Joe Igbokwe's Barbaric Outbursts By Jon Chikadibie Okafo

By Jon Chikadibie Okafo

I decided to react to Joe Igbokwe’s attack on Major Al-Mustapha because I believe that in a civilized world, every accused person has a right to a fair trial in a court of law. Al-Mustapha is standing trial accused of many crimes amongst which is ordering the murder of Kudirat Abiola-the fact that this case has been lingering for the past 12 years or so seems not to matter to individuals like Joe Igbokwe. From every indication, it appears that this man standing trial is being used as a scape-goat by some people who loathe his late boss, General Sani Abacha-even in death.

For the records, I find nothing appealing in the professional commitments of Major Mustaspha and I am no fan of his. However, my concern in this matter is borne out of a genuine concern for the plight of a fellow primate. Major Mustapha did not choose to serve as the Chief Security Officer to the most hated and vilified ruler of Nigeria-he was appointed based on, I suspect his competence as a military officer. General Abacha as the Head of State ran the most repressive regime in the history of our country and many citizens were brutally murdered, many citizens were jailed and tortured for daring to raise a dissenting voice, many unprintable atrocities were allegedly committed by his government. We are still reeling from the depressing effects of Abacha’s misadventure. Mustapha may have deliberately contributed his quota as Abacha’s CSO to the charade that was his boss’s government. That is why he is facing trial.

Incidentally, after about 12years in jail, Major Al-Mustapha is finally in court to answer to the serious charges levelled against him by the State-I dare say that it may well appear that he is making a bold attempt at making the most of this opportunity. One would have expected decent men like Mr Joe Igbokwe to be excited at this turn of event which could be seen as an opportunity for us to know what actually happened during those dark days of Abacha’s dictatorship. I had expected Joe Igbokwe to vilify a democracy that has kept Mustapha in jail for more than a decade without any conviction, I had expected to see Joe Igbokwe shed the toga of partisan politics and call for justice for everyone in this case. Lives were brutally cut short, minds were broken and shattered in Abacha’s jail, the resources of a nation were looted silly by agents of the government and finally, the lone man remaining accused of being the master-minder in the whole saga is given the opportunity to defend himself against serious charges. Why not comment on serious issues at stake rather than call Al-Mustapha names that portray him as an evil primate?

It is barbaric to call a man standing trial before a judge “a notorious criminal and serial killer...” where is Mr Igbokwe’s decency? Would it not be more decent to allow the courts to determine this man’s culpability rather than condemn him before the conclusion of his trial? Is it not worrying that men and women that claim to be pro-democracy activist kept quiet at the apparent injustice being played out here; what manner of democracy will lock a man up for more than a decade while employing every sinister ploy to keep him in jail without finding him guilty? I may well be wrong, but I sincerely believe that there is more to Al-Mustapha’s travails than meet the eyes.

Why is Joe Igbokwe rather too quick to chuck the considered positions of notable Yoruba leaders like Fredrick Fasheun and Ganiyu Adams? For the records, these men argued for a deeper reflection on the allegations made by Major Al-Mustapha that notable Yoruba leaders were compromised during the struggle for the actualization of Abiola’s June 12 mandate.

Major Al-Mustapha could well be guilty of all the charges against him, he could equally be a horrible conman as Joe Igbokwe would like us believe, but the crux of the matter is that the society will never take that lovely step towards progress if it dabbles into paying back evil with evil. All over the world, every attempt is being made to sniff out men and women that benefitted from crime, especially crime against humanity. Ours should not be different; Nigeria would be the better for it if the courts find Mustapha guilty and punish him accordingly or set him free if found innocent. Public commentators like Mr Igbokwe should join the campaign to investigate the claims being made by Mustapha-especially claims relating to the wanton and curious disbursement of our money by General Abdusalam Abubarkar.

It is beginning to appear as if Joe Igbokwe is too partisan to appreciate the nastiness of his outburst on Major Mustapha, it is also very apparent that he chooses whom to condemn. I make bold to say this because he once made a rather too comical attempt at turning Bola Tinubu into a saint-this is a man who to my knowledge, has loads of cases stacked against him, from certificate forgery to stealing of public funds. Of course, I would not want to rush to a conclusion in Senator Bola Tinubu’s case but Igbokwe in his usual characteristics have done just that-Tinubu is a saint.
Let Major Al-Mustapha have his day in court, let him employ every imaginable antic to defend himself, allow him the luxury of finding his voice after more than a decade in detention- he is entitled to all that under a democracy. However, what we can be thrilled about in this whole saga is one thing; the truth must always prevail. As Africans, we believe that the spirit of the dead somehow find a way to visit those responsible for their death. May the spirit of those murdered under Abacha’s regime find a way to rise up to this challenge; expose Al-Mustapha if he is lying or set him free to go home to his family.


