Janus-Faced Fashola Exposed By The Nigerian Army Regarding Deployment Of Soldiers In Lagos

By Opeyemi Adesina

The Nigerian Army spokesperson, Col. Mohammed Yerima has broken his silence over the heavy presence of military men on Lagos streets, saying it was requested and actively sponsored by the Lagos state government.

Although, the minister of Defence, Bello Haliru Mohammed, told newsmen on Tuesday that the military personnel were deployed by Federal Government to Lagos to safeguard lives and property in view of recently protests and national strike.

Yerima stated this in a four paragraph statement he read to journalists at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday. He noted that the soldiers were drawn from the same Operation MESSA, a security arrangement of Lagos State government made up of police and military personnel.

The statement reads: “The attention of the Defence Headquarters has been drawn to the unsubstantiated claims by a section of the public alleging that the Federal Government ordered the deployment of troops in Lagos to halt the protest against the fuel subsidy removal.

“While the Defence Headquarters do not wish to join issues with any individual or groups regarding the matter, we wish to state categorically, in the interest of the larger society, that there is no element of truth in those claims.

“The soldiers seen on the streets of Lagos are still the same men of the special task force code named Operation MESSA set up and sponsored by the Lagos State government long before the fuel subsidy protests, for the purpose of supporting the civil police in protecting lives and property as is the case in many parts of the country.

“The men of the task force who are currently in Lagos have been there and were not brought from outside Lagos. They are members of the Lagos State Government sponsored Operation MESA and the demand for their withdrawal is therefore uncalled for”, he concluded.

But in a swift reaction, the Honourable Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Mr. Aderemi Ibirogba, said the claim by the Nigerian Army was a blatant lie and there was no iota of truth.

He enjoined Nigerian Army to show the entire populace the proof that the Lagos State Government has a hand in the mass deployment of soldiers.

Ibirogba said the state government has nothing to gain in victimising its citizens, because they have constitutional right to protest without destruction of lives and properties, which was not obtainable during the 6-day industrial action in the state.

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I strongly disagree with you. The case with Boko Haram is that the FG has never given the NA liberty to operate to the fullest. Even Boko Harams themselves said the only way the army can overpower them is when they declare war against them and which is almost impossible. So, you see why the boko haram mafias are still breathing? Tell GEJ to act like a man and see what the army will do. It's obvious he's scared the army may use the opportunity against him. That's why HE's misusing the ARMY.

SR should be careful. Its

SR should be careful. Its recent "news" are not well thought out. You may loose the little credibility left of this platform, if care is not taken. I wish you luck.




The military has its rules engagement for all oprations be it internal security or peace keeping operation. only the c in c is empowered by the constitution to deploy the military. it looks like a treasonable offence has been committed if the gov ordered the deployment and a disloyal military commander obeyed. we must be very careful on such constitional and tech military matters. God bless nigeria

you have said it all, the

you have said it all, the fella failed to answer the question and yet he succeeded in trying to confuse people and wiggle is way out of the accusations too... what a pity.. and a "real liar" indeed.

I don't trust the whole lot of them

I don't trust the whole lot of them including Fashola and Goodluck.

They are birds of the same feather.

All of them bar none are lying thieving occultic and heartless bastards.


"That is why i would forever say that the socalled Tinubu, Buhari and Bakare led revolution, via occupy 9ja would never work". (Deri)

@Deri, just two questions please ... why did your master GEJ employ the help of the military to intimidate peaceful protesters if your statement above is true? Why did he become jittery and started to wet his pants if the so called revolution was never going to work? You are a complete joke Deri and you have outlived your usefulness on S/R. I think you make better sense when you appear as Uzoma. Cheers and cheers again.

diplomacy = lies

Guys, kindly read the press release carefully, Yerima is just trying to be diplomatic.

1. The soldiers are part of Op- MESSA established by the Lagos govt, therefore they have always been in Lagos.

2. He deliberately left the most critical question unanswered; knowing that people will definitely conclude that they were deployed by the state govt. State government does not have the power to deploy soldiers.

3. OP-MESSA comprises of police and soldiers; why were they not deployed along with the police arm ?

4. They can't be pulled out because their operation base has always been in Lagos.

5. The guy may not have lied, but he didn't say the truth either. He hasn't mentioned anywhere that those zombies were deployed by the Lagos State Government.

This is an avenue to score cheap political goal against ACN. In short Jonathan's government is built on lies

re for all doubters


Read Yerima's release well and you will see, typical to today's federal govt., it is meant to smear another person with their filthy 'body'. He is 'chicken' outright by not been able to carry out the assignment well. All he finally said is that the soldiers are resident in Lagos and supported by Lagos State govt. HE WAS NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO SAY FASHOLA REQUESTED FOR THEM NOW! Don't forget Minister of Defence, inept and confused man good only to rig elections, has admitted where the order came from. So, why do we need to bother ourselves.

