abiodun

Thumbs up, Gbenga

I just read your true life experience/story, very thrilling!!! You'd always had an excellent and humble spirit even when we were at school. God bless you for this kind act.

love it

Nice piece..

Stranger with new born baby

Well, Mr Gbenga, I thank God for you because the REAL father showed up. Or else, you would have been in drum-filled with ashes of shame and disappointment by now.
In fact, the way you dramatised the whole story seemed you were not trully true in the story, but thanks to the picture you took with the child, I would have been among the doubting Thomas because of the way you presented the whole very important thing.


For your angelic role as a mid(husband?)wife, especially given the fact that woman was on her way from a gathering of God's people, God will shine His light upon your path this year. If you are still in the business, expect ibeji before the year runs out (it's just March)and much more than you need to take care of them. On a serious note, may God bless you and yours!

Act of Charity is what the Lord need...

I'm so glad to read this peace of touching article for a charity done by a good Samaritan (Gbenga). May Almighty God bless you abundantly and may you you never lack in Jesus name, AMEN...



God bless you Gbenga

I maintain that.anyone professing to love God can only exibit this towards other human beingsm Gbenga, God will immensely bless you. You and your family will never knw any lack in Jesus name.

The beauty of the write up is

The beauty of the write up is that no mention is made of the monotonous religiou-ethnic conscious Nigeria of today, the Guy simple helped fellow Human being in hour of need. That is the Nation I was raised in years ago, when we all celebrated the Sallah and waited anxiously to the arrival of Cristmas season.that was when we look at one another as classmate, neighbors,etc rather than the maddening allegiance to things personal. We are only good in as much as fellow human are safe and protected with us. I so much appreciated the efforts of The Gbengas. The wife has to go extra length to look for what the new born wore, that is indeed commendable. May your deed be acceptable to God and may He in His Infinite wisdom and benevolence enrich your family, your offspring, their offspring,those around you and them and the Nigerian Nation at large. May peace reign again in Nigeria. Amen and Amen.

You are Christ-like!!

Simple yet touching story of charity. Aside the charitable nature of his action, he writes this piece with great humor. I bet, Gbenga is as happy as his actions.

Good job Gbenga

There was no dramatization in the story. He narrated as it happened, and what he explained was how the it was............the lady had come back from the Monthly Holy Ghost Service at the Redeemed Camp and was on her way home with her unborn child and a 2 year old son. She was sleepy and weary, and seeing a shaded place in a home whose occupants she knew not, decided to take a short nap there before heading again for home. It was the short nap, that appeared to have been disturbed by the homeowner, Gbenga....................where was the drama there? Lets learn to read with understanding rather than cast aspersions.
Having said that, i wish to commend Gbenga and his household for the help they rendered.
I pray God meets you at your time of need too!
God bless you and yours!

Damn good pieace! Keep it up.

Damn good pieace! Keep it up. Millions of miles away from the dry watery articles we often read from the members of the Pius club of writers! Laced with a very good sense of humour!


Dear Gbenga,
May God bless you & yours

God Bless You, Gbenga!

I thoroughly enjoyed your story. May God reward you immensely for your good deed. I think it is right for the baby's parents to name him after you. It makes a lot of sense! May you never lack. God will meet you at every point of your need. May heaven continue to smile upon you.

Thank you Gbenga!

Great story

If only Nigerians can be helpful and reasonable like Gbenga, we would not be expressing hardship.

Godbles u gbenga

its a good sign dat riches and prosperity shall not depart 4rm gbenga household 4ever.

its a good sign dat riches

its a good sign dat riches and prosperity shall not depart 4rm gbenga household 4ever.

You & the wife should be god parents

What a beautiful story! What a lovely and humble couple you & your wife are. A credit to the human race.

pay attention

udam,read the story is all in simple english and nothing is 'dramatized'.what are they teaching this generation?

Fluidity and humility

Gbenga your write up is fluid and you are modest. Your education pays off and your home training is commendable. Be grateful that you are able to do this. May God bless you and your family.

Hope yet for Nigeria!

If this has been written by a young man, presumably a product of the present Nigerian educational system, them all is not lost. The collapse can still be pulled from the abyss. Not perfect but a very good try. If I was into that kind of business I would be employing you straightaway.

what a story..

I've never been so excited about a asimple story in the recent times. Baba Pickin and you'r really sure its not yours!(Just Joking). You did well my brother. I like tha fact that you did not start conjurring the name of God or something to make us thimk you're some kind religious thing like all Nigerians do, thereby the reason for doing what you did. I'm also taking aback by your wife's reaction, it seaks loads about you and her and your relationship. Kudos Gbenga.


May God bless you Gbenga, you are such a blessing to that family..

Great Literary Skill

Read through the above write-up with relish. Your style is commendable. Kudos!

Good Job Gbenga!

God will bless you ten fold for your magnanimity. That was very nice of you to take to the distressed woman and her son. It made a good Sunday morning story. However, I don't understand when you said that "a short nap ensued which you rudely interupted" after your shade seduced her. Whose "nap" does that belong to, given that you are still engaged into conversations with her? It is glarring good that you did a praiseworthy act but to dramatize it and put a little juice to it, in my own opinion, is not necessary. God bless you and your family, Gbenga.


Mr.Gbenga, thank you and your wife for the kind of humanitarian gesture you showered to your 'guest(s)'. pls you and your entire family should kindly attend the naming ceremony of the child.

Great story and good deed indeed!

"Why the persistent denial that the baby is not yours? A simple explanation is sufficient, no point swearing and sweating to maintain the baby is not yours. Unless, if the neighbours have any other reason to suspect you.."

Great story! Good news for once from this maligned country Nigeria. As for the person that wrote this caption above, I pity you. Rather than seeing the news as a feelgood story, all you care about is irrelevant admonition. Get a life will you? People like you are problems to the society.

Great Story!

You story was great! I read through it with all excitement in me this early cold morning in chicago Illinois. We're always looking for and reading stories of bombing and killing back @ home. But this is a good diversion. Thanks for the great write up.

I agree that he writes very

I agree that he writes very well and the piece is full of verisimilitude!

i'm a withness 2 dt

D Lord is good... My husband and I were coming 4rm d redemption camp yesterday morning,on getting 2 agege pen- cinema,walking towards d rail line, we heard some women shouting n calling nurses opposite d house dt dy shld come with a blanket dt a woman had just delivered a baby in a toilet... n d rest is history! I'm a living withness!