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Pls, may I advise readers and contributors here to moderate their language while commenting on the news. People just lose their decency and call others names. Joe Igbokwe is not an Igbo sellout; the Igbos have not given him anything to keep for them. He is a bonafide citizen who has a view and is naturally entitled to his. The only concern I have about him is his emotional and puritanical analyses of national issues. He is also guilty of name-calling and should learn that people are free to play their politics and live their lives the way they choose without being students of his all-knowing school. The insinuation that Igbos in Lagos support Asiwaju's party because of Mr. Igbokwe's presence in Lagos politics is simply not true as he is not half as popular with Igbos in Lagos as many of those Igbo leaders he usually criticises. I urge him to go test his popularity in Anambra State in 2015 and stop hiding behind others who work hard to provide results people can see.


My name stands correct as I spell it. That is how I have chosen to answer it and the likes of you have no capacity to tell me what to do. You are quite a coward for not having the courage to disclose your identity. It is such a shame that the village genius has not first of all enlightened himself. Pray, tell the world where do we find people or things called "Yorobas" or "awusas"? I mourn all those who lost their lives during the civil war. If "3 million Ibos" were killed from 1966-70, what was the population of the entire Eastern Region before the out break of hostilities. Was it only one ethnic group who were victims of that war? Joe Igbokwe stands head and shoulders above you.So there can be no comparison between the two of you.I know about Quisling just as I know about other non Germans who tried to outdo the Nazis in their criminal enterprise. There is hardly any difference between you and those Nazi zealots.

Joe Igbokwe is a pathetic sellout

Amazingly "Keneth" cannot even spell his on silly name. "Keneth" and Joe Igbokwe sure deserve each other. Joe Igbokwe is a pathetic Ibo sellout. Joe Igbokwe has not said anything about the murder of over 3 million Ibos by Yorobas and awusas in 1966-70. But he is more Yoroba than Yoroba. Always Abioloa this June 12 that. Do you believe that Ojukwu and Mbakwe are quislings of Iboland? Do you even know who Quisling, the Norwegian traitor was? The pathetic fool called Joe Igbokwe should get a life.


I honestly believe that the Court is capable to determine the substance of all the submissions made by the Accussed and the prosecutors. No amount of sentiments expressed here can sway them to either side. what is important is justice is served in this case. It is either Almustapha is found guilty or discharged and acquited. Looking at the allegation of disbursement of huge sums to certain people. it will be recalled that it was reported that Abacha left over $7.5 Billions in our external reserve which was depleted to less than $2Billion Before Obasanjo took over, you then wonder what the reserves was used for in 11 months of Abdulsalams administration.


@tundemash, if you find this article questionable, it then means something is wrong with your head. The article is fair and objective, for God's Sake, Al-Mustapha was not the Head of State, he was a CSO to the Head of State at that time, it is left for the Court to determine his culpability in all the allegations levelled against him. Judging him or dismissing his testimony shows how ignorant most of us are in this country, we can be blinded by sentiment to a fault. I commend the likes of Dr.Fasheun and Otunba Ganiyu Adams for rising above tribal sentiments in expressing their shocks over Almustapha's revelation. They earned my respect.


All that I can say about Okafo's article is his desire to go where even Mother Teresa did not: weeping more than the bereaved. The writer seems to ignore the fact that Mustapha is enjoying every moment of the drama staged by him because it has brouhgt him into the spotlight. If not, why have his lawyers not complained about the delay? It is the prosecution's case, but have his lawyers thought about applying for accelerated hearing? From my limited interaction with the "learned gentlemen", the longer a case lasts the better it is for the lawyer because both the appearance and professional fees will have to be adjusted periodically. In their own parlance, courts are like still water, they have to be stirred. Mustapha and his team know what the rest of us do not so their aim is to keep us in the dark and wear us out with their antics till everybody forgets about the case and the murderer 'walks home free to his people'.That will not happen. He has to be held accountable for his actions.


Where were these upstarts when Joe Igbokwe took on the mighty IBB and Abacha weekly in Tell Magazine not minding the risk to himself and family? It only took a man with courage to be so audacious in his write-ups during those inglorious days when bomb blasts and mysterious disappearances caused even some of the brave to seek shelter in silence. Mr Igbokwe refused to be one of those. The sheer frequency of his attacks on that pair of evil made some us of to think that 'Joe Igbokwe' was only a pen name until I met him years later. Like every Nigerian, Mr Igbokwe has a right of contributing to national discourse without fear. To call him a 'sellout' is not only being disingenuous but it shows that the caller is swimming in a pool of ignorance. Mustapha is the architect of his own undoing.He wants to turn a serious business into a clown show and make a mockery of the judicial system by evading the real issue which is; who was behind the murder of Mrs Abiola? That is what we want to know.

Thanks Emeka Okafor

Mr Chikadibe, in addition to what Emeka Okafor wrote please read this

Sowore, please do IQ test for article writers b4 publishing it

What a foolish write up . Since you lost your memory, John Teddy, in just 20yrs ..... can we refresh your memory with this article...

SR has now become where every fool who can buy a computer at Otigba comes and pen an article. SR you might have to start doing basic IQ test for writers of article b4 publishing it.