Unlike the confused and corrupt Federal Govt. please let us continue to face more serious things to make citizens lives in our community better in everyway possible. We are better as orphans than to be fathered by a useless and dishonest father, federal govt.


One thing is clear from the statement by the Defence Ministry. The participation of the Army in operation Messa is to protect the people against armed robbers etc NOT to turn their weapons against the people. Subverting the popular will by denying them the right to peaceful demonstration is akin to coup detat. Pls go back and perform the dignifying role in Messa and also securing the nation. Citizens CANNOT be enemies of the state. It takes courage not to be used as enforcer! The macho person at the whims of the executive. Though the President is your Commander In Chief, the legislature should ensure abuse such as this does not take place. The public should demand it too. God Save Our Country

The Millitary Are Compromised

Our millitary have been compromised to the extent that the civil administration is now so bold as to start using them to lie and commit other illegality against the civil populace.The days when the civil administration sees the Millitary as the barometer of general discontent against misrule is been rapidly consigned to history.The Politicians no longer fear reprisal from the millitary for their maladministration and corruption.Subjecting the millitary to civil supervision does not mean stooping to the extent of been used to carry out illegality that a Colonel would be lying to the public.This unfortutately means we have very few honourable soldiers left in Nigeria, the country is heading downhill fast.Those who care about Nigeria should do something drastic now to arrest the situation.


Can you people see how PDP is compromising every sector of Nigeria including Nigeria Army ( the most discipline carrier in the world). Wow, with this kind of army, we are finished.

read d amy comment intelligently

note that they clearly stated that the operation MESSA programme was in place b4 d protest n d security of lagos was d initial mandate. The soldiers r now overstepping thier bounds with a push from d FG. The military should leave political lies for PDP n concentrate on dia mandate. Shame unto them.


I AM DISSAPPOINTED AT SR FOR DOING A VERY POOR JOB ON THIS. The statement by the Nigerian Army spokesperson, Col. Mohammed Yerima NEVER said that Lagos Gov't deployed the troops. It only said that, it the same troop MESSAAA or whatever used by the Lagos State to protect lives. WHERE IS THE CONFUSION SAHARA? Why call the action Governor Babatunde Fashola a liar or whatever.

You folks just disappointed me. Sowole apologize now.

Where were you when Governor Peter Obi of Anambra ordered Soldiers to SHOOT IGBO SONS AND DAUGHTERS AT SIGHT. That was the crooked evil thief Peter Obi who stole Anambra money. Fashola will never do that.

What a lame excuse by the

What a lame excuse by the military authorities. we Lagosians are not fools, we know the difference between operation mesa operatives and the Nigerian Army in combat readiness. Did Fashola sent the army boys to Kaduna and Kano as well? well, it is we Lagosians I really blame, if we have embraced the introduction of the Army boys on our roads, some idiot would have advised Jonathan to remove them since they are anti masses. I have never witness so idiotic leadership in Nigeria before. Jonathan better be warned that his romance with the military might not be in his best interest instead it exposes his leadership weakness which the military can use against him soon.

Re:Fashola's phantom coup

Fashola is one Governor, I respect because he has preformed ok. when compared to his conterparts with huge budget like Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state, who although has also preformed, is robbing his people blind. He just completed an E-library for the sum of 23 Billion Naira. In AKSof Akpabio, everything runs into billions (This is called AKPABIOISM). But in the case of the phantom coup, I believe Fashola came out crying wolf because of Tinubu (Ex-Gov) who was an Akpabio in his day, he raise taxes of Lagos. i.e via taxing from okada men to markets women (poor and rich alike) etc. Most of these monies were never used as intended rather they were used to buy Unipetrol Nigeria (now called Oando, and recently used to loot from federal govt via fuel subsidy manipulation). So during the protest, his mansion was targeted and could have been burnt down if not for the heavy security presence around it. So Fashola was forced to call in the Military to save the loot of his boss.

Mischief by Dumbo Jona and his murderous army

There is nothing in the mischievous statement by the military suggesting that the Lagos State government 'sponsored' the current presence of murderous soldiers on the streets of the capital in order to quell protests against the wicked fuel subsidy removal nonsense. Col. Yerima and his political masters in Abuja are desperate illiterates. Whether or not there has been a joint military and police task force in place in Lagos is immaterial. What is at stake is the illegal and criminal deployment of soldiers in Lagos against unarmed civilians demonstrating against bad policies of the clueless and incompetent Jonathan and his regime. Let's not forget that it is Jonathan that is the commander-in-chief of the army, not the Lagos state governor.Soldiers cannot be deployed anywhere without the prior consent of Abuja. The scoundrels of the PDP are now afraid of the backlash of their undemocratic and violent stifling of dissent so they are resorting to more stupid and unintelligent lies

Its unfortunate that most

Its unfortunate that most commentators are jumping to hasty and shallow conclusion over this fabricated lies by Nigerian FG and its army. Let no person be deceived, government of GEJ is built on tissues of lies, hypocrisy and deceits. Jonathan has realized he made a blunder and hence turned around to ask his army spokesperson to clean up the mess. The best to do is to lie against the governor. I strongly believe Fashola is not stupid, and even if he is, I dont think he is as stupid as the man in Abuja. Nigeria is in a mess. Less than one year of GEJ rule, he has played into the hands of his enemies - IBB, Ciroma, Atiku, Buari, emirs etc. I remember the saying when we were in High School a wise man does not play into the hands of the fools. GEJ is a mistake that happened to Nigeria of late.He has played into the hands of the hawks, you see them now advising him through the media, what a disgrace!

Poor you - you are so angry

Poor you - you are so angry with the president for no tangible reason. I suggest you ship yourself out of Nigeria. You have betrayed yourself in your assertion that the president has no Yoruba person in top positions. Where the Yorubas suppoting him so they get top positions or to bring good governace as they would want us to believe? I think that not many Yorubas will accept your level of greed. It is such a shame as nothing is about what we give to make Nigeria work, but only about what we can take from it even if it means killing the country.

Pls always give accurate reports Sahara!

In as much am a regular reader of ur reports, you however got this one wrong. I equally listened to the press release by the Army spokesperson. What he clearly said is that the Army personnels on the street of lagos are soldiers resident in Lagos, Operation Messa inclusive and not drawn from outside the state . You and i are aware that it is only the Commander in Chief that has statutory control over the arm forces n therefore can order them to carry out any assignment even if the state partly foots their bills, the state under the leadership of the Governor as chief security officer under its PPP policy partners with security agencies to keep law n order in the state, this does not therefore mean that the state are unilateral sponsors of the army OP-Messa Unit.My point is OP-Messa on our streets does not mean, they are working on the directive of the Governor.

Who Gave Fashola the Power to Deploy Troops?

It is unfortunate that even those Nigerians that believe they know better cannot discern facts from fiction even when it is so plain.
There is nothing in the statements accredited to the Army that suggests the Lagos State government or Fashola, the Governor deployed troops on the streets of Lagos.
The governor of Lagos State or any state indeed has no constitutional power to deploy troops.
The troops that apparently took over Lagos could not have been the same as those involved in police work. Even if they belong to a certain project, they were never under the command of the governor.This article ought to have shown any evidence that Fashola asked for troops to be used to quell demos!

Lying bastards (GEJ, PDP, Army).

Lying bastards (GEJ, PDP, Army). Since when did a governor begin to order the army around without clearance with the President? Show proof of the request !
Boko Haram is fucking the kabukabu soldiers all over the place while they chase civilians all over Lagos. Give Nigerians guns and you see these cowards take cover. They can't face Boko Haram because Boko Haram is armed !

are you who you say you are

If you are actually who you say you are, you better shut up your mouth and stop your criticism. the only reliable governor among every others is BRF. I'm not telling you he is perfect but he is better than everyone of all these yeye governors.
He is using his abracadabra magic as you've stated to make life easy for lagosians, the crime rate drops during his time compare to other states, major road works and sound educational support system. Femi Pedro you cannot be our governor in Lagos state because we know your pedigree so go back to where you come from

Say No! To Jonathan's 'Transport Money'

Fisherman And Rascals:

I have said that Fashola is a double-agent. He goes to Aso Rock to plan how to bring sorrow to the common man with Jonathan. After which, Fashola come pleading to Lagos people as if in their support.

2011 presidential election brought out the Devil in Fashola. It takes a greedy idiot to join Jonathan to rig him in power, after ACN had out-rigged Ribadu their presidential candidate.

Immediately Jonathan towed Tinubu to Aso Rock with presidential jet on how to rig the election; Fashola and other ACN governors complied. Governor Aregbosula is the only exception.


kudos to you. you got it all.

kudos to you. you got it all. i think it's all a pretense. To me, govt. is just fooling her self, and not innocent Nigerians who are truly patriotic.Tinubu, Fashola and the likes are all bird of same feather!!!!!!

you are a big fool

if not are they ever mension tinubu there you epocarate

Why all The Noise

The point the Col. was trying to make is that soldiers have always been a part of the security arrangement in Lagos and some other states. One will now wonder why all the noise about the presence of soldiers at this time. The way Tunji Braitwaithe and others are talking, you will think they have never seen a soldier outside the barracks before.
Some expired politicians just want to be seen and heard so that when they die, there will be a recent public media video that will be used to announce their death and burial.
The soldiers are not harrassing anybody, and it is not as if they are so many. I am happy about the presence of the soldiers joo!!! At least there has not been any open robbery since the deplyment of the troops.