Sowore, please do IQ test for article writers b4 publishing it

What a foolish write up . Since you lost your memory, John Teddy, in just 20yrs ..... can we refresh your memory with this article...

SR has now become where every fool who can buy a computer at Otigba comes and pen an article. SR you might have to start doing basic IQ test for writers of article b4 publishing it.

Watery foolish write up

What a foolish write up . Since you lost your memory, John Teddy, in just 20yrs ..... can we refresh your memory with this article...

SR has now become where every fool who can buy a computer at Otigba comes and pen an article.


The writer is a fan of Al-Mustapha,the killer-in-chief of Abacha,the writer suspects that Al-Mustapha was appointed as CSO due to his competence(IN KILLING).But I can assure you that it was more to loyalty, nepotism and ultimately the quota system that allowed such people of very low IQ to find thier way into the Army,

Joe IGBOKWE was reflecting reality in his article while you seek to obliterate it,Chikadibie,show us your Igbo brethren some respect and stop insulting our intelligence,if you are sent to do such hachet jobs ,just remember that you are futher complicating our already precarious position in the national polity by selling out.Please save us the embarassment.


I share your views on Al Mustapha. We should all be patient to hear more revelations from him. What is the response of General Abdulsalam on the humongus sum of money he took from CBN. I do not understand how this country works. Does the CBN operate like commercial bank that the president will draw cash from it. Can the judge ask the governor of CBN to produce records of that day to coraborate Al Mustapha's statement or has it been wiped out as usual? Let Al Mustapha continue singing like a bird becos his statements may be used to nail him. However his statements should be investigated no matter how imaterial we may take them to be.

Chikadibie, You wrote "the

You wrote "the fact that this case has been lingering for the past 12 years or so seems not to matter to individuals like Joe Igbokwe"
I'm ashamed to have shared my last name with a daft like Jon Chikadibie Okafor. The writer of this article should conduct more research on Abacha & Mustapha atrocities to help him better understand the dynamic of the case. Much as one would wish that Al Mustapha case is speedily disposed off, especially to safe the children of the victims more agony, yet it would make sense for the writer to research the case file. He will discover that it was Al Mustapha and his counsel that intentionally grind the pace of his case to a snail speed pace.Both Mustapha and his lawyer have been wasting the court's time from the onset of the case. He should plead guilty or not guilty and allow the case to end. Chikena !

Joe Igbokwe is an Ibo sellout

Don't waste your time on this guy. Joe Igbokwe has been disgracing himself pretending to be more Yoruba than the Yourbas themselves for many years. During the Abacha days, the guy ranted relentlessly against all known Ibo leaders, abusing them daily on the pages of Lagos newspapers and getting cheap accolades. He even went so far as to produce a list of what he called the quislings of Iboland which included Sam Mbakwe, Ojukwu etc! He got his 30 pieces of silver when he got appointed as junior-deputy-assistant-adviser in Lagos. The guy is a total disgrace to himself.

Why Al Mustafa of all People

Of all the wronged people of Nigeria, the Ogoni, victims of the Northern riots, armed robber victims, police massacre victims, the Apo six, the kidnapped people, burned victims of tanks, etc, it is only Al Mustafa ordeal that boils your blood? Go find a use for your life. He won't make it out to give you a slice of his billions.

Joe should be beatified for sainthood-4 d piece he wrote!

I said it months ago that if Nigerians should see the ghost of Abacha on any of the ballot papers, they will cast their votes for him and claim later that they thought it was the picture of Aminu Kano of blessed memory. Its now clear from this watery article that some group of Nigerians actually forced the military to cancel the June 12 election and had Abiola and his wife murdered. GEJ should also remember that most of those who were instrumental to the assassination of Pa Rewane, Kudirat and went on to encourage Abacha to hang Ken Sarowiwa are not all dead-they are very much around him now-u can pick them out from the crappy articles the post here. Its as if they have a factory for producing sponsored political items. Yes our Adolf Hitler Al Mustapha is innocent until the spirit of Kudirat pronounces him guilty in the jungles of africa-same as they courts did to Kensarowia. What a shame-what a soul!

Not worth responding to. Let

Not worth responding to.
Let Al-Mustapaha answer to the charges levelled agianst him.

Very objective article,God

Very objective article,God bless you real good. If Obj can bribe Yoruba leaders like Ige and Pa Adesanya with juicy appointments, and if GEJ Can bribe Tinubu to deliver the Southwest for him, then logically Almustapha assertion is not far from the truth.

Here We Go Again!

Hard as this writer tried to disguise, it is so easy to see through all the gimmicks.The same Mustapha John Teddy is trying to defend has recanted. So,we can safely assume that Mustapha was either confused or he was just mischievous when he alleged Ige and Adesanya collected money to stiffle June 12 agitation. But sadder is the fact that those newspapers that carried sensational headlines about the alleged bribery of Ige and Adesanya could only tuck Mustapha's denial in some obscure portion of their papers and it shows the kind of journalism that is practised in Nigeria.Just a handful of the papers made reference to the fact that Mustapha recanted on the allegations.